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This blog will remain open. The link is still tied to lots of IF blogs, groups, and websites. I hope someone can read through my journey and find hope and strength and know that there is a light at the end of the IF tunnel. Prayer is the key! I love all my IF girlies I met along the way, and I hope to keep your friendships going forward during this next chapter of Mommyhood. I hope to see you there!

Friday, November 6, 2009


Did I mention that during all of that crap going on this month, I also have to look for a new sitter? BLECH, UGH, EWWWW is all I have to say about that.

Twins update: Cord is still not supplying oxygen to Baby B while his heart is expanding. Can't do this much longer because the lack of oxygen causes brain damage. The steriod shots given to them to help their lungs develop will be effective as of today so docs feel better if they have to take them now. Another ultrasound to determine delivery later today. Prayer is POWERFUL! Keep em' coming!

I am already behind on my mondo schedule/list thing from yesterday. Didn't get the buttercream made because we went to Grin.go's with our friend for dinner. By then it was booboo's bath, boob, and bed time.... On another note, Meltdown.margaritas with banana.pucker are the bomb!

(Why is there a fruit fly getting all up in my face? I don't have any rotten fruit or dead flowers laying around here. GO.AWAY!)

Geez, this post is all over the place....

For all you moms out there, I have a question about milk and solids. Mr. Miles has been eating 3 meals a day now for a while...well in order to ask the question, let me show you his eating schedule first:

4:30AM: nurse
Breakfast: cereal mixed with fruit followed by bottle (nurse on weekends)
lunch: square meal (meat, veggie, fruit) followed by bottle (nurse on weekends)
Afternoon: bottle (nurse on weekends)
Dinner: square meal followed by nurse
Bedtime: nurse

Now, I know you can't tell how much volume he is getting at the nursing sessions because the milk pumps don't have a meter like the gas pumps do...But he nurses for 20-30 minutes total. Given his intake of food (8-10 oz), how much milk should he be taking after meals? Dean had him home yesterday and could only get him to take 1-2 oz every time. Is this too little? But without me being there with the milk pumps, how is he going to get his milk intake if that isn't enough? I tried Dr.Google for the answer and only got how many times to nurse a day. That is fine for the weekends, but what about the other time when he's at the sitter's?

BAH something else to worry about...

I realized I hadn't posted any pics of the cuteness lately.... this is Miles in his first time in a shopping cart, sitting up like a big boy - in Lowe's of course - the big boy store!

And here he is muching on some toes after trick or treating at Mean Aunt Betty's...

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Thursday, November 5, 2009


**So I was so proud of myself for typing up this entire post one handed on the minute iPhone keyboard WHILE pumping...Then for some reason, it dropped my wireless connection in the building and closed the mail app! UGH didn't even save as draft!

Let's try it again...

(The first paragraph was about multitasking while pumping but I think that's already covered...)

We are going to be so, so busy the entire month of November! Just thinking about all of it makes me nervous and anxious and want to make a giant LIST! Here's the skinny so far:

  • Today: buy fondant for Dad's theme-yet-to-be-selected birthday cake (I am so O.V.E.R. making my own MMF when I need so much) CHECK; make buttercream icing for the cake.
  • Tomorrow: D is playing in the Katy.Taylor HS football game half time show playing some serious high notes with some other old band professionals and the band (his friend is the band director); then we are packing up early from that game and going to see LaRay's (who never updates her blog!) son's HS team play (Since we are going to be way out in the boonies and only 5 miles away already).
  • Saturday: D is judging some HS UIL band competition in the morning; Me baking cake, possibly finish decorating it; Saturday night Pub Crawl with friends for T's birthday.
  • Sunday: Finish cake if not done already; D going to game; Me dropping off Miles with Grammy and going to baby shower (tentative because it is for girl mentioned in post below).
  • Monday: Cook dinner for family coming over for Dad's birthday
  • Tuesday: Initial consult with surgeon to discuss gall.bladder.removal.; Dean has band practice
  • Wednesday: Plant tour (natural gas company I work for)
  • Thursday: Lunch with some old HS friends reaquainted from FB
  • Friday - Monday: First airplane trip with Miles to Maine to visit D's daughter and Miles' niece! (HA - isn't it weird that he is 6 months old and has an 11 (12-to-be while we are there) year old niece! Oh the joys of 2nd marriages!)
  • Tuesday: D band practice
  • Wednesday: My colposcopy (pap came back abnormal for 2nd year in a row)
  • 11/22: D's birthday; Birthday party for D's 3rd cousin?? on his side (that we just found and kept in contact with as of 2 years ago) at 3PM (other side of town); Thanksgiving dinner @ Grandma's facility with the fam 4PM (complete opposite side of town)
  • 11/26: Thanksgiving with D's fam
  • 11/30: Grandma's birthday


