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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

IUI #4 - Check!

The IUI went perfectly today. The ovaries had collapsed indicating they had released the eggs, there was fluid near them, another sign of ovulation. And after the IUI was done, Doc did the hoo-hoo cam to make for sure the swimmers past the cervix okay. And they did - and you could see them moving! It was crazy. Yes, I know most of you out there have seen an actual baby on your ultrasounds, but I saw my hubby's swimmers and it was super cool!

Oh and I requested a lining check for my sanity, and it was around 10.2! Way to go estro.gen patch!

A check next week and a pg test the week after. Bring on the 2WW!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So I am now waiting for IUI#4 tomorrow. Last night I bought some pineapple juice because I read somewhere that its supposed to help your lining? Anyone else heard of that?

I was busy making my cake and icings for my last class of Course 1 for tonight. Between that and staying busy at work, I have totally sucked at ICLW this week. I even read yesterday that Martha was an Iron Commentator! I couldn't even manage 6 comments in total, much less 7 days in a row or whatever it takes to be "Iron." EESH. I'm so sorry to all those commenters who have been so faithful to me and I can't even return the favor! I will do better next month, I promise!

Please keep us in your prayers for IUI#4 tomorrow and the 2WW to follow!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Follie Watch 2008 Updated

Back from the RE's office again...

Lining: 9.2
R side: 22X18
L side: 22X20
lots of smaller ones still hanging around

Doc says lining is great and the follies are bigger than they've ever been! Yeah follies! I am triggering ov.ulation with 2 Ovi.drel injections tonight at 8:00. IUI #4 is Wednesday at 11:30!!!

Please keep me, D, the follies, and the swimmers in your thoughts and prayers this week! Love you guys!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Follie Watch 2008

Back from the RE's office again...

Lining - 7.8
1 Right - 15X18
1 Left - 13X18

still lots of smaller ones. Doc says he wants them to be a little bit bigger and the lining needs to be thicker too. Today is CD12 so he is afraid I might ovul.ate by myself so today we started this protocol in addition to the estro.gen and Met:

Friday: Anti.gone injection to prevent o, 2 Meno.pur and 2 Foll.istism injections, estro.gen patch to thicken the lining
Saturday: Anti.gone injection to prevent o, 2 Meno.pur and 2 Foll.istism injections
Sunday: Anti.gone injection to prevent o, 2 Meno.pur, new estro.gen patch
Monday: back to RE for follie checkup
Tuesday: new patch
Wednesday: IUI

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Follie Watch 2008

Back from the RE's office. Lots of updates. The P.COS panel is also back...

CRP: high (don't remember the number) this indicates prone to cardiovascular issues
In.sulin: 39 (should be under 17) this indicates prone to diabetes; Met should help control this
Estra.diol: too low

Diagnosis: border.line P.COS

Lining: 5mm. thinner than should be on CD10
R ovary: 1 - 14X10, 4 small ones around 10mm
L ovary: 1 - 14X12, 1 - 14X10, 2 small ones around 10mm

Estr.ogen: 3 X day
Meno.pur: 2 more shots, this time using 4 vials. one tonight, one tomorrow

Follie scan on Friday. Trig.ger this weekend, IUI tentatively on Monday. Dr. H said overall things look good. My body is responding to the stims and the Met. The thin lining is a non-issue because the estro.gen will correct it.

My Fertility Prayer
Almighty Creator, hear this fertility prayer and the wishes of my heart.You know my deep desire for a child -- a little one to love and to hold, to care for, to cherish. Grant that my body may conceive and give birth to a beautiful, healthy baby in Your holy image. Guide me in all my choices so that this conception, my pregnancy and my baby's birth are in line with Your will. Heavenly Father and Holy Mother, hear this prayer of my heart, mind and spirit.Amen!

Wordless Wednesday

Cake #2: How to make clowns. I am sure this will come in day....

Meanwhile....Look for a Follie Watch 2008 update this afternoon....

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Nothing really to say....

I don't really have anything to update about today. The RE appointment for a follie scan and b/w isn't until tomorrow (and Friday). The dentist appointment is Thursday and D's cardio appointment is tomorrow. This is the week of MD's!

