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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

My new pumpkin idea... they need to be straightend up.

Andrew's 1st pumpkin! (my evacuee baby)

My cheater pumpkins!

Dean and I @ Murder Mystery/Masquerade Ball last weekend.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Birthday Pics

The bday cake from my work people.

The extra tall candles and lemon goodies from Maggiano's

The very first bday cake Dean has ever made me himself!

A materni-tee from my friend Kim

The giant clock Dean gave me - Andrew wanted to get in the mix

He likes the bows!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Terrific Tuesday

Not much going on, on the home front. We had family and a few friends over for burgers on Friday for my bday. It was mucho fun. First time we've had lots o' babies in the house for a function like that. I say "lots." really it was only 3, but still.

Saturday we ran errands and went to a Murder Mystery Dinner where the theme was Masquerade Ball. I wore a dress from our cruise - it's big and loose - and a mask. D wore his tux.

Sunday, S and I went to a craft show. They have so much cutie kid stuff! Too bad we don't know the gender OR the name! Will definitely have to go back post-partum!

Last night D was warming up some leftovers for me in the oven. They were from a nice Italian restaurant my boss and team took me to for my bday on Friday. About 10 minutes into the warm up, I told him I smelled fire. Well, the leftovers came in one of those aluminum containers with a paper cover. A paper cover that has the warm up instructions on them...the paper cover you are supposed to REMOVE prior to placing in the oven? yeah, well. All I can say is thank goodness for my preggo dog-nose! I prevented a fire!

And since the update is so small, here's a meme (anyone know what that stands for?) from S.E.

1. Where is your cell phone? in my pocket
2. Where is your significant other? working from home - hopefully fully clothed
3. Your hair color? brunette with blonde highlights
4. Your mother? prayerful
5. Your father? hard-working
6. Your favorite thing? wine
7. Your dream last night? none that I remember anyway
8. Your dream/goal? mommyhood
9. The room you’re in? cube
10. Your hobby? reading, baking, crafts
11. Your fear? drowning
12. Where do you want to be in six years? mother of a 5 year old
13. Where were you last night? voting
14. What you’re not? Type B
15. One of your wish list items? baby
16. Where you grew up? Texas
17. The last thing you did? read S.E.'s blog
18. What are you wearing? sweater and cords
19. Your T.V.? non-HD
20. Your pet? doggy
21. Your computer? laptop
22. Your mood? tired
23. Missing someone? Grandpa
24. Your car? 350Z
25. Something you’re not wearing? necklace
26. Favorite store? It's a tie...Bed Bath and Beyond/Kirkland's
27. Your Summer? full of IF treatments
28. Love someone? yes
29. Your favorite color? green
30. When is the last time you laughed? last night
31. Last time you cried? today

Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Baby Bedding Dilemma

In shopping for baby furniture last weekend, we also browsed some baby bedding. I already had 1 picked out from But here's the dilemma...we're not finding out the gender, so it has to be neutral, however we had all of the rooms painted when we built the house, so the baby's room will be yellow. Below is a pic of said yellow room. The pic doesn't do it justice really because it's shaded, but you can tell the yellow is Y.E.L.L.O.W.

This one is called Froggy Tales and is Dean's favorite.

This one is called T is for Tiger and is my 2nd pick.

This one is called Peek a Boo Friends and is my top pick.

Which one do you like?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Random stuff

So, um....long time, no post-y. I guess since I have not had anything fantabulous happen to me that I haven't had the urge to write. Let me see if I can think of something...

  • Evening sickness is gone, but morning sickness has taken its place. I started a new kind of prenatal earlier this week. (Actually just using up the 150 samples OB gave me.) You can chew or swallow it. Since I sometimes gag a little when swallowing (the pill, Nikki. Get your mind out of the gutter!) I decided to chew it. Well it tastes just like your regular old Fred Flintstone vitamin. I have taken them for 5 days now. All of a sudden yesterday, after chewing the vitamin and mid-teeth brushing, the vitamin wants to come back up. It could have been the combination of vitamin in my teeth mixed with cinnamon toothpaste, but whatever. I threw up in the sink! BLECH. Then decided if more came up, I didn't want to clog the sink then have to clean that up, so I finished in the toilet. (Sorry Martha for the visual again!) Suffice it to say, today.... I swallowed.