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Please Pray

For all you prayer warriors out there...

Please pray for my friend Katrinia. She has hepatitis and currently pregnant with identical twin boys. They are at 26 weeks gestation. Previously doctors had thought they had twin-to-twin blood transfusion going on (one twin was taking the other twin's blood) because one was much smaller than the other. But after thorough testing, it was determined that Baby B's cord was on the outside edge of her placenta, thus giving him less nourishment.

Baby B is now getting less and less oxygen because of the cord issue. She was admitted to the hospital yesterday on NPO. They are having a final ultrasound at noon to make a decision to take the twins today via C-section. Please pray for the doctors' and parents' decision if the babies (especially Baby B) will be safer and healthier outside mommy's womb.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Good, The Bad...

The Good:

Miles is almost crawling! I was told that I had not updated this knowledge to the internets yet. He is getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth (The Humpty.Dance as I refer to it). When he does get moving, he goes backwards! His arms push instead of pull and he ends up 5 feet away from whatever thing he was trying to get! Sometimes his knees do go forward, but when the arms don't move - FACEPLANT!

The Bad:

Dean and the sitter yesterday:
D: "Are you going to continue to keep Miles?"
S: "I don't think so. But I can if you can't find anyone else..."

HUH? She has a doctor appointment next week with whoever she is seeing for her high BP to find out the status since she's been on the BP meds. So she "probably" will not be watching him anymore, but we still don't have a specific DATE! BAH!. The search for a new one begins.... I guess when we do find someone, we'll just tell current lady when her last day is. That is, if she doesn't quit on us before then!

Side note of the bad: Yesterday she also says she "forgot" she was to take her mom to a doctor appointment tomorrow (Thurs) so now Dean is going to keep him while working...again. Gotta love those workin' from home jobs sometimes! Love you Deano! You are such a great Daddy!

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Kimbosue's Blog is MOOOOOVING!

**As of November 9, 2009, please find me at my new home below.**

I mentioned in the past about wanting to move to Word.Press. No hard feelings to Blog.ger, but since I am not sure who IRL is reading this, I don't want to openly hurt anyone's feelings. That being said, I will have some posts and pages that are password protected - this could be because of the content of the posts, and it could also be because I am posting pics of my little man. (Recently a couple of fellow bloggers found their pictures on various websites and even commercially reproduced in another country!) So Miles is going to be protected if I can help it. I want to still participate in ICLW so when that time comes around, those posts will not require a password. (This was one of the main reasons I didn't go totally private).

So for the super secret decoder pen....ahem... code, please email me at kimbosue2 AT hotmail DOT com.

This blog will remain open. The link is still tied to lots of IF blogs, groups, and websites. I hope someone can read through my journey and find hope and strength and know that there is a light at the end of the IF tunnel. Prayer is the key! I love all my IF girlies I met along the way, and I hope to keep your friendships going forward during this next chapter of Mommyhood.

Just for a quick reference... There are pages at the top of the new site: Just Me, My Family (pw protected), Weekly Pics (pw protected), Bucket List, Password?

