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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Turn your head and cough

The husband had his follow up appointment at the RE yesterday. They wanted to "evaluate" him due to his bloodwork coming back with a really high FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) level. Typically, this indicates testicular failure, but he doesn't have that as he is producing swimmers. The doctor "violated" him, as he puts it. But really it was the normal man checkup - turn your head and cough, stick a finger in the booty, etc. Sorry, that may be way TMI for some... Anyway, he said that he didn't know why the FSH was so high, but it is significantly higher than it was in August when the last test was taken. He said he wants to check it again in a few weeks and if it is still increasing then he is suggesting that we freeze some swimmers in case the FSH levels do get so high that it DOES cause testicular faiure. UGH. That can cost $500 a year to store. Can't we keep them in our freezer at home for free? LOL Just kidding. That would be way gross.

We are also both still taking meds. I'm taking Prometrium. Typically this is given to menopausal women, but is also given to women who have amenorrhea - or a lack of a menstrual cycle. It is full of estrogen and progesterone and is supposed to induce a period after a 10 day prescription. I took my last dose last night, so hopefully something will happen over the next day or so. Since baby making all revolves around ovulation....if you're not ovulating, you ain't baby makin'. I am also on a really good prenatal vitamin. Husband is taking a dietary supplement called Proxeed. This has been tested and known to increase swimmer counts after taking for 3 months. We will be doing another swimmer test after 1 month to ensure they are increasing. The last test showed 4 million. That is "way too low" according to the docs. REALLY? 4 MILLION are too few when I only need 1? We asked the RE about this and he said that only 5M are needed to do artificial insemination! WOOHOO! Talk about a money saver compared to IVF.

So everyone keep your fingers crossed that this medicine "seeds the seed" so to speak and we have higher counts next time. We could be pregnant by the summer!!

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