Tonight is the cake class brought to you by Mich.ael's. I'm taking Cake.Decorating.Course.1 by Wil.ton. I baked my cake and frosted it (this is the one thing I can NEVER do neatly, pretty, non-crummy)...UGH. And they even gave us the super secret icing recipes with consistency variations depending on what you're doing...First off, my 2 round cake layers were rounded on the tops so if I put them top to top, there was this massive gap around the whole thing that I would have to fill with icing and then when people at work eat it, it will mouth-o-icing. BLECH. So then I turned the top one over but this was after I had already put icing in between them. Then I didn't think that looked right either so I changed again....started icing the sides, and did it AGAIN. This was the straw that broke the cake's back. The middle of the cake stuck to the bottom layer, thus causing a giant canyon through the cake, thus making more crumbs, thus more crumbs in the icing = UGLY cake. Oh well. I will have cutie clowns on my ugly cake! Pictures tomorrow!

Oh and one more thing....

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Photo Updates

My 1st decorated cake from my cake class

Dean tubing on Lake Houston last weekend

This is L during an exit from the tube

This is me (L didn't zoom) with my feet and butt in the air

This is R during his exit
Dean and son Josh

Like Father, like Son

Awww...they can be sweet

Maddie herded this little guy into the kitchen on Friday
I carried him in a basket to the front yard and LOOK Mama found him!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Back from the clinic...

Today is CD3 so I had the usual hoo-hoo cam and b/w. Cam showed both ovaries quiet with "small antral follicles." Gonna have to "antral." I think it means behind? I dunno. Anyway, he ordered a P-COS panel for the b/w. This included testing for 11 things!!! Bein's (I make fun of D for saying that all the time) that I have zippo fertility insurance, I usually pay about $80 per test ($100 minus a 20% cash discount) so we were looking at over $800 today just for b/w!!! My dear friend Anna, the "financial advisor" of the clinic was like, "Eesh. This is going to be expensive!" So she worked a little magic for me. Since this was the first visit of the cycle, she said she could code the b/w differently (non-fertility code) and bill my insurance for the b/w! WOOHOO - b/w cost me only $15 copay!


$15 was not my total bill. We had to pay for the IUI too IN ADVANCE EVEN IF IT DOESN"T WORK (WHICH IT WILL) hoo. Total was $1163. And to make things more difficult, I left my debit card in my pants pocket last night! I had written my number down on a sticky note. Anna said to pretend to call her with the number to charge it because the check out lady is a tattle tale and the office frowns on paying by sticky note (HA!) and would tell someone what I had done. Really, like you can't check the account and know that I am using the same card as always! Anyway, as I was leaving she said, "You still have my business card right? Don't forget to call me" loud enough for rude-y check out lady to hear!

So this round's protocol:

  1. Clo.mid CD3-CD7
  2. Meno.pur 3 vials CD5, CD7, CD9
  3. Met continue 1500mg daily

Follie check on 7/23 and again on 7/25, with the IUI probably on 7/28!!!!

SA Results are in too:

3.6M, 40% motility. Doc says the motility is good and with wash, the count will probably increase.

Looking good!!

Grateful for:
  • IUI #4
  • Ladies IRL and in the blogosphere that have been through this before me
  • Cake decorating class - I decorated my 1st cake last night - pic tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I swiped this from Kymberli. What does yours say? Wordle

Monday, July 14, 2008


Kinda busy at work (Hi Boss Lady!) but thought you could use a quick update.

  1. Pap results back - abnormal as usual - follow up in 3 months
  2. Today is CD1!! WOOHOO CD3 b/w and hoo-hoo cam including extra tests for PCOS on Wednesday
  3. D is repeating his SA tomorrow. Pray for good numbers!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

5 is the Magic Number

So fun times with my stepson and husband last night. We enjoyed sushi and adult beverages at a couple of locations. I took some pics of them (damn why did I leave the camera at home) last night. I don't think we have a single photo of the boy in our house. Well, I take that back. There are some of him and his now ex-girlfriend from Christmas. Speaking of, we have been seeing more of him lately because of the now ex. Apparently she was hording all of his free time!! D and J were so cute together!

TMI below...