**This info has been added as text to the top of the blog as a reminder when I move next week.**

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


  1. Why does it feel like all of my internal organs are revolting on me? I am already having to remove 1 of the beasts....
  2. Why does my left ovary hurt? And hurt more when I stand?
  3. Why am I getting flashbacks of round ligament pain?
  4. Why am I even thinking about round ligament pain?
  5. Why did the ER nurse say "That doesn't matter" when I told her I hadn't had a cycle since July 2008... because I am BFing? Don't all medical books say as much? Isn't that a "benefit" of breastfeeding?
  6. Why can I not give away Miles' clothes that are too small for him?
  7. Why can I not give away the gear that he has outgrown?
  8. Why do I stare longingly at pregnant bellies?
  9. Why do I weigh more now than I did before I got pregnant?**
  10. Why am I eating so many calories? For the milk production...**
  11. Why can't I lose weight while BF'ing? Probably isn't recommended...**

**updated to add

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Monday, November 2, 2009


Another exciting weekend in the household...

Friday was my day off and we did some household chores and ran some errands. That evening we drove to Sweeny, TX to see my boss's son's HS football team play (even though the son isn't playing due to a torn ACL). It was the closest remaining district game to where we live (in relation to where SHE lives in the sticks...) so we went. Kinda chilly willy, but Milesy was all camo'd up and ready for some footbaaaaalll...

About the time we were getting ready to leave, I started getting that not-so-fun-feeling-again. By the time we got home, I was in serious pain. It took all I had to nurse Miles before bedtime. I had taken a couple Tyle.nol and they weren't kicking it. I told Dean I was going to bed because sometimes I can get comfortable enough to fall asleep and the pain goes away throughout the night. This time....not so much. About 12:45 I got up (Dean was trying to finish a movie and still up in the living room) and I told him it was WAY bad this time. I was crying and just UGH. He took my temp and I didn't have any fever, but he felt it and said it felt kinda hard and swollen. "Gotta go," he says. So I changed out of my Christ.mas light flannel pj pants (I am in the spirit ALREADY!) and packed up Miles. Luckily, he stayed asleep in the car seat all snuggled up with a blankey. Off to the ER we go...

There is an ER 2 minutes from us and I was the only patient so that cut down the time in half. 3 hours later* I had a urine test, blood work, and an ultrasound (Didn't expect one of those so soon) of my right kidney, pancreas, liver and gall bladder. Doc says there is 1 giant stone in there. When it moves in front of the bile duct, that's when the pain happens. 2 times in 2 thinks 2009 is the year of the removal now. She suggested to have it removed so now I'm hunting for surgeon. A friend from HS (on FB) recommended one that she works with, but he's out of network for BCBS insurance. Anyone else in the Houston area have a general surgeron or laproscopic guy/gal they recommend?

*3 hours Miles slept quiet as a mouse in his car seat, oblivious to what was going on with Mommy.....UNTIL.........the discharge nurse. She comes in all loud and with the loudest voice I have ever heard screams "HOW OLD IS THE LITTLE ONE?" (yes, all caps for emphasis) "6 months. and he's been sleeping the entire time." "OH. THAT'S GREAT THAT HE HAS BEEN ASLEEP LIKE THAT IN HIS CAR......." "WWWAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH" "..........SEAT." Really? 4:15 in the morning and he's awake thanks to that biatch. Oh well, I nursed him when I got home and he went right back down. She had given me a script for Vico.din, but after 5 hours (2 at home, 3 there) the pain was subsiding so I just went right to bed myself.

Slept late on Halloween due to above drama. Made the rounds (more about that crap later) to see the fam and visit Mom's church's fall festival (pics tomorrow - bad Mommy for not downloading them!) of Miles' 1st apple bobbing....or grabbing as it may be. Trick or Treated with his buddy Drew and passed out candy to some neighborhood kiddos...

Here's his first punkin'...

And his first costume....Miles the racecar driver... More pics tomorrow including Maddie the Ballerina!!! :)

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bullet Wednesday

Another bullet kind of day...