  • We went looking for baby furniture/gear last weekend. We hit BRUx2, Baby.Depot, Sears, and 2 furniture stores that don't carry things baby. We still haven't settled on a crib brand. We do know we want one with a drop siderail that is non-convertible or just converts to a toddler bed. Then when said kid is 5 or 6, he/she can pick out his/her own "cool" furniture. i.e. a racecar bed, or a princess canopy bed... Also selected was the stroller...or lack of stroller. We TOTALLY LOVE the stroller frame idea where you put the infant carrier on top and "make" a stroller. This is the one we are getting along with a car seat. This stroller has the biggest basket (actually Kol.kraft does but it doesn't fit the seats properly and/or close easily) and 2 parent drink holders along with a parent organizer. Also selected is the high chair or lack of high chair. Our friends have this one and they love it. We love it too and so did (most) of the reviews. It has zero footprint and we can put it on our glass breakfast table, bar/counters, or the big dining table. Some people travel with it or take to restaurants but I think that's a bit much.

  • Tomorrow at work, myself and 4 others are on a cake decorating team for a "cake for the cure" contest. Work is providing the cake, pink icing, white icing, and sprinkles. We have MAX 15 minutes to decorate and can bring embellishments from home. We are following this idea and (I) am making the bra at home and we are just frosting and piping the cake here. We'll put the bra right on top. Will let you know how we fair! Our team name is The Cure Supporters and the cake will say "Support the Cure!"

Friday, October 17, 2008


So the concert last night was A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!!! It was held at the Toyota.Center and believe me, all 20,000 seats were filled with 25-40 year old females. An abundance of estrogen filled the air!!! We had thought we would see lots of ladies like us, plus some moms with their 10-13 year old daughters...but nope! Mainly just 30 year-olds acting like 12 year-olds! They sang their old stuff and some new songs as well. Even remember their old dance moves! HA! The lighting was good, as was the sound. I can't believe The Block is Back!!

Note to self: the next time I want to go to a screaming ass concert, be sure to not be pregnant. As the cravings are starting and I hadn't eaten beforehand, I had to have dinner at the arena. Nothing sounded good: Burger - no; Dome Dog (HA! remember the Astrodome!) - no; BBQ - closed; Nachos - no.....OK then Chili Cheese Fries it is! YUM-O! So after the fries, I screamed my lungs out like a teenager while jumping up and down and waving my arms in the air....NOT GOOD. Granted, I never actually got sick, but I'll be damned if I didn't feel like I would be any minute. Especially after the concert while we're walking through the garage, I see this chick lean on a pillar and lose her chili cheese fries (at least it was the color of the chili!!!) all over the floor. I had to cover my eyes and have my sister guide me because that was putting me WAY to close to the edge of becoming a parking garage puker myself!!!

Didn't get to bed til after 12 - on a school night no less!! Pictures sure to follow...

Thursday, October 16, 2008



P.S. I heart Jordan!! :-)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

3 Reasons to Remember Oct. 15th

Pregancy & Infant Loss Rememberance Day.

Our 3rd Anniversary
The 2nd anniversary of Grandpa's Death
Love You Always Grandpa. Miss You BUNCHES!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Peanut Card

  • I got my doctor recommended flu shot @ work yesterday. However, according to some boards I have been reading, lots of people claim it isn't safe for the pregnancy. I would think that it would be, especially since its a preventative measure. Thoughts?

  • The evening sickness is seeming to fade. THANKFULLY. However, the weird food combos are still in abundance. Sunday,we went to Denny's around 11. Dean ordered a carafe of OJ before I could tell him I wasn't feeling the breakfast menu. So I had OJ with the appetizer chicken tenders with buffalo sauce and ranch! Then the weirdness overtook me and I gave in to a Dr Pepper.

  • After work I went to visit Grandma and took her a card. She was confused why she had to wait 6 months to see her great-grandbaby! Then I had to register for Course 4 ( I know, I broke down, but it's the last one!) And that was a cluster since the cashier chick was new and didn't know what to do. But a bonus - I saw my friend Holly in class taking Course 1. Apparently I am an "inspiration" to her - she has the cake fever now! Hi Holly! So I didn't get home until after 7.

  • Dinner consisted of a bowl of cocoa puffs and a cup of diced peaches. Hey - I wasn't very hungry and Doc said I could eat whatever I wanted right now, as long as I was eating!

  • Dean may have to travel to the Netherlands next week for work. Oh goodie, he'll be super jet-lagged for my birthday. I can hardly wait. :(

  • Below is the card I sent out to family and a few friends, announcing or rather confirming the pregnancy. Enjoy!

    • Friday, October 10, 2008

      OB & Cake

      So the appointment went well. I love my OB. She is very straight forward and open about everything. And for once, I didn't get the hoo-hoo cam! We also heard the hb with a Doppler for the first time - on the OUTSIDE of my body!! HA! It was going strong around 158-162. I still cannot believe we have to wait 8 more weeks before seeing Peanut again! That is FOREVER!