I believe the side effect BONUS of the Met has returned. I have just completed Trip #5 to the restroom for nasty diarrhea!! can someone have so much shit in their body? And to top it off, it's the WORK RESTROOM!! I already have issues peeing when someone else can hear me, but #2? GOOD LORD! I must have had 15 "courtesy flushes" to MASK THE SOUNDS!!! And on that note - would the Indian lady PLEASE stop thinking that the restroom is your own private conference room? Although I have no idea who you are talking to you or what you are saying in Indian...I am pretty sure that whoever doesn't want to hear me take a shit!!! And between my 15 flushes, how could they even hear you??? Then finally you are done on the pot and I think you are leaving so I can "finish" in peace....and you go to the sink area and talk for another 5 minutes. COME ON!!

Other than #2, I haven't had any of the other known side effects of Met. My friend L, did say that maybe all this pooping is what is going to cause the weight loss side effect!!! That's how I feel right now anyways. I just had lunch and now I think its gone already!!

As much as I hate when AF is here, I am hating more that she hasn't came yet. IUI#4 is dependent upon her showing up, so let's get this party started already!! (Did I really just call AF a party??)

Grateful for:

  • Conference rooms disguised as restrooms
  • Not being pg at the moment so I can enjoy sushi
  • Last minute highlight appointment tonight

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, July 7, 2008

Round #4 In Motion

Dr. H was happy to see me. It seemed like forever since I was last in his office. During the initial visit where the nurse takes my BP and weight, she asked if I was up to date with my Pap. Technically I was about 2 months late with it, but since we'd been seeing Dr. H since January and he was always "up in there" I didn't really feel the need to have another person check it out. She said that he is a gyno too, so if I want, he can do it today. YAHOO - an unplanned hoo-hoo checkup. Gotta love those. I always like to feel "prepared" for those times, but it beat having to schedule another visit with my regular gyno and pay another co-pay and parking. I also asked him why I was taking Met - did he think I had PCOS? He said he thinks I have some variation of it with the slow growing eggies and no ovulation. So here are the plans for this cycle:

  1. D continue taking Prox.eed
  2. D get another SA within the next couple of weeks
  3. Me continue on the Met
  4. Call on CD1 for bloodwork
  5. Come in fasting for said b/w to test for PCOS
  6. IUI #4 with Met, Clo.mid, and injections

Keep your fingers crossed, wish us luck, say a prayer, send us baby dust… Do whatever it is you do – to help us make this cycle THE ONE.

Hope you all had a safe and fun Fourth!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fertility and Fireworks

So today is the day we find out what our next protocol is. I am both saddened and excited about this doctor visit. Saddened because I realize this is probably the last cycle we will have before moving on to the Beast of IVF. And excited that we are getting into the swing of things again. I feel like we've been on a break FOREVER!! Like I mentioned before, I've been on Met now for a month and am pretty sure he said he wanted to try a cycle using Met and clo.mid together. I am really hoping this one works, not only for my emotional status, but also financially.

Did I forget to mention that our mortgage has DOUBLED for the remainder of the year? OH YES! We are paying over 3K a month starting in June. We had scheduled a payment through our bank (like the rest of our bills) while we were on vacation. When we got back, we had 2 letters from the mortgage company. The first one said that we had underpaid our mortgage and to please pay the balance. HUH? We checked the records and we paid the same amount we pay every month. The second said that they had under estimated our taxes for escrow and to "catch up" to what we will need to pay, they have doubled our payment! How ridiculous! No wonder so many people are leaving SCR for foreclosure problems! EESH! And if you add up how much we will be paying towards escrow with this new payment amount, we will end up overpaying our taxes, and getting money back from them in 2009. UGH. The timing couldn't be worse! So now we are tightening our belts and watching more of our spending....for the next 6 months...including fertility treatments and Christmas....BOO HOO.

Anyways, enough "poor is me." We have a fun filled weekend ahead of us. Tomorrow morning is the July 4th Parade and the SBCO committee is going to be on a float. Well, I use the word "float" loosely. More like a decorated, redneck style truck and trailer full of hay bales that we are sitting on!! Then tomorrow night we're having hot dogs at the park before the fireworks start. Pot luck sides and desserts. Should be YUM-O! Saturday night we're having a "block" party in our neighborhood. It's not necessarily just for our "block," but for our section. SCR is built of lots of different sections. I think ours has about 90 homes right now that actually have people living in them. There are some empties and a few vacant lots still to be built out.

What are your plans for July 4th??

P.S. The graphic was too cute not to use, but can we have spell check please? FOURTH

4th of July

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wordless Wednesday


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