  • Sitter called in yesterday. Her oldest had been throwing up all night and wasn't sure why. Said it was our call if we sent Miles over or not. Well with all this flu hoopla going on, no thank you. So Dean watched him the first half of the day and I came home in the afternoon to work from home and watch him.
  • Dean couldn't really get him to take his morning nap and I couldn't get him to take his afternoon nap. He would fall asleep on me and I would hold him for 20-30 minutes before trying to lay him down. The minute I put him down, he would be up on his elbows and head up looking at me and smiling from ear to ear. We were watching the news before Daddy went to band - around dinner time - and suddenly he wants to nap! But he does look like an angel, doesn't he?
  • UGH - speaking of sitter, we still don't know if she's going to be staying with us or not. I hate to look for someone just to have to tell them "just kidding." Why won't my mom just quit her job already?! Or Mean Aunt Betty? :0)
  • My favorite (and only) cashmere sweater is not handling the milk jugs very well. I am still wearing it anyway, but when I put it on this morning, I don't remember it being so, ahem...short. Then I noticed the jugs were looking lower than usual - BAH - NURSING BRAS! I already had my hair and makeup done and didn't want to pull a turtleneck over all that, so I had to ask sleepy Dean to help me with the straps - pull them up at least a little bit more anyway...
  • Another reason for the bra assistance, was because of this awful, terrible, no good, very bad CRICK in my back. I couldn't have reached over my shoulder to do it if I wanted to! I slept hard last night, so I guess I was in a bad position all.night.long.
  • We carved our silly face pumpkin last night - pics on the camera at home of course! Miles wasn't too interested since he couldn't put his hand in the mush. I was afraid he would swallow a seed. HA - then my pumpkin would grow a pumpkin in his belly. Or maybe not...
  • Slow day at the office when you've only got emails from, gym.boree, Mean Aunt Betty, with only 1 work related, all day and you've been here 4 hours already....
  • Gossip queens at the office are bitches. Know the facts before you open your mouths. Just because you are the one to report something "anonymously" to the ethics.line, doesn't mean you can flap your trap once action has been taken.

IS IT THURSDAY YET?!!!!!!!! (It's my "Friday" this week....)

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy, Happy BDay to ME!

What a crazy fun weekend! Friday night my friends Shannon, Shayla and her boyfriend lover man friend Todd, came over. Deano whipped up some margaritas (I had red wine of course) and grilled 2 chickens, squash and zuchinni. The food was fab and of course turned into a drunk fest. Luckilly Mr. Miles was in bed before everybody got crazy. It was like old times - we even played "I Never..."

Saturday I didn't feel like much of anything, even though it was my birthday. I played with Miles a lot and took a nap with him. Didn't even get out of my pj's and take a shower till 5:00! Then we loaded up and met Shannon, T&D, Shayla and her ahem...friend, sister and BIL @ Backyard.Cafe for dinner*. The food was awesome, the wine was flowing, the cake* and presents were amazing! Then we drove over to T&D's new digs - a 3 story townhouse/condo thingy near the.Heights. It fits them perfectly, but no thank you. 12 foot ceilings makes those stairs EXTRA long...

Sunday I spent most of the day making a baby shower cake. It's my 2nd paid order. It's for my neighbor - she's co-hosting a baby shower at her work for 2 chicks having babies. One of them doesn't know what she's having so it had to be gender neutral. Round 2 on the sheep cake... I had intended on putting the 2nd sheep on the side like last time, but this time I actually centered the top cake correctly (HA) so there wasn't enough room for his butt...

Boo Boo played with my cake pans while I was baking...too cute!

Also speaking of cakes...we did the "Cake.for.the.Cure" again at work. They provide a 1/4 sheet cake and icing and we bring the "embellishments." Our theme was "PEAS find a cure." I made the peans and pod at home out of fondant...Then we only had 20 minutes to decorate it. "Challenges" this year were the cake was extra sticky and the icing extra thick. Oh and they didn't give us a spatula (I had brought a small one) or piping bags for writing (I had brought one). They said the "challenges" were in comparison to the challenges those fighting breast cancer face...

Sunday evening we went to Mom and Dad's for birthday dinner - again. Dad grilled steaks and we had salad and baked taters. Mom made me a cake with a pic of me, Miles, and Maddie on it.*

Miles had squash, applesauce, and pineapples for the 1st time this weekend. Yes, I know we didn't follow the rules for 1 new food every 3 days. But Dean didn't know I had given him applesauce Friday and then he gave him pineapples Saturday. Sunday I told him to bring something he's had before because of the 2 new things so close together. So he brought bananas - good he's had these for weeks now - but then he brought squash for the veggie! UGH - we were at Grammy's so we didn't have a choice. However, they thawed out WAY watery. Like too much to even be able to get on a spoon. Totally not what they looked like in the blender. He was still hungry after the chicken and bananas so we thickened them up with some Daddy's plain potato. New food #4 for the weekend! (However he did have the squished insides of a few french fries a long time ago - before we even officially started solids...)