      She also said that all of those rumors you hear about pregnancy are just that - rumors....yes you can eat cheese, cooked sushi, lunch meat if you cook it, pick up things, work out, drink caffeine (in moderation), paint a room, etc.

      She was asking if were getting the Quad Screen since we missed the window to do it in the 1st trimester (almost). We are still on the fence about getting it done. Most people I have asked had it done just for peace of mind. That is our thought as well. It's not going to matter the outcome, because our baby will be perfect no matter what and we will not love it any less if something is different about him/her.

      On another note, the final cake from Course 3! I forgot my USB cord for my camera so these are from my phone.

      Thursday, October 9, 2008

      Cake Class SUCKS

      • This last cake of Course 3 is kicking my ass. Seriously, who knew CAKE DECORATING would be so blasted intense and time consuming? Seriously, this week we are making a small "wedding" cake with pillars seperating the 2 tiers. Ok, but that's not the kicker. The kicker is that we have to have 38 f-ing fondant roses on it, plus 40-ish leaves. Oh and the really shitty part? Each layer of the rose takes at least 24 hours to dry before the next one can be put on. So I started this crap on Saturday and the class isn't even until tonight! Saturday - rose centers -dry; Sunday - 1st petal layer - dry; Monday - 2nd layer -dry; Tuesday - NOTHING - I am too tired and was busy creating a secret surprise (will be posted at a later date - probably next week) and didn't have time for the damn 3rd layer. Wednesday - Thank God for my friend who was one step ahead of me and had made 30 extra (really?) leaves that she didn't need. So I picked them up and only had to "vein" them. Then I had to make a 10" wide by 3" deep cake for the bottom layer (had to borrow a pan), and a 4" wide by 3" deep cake for the top (had to borrow a pan). Am I done yet? HELL NO. Then I had to make a batch of buttercream to ice the cakes and store the rest to glue the roses on. Then I had to make yet another batch of fondant (because it had to be white and the roses were yellow - and did I mention the yellow was so crappy that, that is the reason I didn't want to make the 3rd layer? You have to put Crisco on your hands when first making it due to the marshmellow, and apparently I got too much IN the fondant and it was greasy - BAD). Then I had to roll out said fondant and lay it, smooth it, and cut it to fit the cakes. Then figure out how to transport said cakes to class and work (Yes, James tomorrow is Cake Day) since I don't have a 2 foot tall cake carrier. UGH. I finally got to bed at 11:30 only to have to wake up at 5:30. I am SO VERY TIRED. We are thinking of asking if Course 4 is this intense (even though its the only class we wanted to take) and if so, we're bailing. I mean really? We've been in cake class since the SUMMER! I have a life and a baby to plan for!
      • As I typed that last sentence, I searched Ebay and found the Course 4 book (which isn't sold with the Course 4 kit) for only $2.99 with $3.73 in shipping. What a deal - no all nighters days in a row and for way cheaper than the cost of the class ($30). Is it a deal or what? I emailed my friend to see if she's in.
      • Because of before mentioned bed time, I was dragging ass this morning. I had to get a "Creamice Mocha" from the Seattle's.Best coffee shop downstairs. Yes, it has chocolate; yes, it has espresso; yes, I know these are bad for pregnant people. But I couldn't keep my eyelids open!
      • I really hope we get out of class early tonight so I can go to bed at a decent hour.
      • We're on a committee at the Pasadena.Rodeo. For our volunteer efforts, we get a badge to get us in free every night. The rodeo started last Friday. Have we been yet? NO! WHY? CAKE CLASS! We are finally going to make it out there to see our friends and such on Saturday - the last day of the rodeo. Nice. Guess my volunteer hours were just that - volunteer with no payback. Oh well, I guess Pasadena's Youth will reap all my benefits this year. And next year they will suffer because I doubt I will have time since I'll have a 6 month old by then - ACK! Did I just say that? That is C-R-A-Z-Y to think about!
      • Speaking of the peanut...I've been looking at bedding online. Since we're not finding out the gender, it makes things interesting. Since we've had all of the rooms painted since we built the house (and the painting we bought in Jamaica on our weddingmoon matches the "Blue Room" so well) then the baby's room will be the "Yellow Room" which also severly limits the number of "gender neutral" bedding sets available.) I've found a couple, but not too many. I hope I don't find one that I truly fall in love with that has zero yellow in it because I REALLY don't want to have to repaint that room!
      • Our first OB appointment is today. I am nervous and excited. I hope we get another u/s pic. 2 in 1 week - WHOOHOO!