Monday brought total UGH-NESS...
#1. It's raining yet again in H-town. (Isn't it funny how we complained all summer of how dry it was and now we are complaining its too wet) But I am driving myself to work now that the DRAMA.VAN is out of my life so my 350Z gets a little nervous when it rains this much. Houston is not known for its good drainage system. And Zoe is only about 8 inches off the ground....
#2. Not until I got out of the car did I realize that BOTH of my heel tips have rubbed or broken off. Now its like I am walking on nails - seriously can see the silver nail of the I walked through the parking garage I could tell they sounded different. When I got to my desk I looked at them and the entire tip is gone and I am now slowly breaking off bits of the plastic part that surrounds the heel nail thingy. Can't take them to the shoe repair place because they are just made by "George" and I am embarrassed to get them fixed considering their cost. (Holler if you know where I got them!) So now new shoes are on the agenda.
#3. Left my at home and DESPERATELY (like have 4 left TOTAL in the diaper bag or the house) need to pick some up on the way home. Now I have to go home first. BAH...
#4. During pumping session #1 this morning, one side wasn't sucking correctly. Or at all I should say. I couldn't wiggle all the parts enough to get it to start working so I switched it to just pump 1 side, then the other. Turned into a 30 minute session. UGH. Just when I had convinced myself to BF another 3 months and my pump gives up the ghost? NOOOOOOOOO! Luckily I had the manual in the bag so I took a peek at the troubleshooting section. Come to find out that the rubber thingy that goes inside the flange/inside the bottle was torn. This rubber thingy is crucial to the suction. Good thing I have some spare parts at the office. Hope this next session is better...

*totally forgot to take pictures of all of these things...

sorry it's so long - hope you're still reading.....have a great week!

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Saturday, October 24, 2009


32 years ago today, I was born to be Miles' mommy....

Friday, October 23, 2009

Damn You!

Damn you gall.stones!

UGH - I had a gall.bladder attack this morning around 2:30AM. When I got up in my sleepiness, I took 2 T.ums instead of 2 Ty.lenol. This didn't help my pain any (obviously) so I was squirmy wormy/in the fetal position until 4:30...coincidentally Miles' nursing time before work. I would have skipped it to squirm some more, but then I remembered I didn't take Ty.lenol after all, just heartburn medication, DUMB.ASS.... UGH - get up, take better med, feed Miles, both of us cuddle and fall asleep in the "nursing.papasan.chair" (that I just can't let go of). I don't know how I fell asleep like that because my shit was still killing me. I put him back to bed, emailed my work peeps, and resumed the fetal position.

By the time I woke up at 7:30, the pain had subsided. I got up, pumped, showered and made it to work by 9:15. It is actually fall-like weather here in the Lone.Star.State - 53 degrees and GORGEOUS blue skies - not a cloud in the sky (at least that I can see from my 2nd-story-cubicle-window-blocked-by-the-world's-largest-crepe-myrtle-and-5-story-parking-garage.) I so don't want to be sitting here... I could be playing with BooBoo or organizing a cabinet or something (don't ask)...

Anyway, back to the gall.stone saga. I have known I have had them since 2006 when my old PCP ordered an u/s. Flash to 2007, new PCP, (didn't like old one in the least bit) and she said I should have it taken care of before getting PG. Really lady...I am going to be 30 this (that) year. I don't have time for surgery, recovery time, etc, etc. I wanted a baby before I was in menopause! So I opted to put that aside and work on TTC, knowing that if I had an attack while PG, there would be nothing they could do about it.

So now I have had my 2nd attack since Miles was born. BLECH. You don't need your gall.bladder, or at least can live without it. So mine is being removed in 2010!

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

I love a Rainy Night...

It's been raining like crazy here in Houston since about 3AM! Now that I am off the van and my carpooling buddy got laid off, I have to drive Zoe into work. Zoe = 350Z which is a mere 8 inches off the ground. We all know Houston has serious drainage problems - you would think with all the storms we get, they would do better...