      Man, that was a lot of bitching about cake/icing/fondant. Who knew a little hobby could be so terrible?

      Tuesday, October 7, 2008


      It's Graduation Day!

      Today we graduated from our RE to a regular OB. WOOHOO! I feel like this is a "normal" pregnancy now. It is kind of sad though. I really like Dr. H and his staff. I'm not sure how I will handle not driving to the Med Center once a week - and let's not forget those weekly photo ops! Our 1st OB appointment is this Thursday. Maybe we'll get to see Peanut twice in 1 week!

      Speaking Peanut is 11W6D. He/she has grown SOOO much just since last week! We could see fingers and toes too! It does look a little cramped up in there. Look at the angle of the head! Talk about getting a crick in your neck! Dean says it's not uncomfortable and he's just using that part as a pillow. :-) The hb was 166. Still leaning towards a girl based on the hb, but we'll see.....

      Friday, October 3, 2008

      Peanut's Newest Pic

      As promised, the 11 week Peanut pic has finally arrived! Isn't the arms waving in the air hilarious! Dr. H said that's his head on the right side.

      Have a great weekend!

      Thursday, October 2, 2008

      Pregnant Dinner

      I had a dinner only a pregnant woman could love last night:

      Broccoli Cheese Rice
      Iced Tea
      Chocolate Pudding
      Orange Flurry from Sonic!

      Mighty, Mighty Muffins

      1. Link the person that tagged you.
      2. List 7 random/weird things about you.
      3. Tag 7 people.
      4. Inform them they've been tagged.

      So she didn’t directly tag me, but I am “considering myself tagged” by Nikki.

      1. I have double-jointed fingers and toes.
      2. I HATE green beans. HATE is not even a strong enough word. I LOATHE THEM. BLECH!
      3. When I was younger and played softball, our team was called The Muffins. Seriously…our colors were purple and white…as in blueberry muffins. In a league where other teams were called Cougars and Panthers, we were the Mighty, Mighty Muffins!
      4. There is a 23 year difference between Dean and I.
      5. I am 30 years old, have a 30 year old stepdaughter, 27 year old stepson, and a 9 year old granddaughter!
      6. One of my biggest pet peeves is people driving with their blinkers on when they ain’t turning! One time on a ride home from college, I put up my hand to “cover” the blinker so I wouldn’t have to look at it. We were on a 2 lane country road so it was going to be quite some time before he or I turned off!!
      7. I am thinking of buying this Materni-tee.

      I'm going to tag BrandiH2007, Martha, PJ, s.e., AJsMom, OnMyMind, Amy, and Kalina (welcome, my new follower!). Wait, that sounds a little cult-ish.

      Wednesday, October 1, 2008

      Updates & Questions

      The reunion was pretty fun. Dean was sad there wasn't a bigger band representation. But let me tell you, I hope I look as good as Dean does 35 years after graduation! MAN! some of those old dudes looked like they were pushing 70, not 53!! Some were balding, some totally gray and some totally white. Even some with canes and/or walking way slow due to bad knees. I am just relieved no one asked me where I was in 1973!! Can we say twinkle in my Daddy's eye??? :-)

      I had my 11 week appointment yesterday. Peanut is growing right on schedule. And man, is he active! He was doing somersaults when they were trying to get his picture - which won't be available until the end of the week. The laptop in the office is one Dean's company was getting rid of, but they half loaded a system on it, so basically all it can do is get on the web. It doesn't have any software that I could use to scan. :-( (Sorry Cindy!) But it is the cutest pic ever. Both arms are up in the air. Like saying, "TADA! Look at me Mom!"


      1. Did you find out the gender of your baby before it was born? If so why, or why not?
      2. Did you get any type of genetic testing done before - i.e. Down's Syndrome, Trisomy 18, etc?

      We have been weighing the Pros and Cons of finding out the gender or not. Here's a few:

      Pros to find out
      Monogrammed stuff
      Easier to decorate nursery
      Cuter boy/girl specific clothes

      Cons to not find out
      More difficult to decorate nursery
      Lots of green and yellow stuff
      Mom is troubled as to what to buy (as others may be)
      Can't put his/her name in the nursery as of yet
      No cutie monogrammed stuff until after birth (I LOVE monogrammed stuff!)

      Pros to not find out
      Friends will buy things we really need since they can't buy something cutie (thanks Allison)
      An extra special surprise at the end of this long 9 month journey

      Cons to find out
      none I can think of

      Thoughts? Comments? Why did you want to find out/not find out what you were having??

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