I was a big ol' ball of nerves by the time I finally got to the office today! The 288/610 interchange had high water so I couldn't risk going that way. I stayed on 288, hoping to take 59S. It was so dark and the headlights were reflecting off the water on the road, so much so that I missed the dang exit. Took the next exit and thought I could u-turn and get back onto 59...not so much. So stayed on Alabama and came across a feeder going to the left one way (usually they are right) and there was a sign to get on 59S here...2 ramps one on left of esplanade and one on right. I went to the left a little ways up and had a bad gut feeling that I was going one way on a wrong way street. REVERSED DOWN THE RAMP...back to street...continued on Alabama...found Montrose (familiar...good) turned...found Westheimer (office is off of this..good) turned..Finally made it in 1 hour later!

Hoping the storm is gone-gone by this afternoon so I can have a nice UNEVENTFUL drive home!

I forgot to do my "Welcome ICLW'ers" post on Monday - bad blogger...So here's something I stole from my FB to use as my meet and greet...



What is your salad dressing of choice?
balsamic vinegarette

What is your favorite sit-down restaurant?
Gringo's lately

What food could you eat every day for two weeks and not get sick of?

What do you like to put on your toast?
cinnamon and sugar or cheese and sugar or Nutella


How many televisions are in your house?

What color is your cellphone?
black and silver with a white cover

Do you have an ipod
in the iPhone :0)


Are you right-handed or left-handed?

Have you ever had anything removed from your body?
a mole and a baby :0)

Have you ever been knocked unconscious?


If it were possible, would you want to know the day you were going to die?
not at all

If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
I like my name

Would you drink an entire bottle of hot sauce for $1000?
Show me the money!




Day of the week?

October - birthday, anniversary, rodeo, and Halloween!


Missing someone?

fat and happy

What are you listening to?
my fingers do the typing and crepe myrtle branches scraping on the windows (they really should trim this beast of a tree)


First place you went this morning?
Potty, then Miles' room to feed him

What's the last movie you saw?
Julie and Julia with the girls


How many pairs of flip flops do you own?
way too many to count

Last time you had a run-in with the cops?
it's been several years

Last person you talked to on the phone?

Last person you hugged?

Do you always answer your phone?
depends on the caller

It's four in the morning and you get a text message, who is it?
Definitely Shayla

If you could change your eye color what would it be?
i like my eye color

Do you own a digital camera?

Have you ever had a pet fish?
Buddy the Betta!

Favorite Christmas song(s)?
Silver Bells

What's on your wish list for your birthday?
Good times with family and friends...but if you feel you must give me something - write a check to Miles' college fund...

Can you do push ups?
not in many years

Can you do the splits?
that's a negative

Does the future make you more nervous or excited?

Do you have any saved texts?

Have you ever been in a car accident?
1 but it wasn't serious

Do you have an accent?
I don't think I do until I visit family in Louisiana

What is the last movie to make you cry?
don't remember, but lots of them do these days

Plans tonight?
Just hanging with the boys

Have you ever felt like you hit rock bottom?
not total rock bottom, but maybe muddy bottom

Name 3 things you bought yesterday.
bananas, lima beans, powdered sugar

Have you ever been given roses?

Met someone who changed your life?

What song represents you?
I am not good with these types of questions

Would you go back in time if you were given the chance?
yes to spend more time with the ones I loved

Have you ever dated someone for over 5 years ?
UGH - yes

Do you have any tattoos/piercings?
pierced ears. There used to be another set somewhere, but I'm not telling.

Does anyone love you?

Would you be a pirate?
ARRRGGHHH (I love to say that!) but that hook hand could pose a problem..

What songs do you sing in the shower?
nothing aloud

Ever had someone sing to you?

When did you last cry?
Monday when Miles got his 6 month shots :0(

Do you like to cuddle?
but of course!

Have you held hands with anyone today?
not yet

Who was the last person you took a picture of?

Are most of the friends in your life new or old?
Nice mix of both.

Do you like pulpy orange juice?
Who likes to suck their OJ through their teeth like a sieve? NOT ME

What is something your friends make fun of?
Baking, making cutie things, taking cake classes, wanting to take cooking classes...anything I do really (SHAYLA is the only one who makes fun of these things. Everyone else likes me for them...)

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

6 Month Checkup

Miles had his 6 month checkup Monday. In the doctor's words, "He is perfect!" We seem to think so as well! He got 4 shots :0( Pentacel, Hepatitis B, Prevnar and Round 1 of Flu (Round 2 will be in November), along with Rotateq orally. He was such a trooper and only cried when the shots were given because they stung his little legs. As soon as Daddy picked him up, he stopped crying - so then Mommy could stop crying as well.

He is doing everything a baby his age should be doing right now: showing excitement interacting with people, recognizes people, rolls over, can sit upright, "stands" if you hold his hands, reaching for objects, passing them between hands and to his mouth, loves to make noise and "talk" to you. He is eating like a piglet! He has cereal mixed with fruit for breakfast, a jar of meat (beef, turkey or chicken), with 3 cubes (ice trays) of veggies and 3 cubes of fruit for lunch and dinner. Each meal is with milk along with an additional bottle 3 more times a day! He is doing so well at everything he tries to do!

So far he has tried - and liked - the following foods: rice cereal, oatmeal cereal, mixed grains cereal, green beans, peas, sweet potatoes, mangos, bananas. The only thing he hasn't cared for is carrots, so we've been adding 1 cube to another veggie to sneak them in. So far he hasn't caught on to our trick! This week we are going to add yellow squash and pineapple to the menu.

Here's the stats:

Height: 26 3/4" - 50%
Weight: 17 lbs 10 oz - 50-75%
Head: 17 3/4" - 75-90% (gotta hold that big ol' brain!)

Hope everyone has a great week!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

26 Weeks...

Happy Half Birthday to my Boo Boo!

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Friday, October 16, 2009


*** brought to you by Blogger.Post.Scheduler as the host is currently out of town on a still undisclosed (and unknown to anyone) anniversary trip with the hubby and the baby***

Our 4 year anniversary was yesterday. We usually try to do something for it. Technically we should be "alone" i.e. without baby, but I feel bad. He has spent the past 2 Saturday nights with Grammy/Great Aunt Betty so we could party like rockstars.... I mean cowboys at the rodeo. I can't send him away 3 weekends in a row! Plus this is a 3 day weekend for us so we should have him for as much time as we can!

Location of this 1 night trip is TBD. 1 night because we have tickets to the Dynamo vs. LA Galaxy game on Sunday at 2, so we didn't want to be scrambling back home to make it in time. TBD because, well...just because. Initial talks were to go to Texas.Hill.Country and visit wineries, but well... you can see what bad parents we would seem, having wine tastings and a glass here and there with a Baby.Bjorn strapped on?? Right now the "plan" (loosely labeled) is to drive north or west. No lodging squared away either. Guessing B&B's are out of the question since those are usually saved for couples' getaways....not that my boy would make a fuss....We love random road trips. I hope the first one as a family of 3 proves to be just as exciting!

It's funny to think we have to take a cooler now to keep Miles' food in. The days of only bringing the boobies are long gone for this little oinker. He's been eating a jar of stage 1 meat (turkey, chicken, or beef), 3 cubes (ice trays) of veggies and 1 whole banana (or peaches or mangos coming soon)! WHAT?! And then milk after that. I serioously don't know how his tummy can hold it all. Must be the reason for his multi-day poops! I thought daily poops were a thing of the past - apparently not!

Speaking of...he's already had 2 poops today. How do I know this you ask? Oh that's because Miles is home with Daddy. AGAIN. Sitter has other plans. Dean actually picked him up yesterday at noon. UGH - the one dilemma in home baby care. Still don't know what the outcome of her BP issues will be. I think I am going to put another ad up on our website and see if we can get more hits on someone keeping him. I am so anti-daycare I don't want to put him in until I absolutely HAVE to...

Melody? Mandy? want to share a nanny?

On to other news:

  • Thyroid test results: negative
  • Diagnosis: Just a tired and fat (but HAPPY) mommy

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