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Friday, July 31, 2009

Too random for a real title...

  • I have had all kinds of blog post ideas rattling around in my brain this week, but no time to actually do them. Why do I dream about blogging? Because I am a total dork I suppose!

  • Miles has slept all week upstairs in his crib. Previously it has only been a night or 2 a week. Most nights, he has been asleep all night...but last night...

  • We are attempting to wean the pacifier already - especially at night. He doesn't NEED it, it's just more of a comfort and helps get him to sleep quicker. But DANG last night...he was kind of restless, like he couldn't get comfortable so at about 12:30 the stupid sucker fell out of his mouth. This produced crying. So up the stairs Daddy goes to put it back in. 1:00 it happened again. Up the stairs Mommy goes. This time I rocked him too and put him on his tummy (makes me SUPER nervous to do this at night. It's different during naps when we can watch him) but he sleeps more deeply on his tum-tum. I didn't even give him the sucker when I put him back down and he slept like a champ. I couldn't even wake him up at 4:30 feeding time - it was like one of those dream feeds. Then Daddy had to wake him up at 7:30 to go to the sitter. He is usually awake on his own by then.

  • Miles is still getting baths in the super.duper.awesome.(especially for boys)clean.water.tub. It is made for kitchen sinks, so that's where we are for bath time. As of last night, he is so long that he doesn't even fit on the kitchen counter - we lay him on a thick towel while getting the water ready and during dry off time. His head hits the tile and his feet are almost over the counter. WHAT! So this prompted Daddy to bust out the measuring tape and our estimation is 24". We also have one of those teddy.bear.bath.sponges that goes in the tub for him to sit on. He is so big that he needs the room that the sponge is hogging for himself! We took the sponge out last night, but his legs are almost over the marked "feet" section!

  • He is laughing out loud now! Seriously laughing! He will never do it when we are trying to get him know like when we want to get it on video. He just does it whenever. It is so precious! Like he is totally happy with his little life here with us!

  • He is still wearing some 3 month clothes, but 6 months in others.

  • The formula supplements are going well. Some days the sitter doesn't have to give him any, but when he needs just a few more ounces than what I pumped, he takes it like a champ!

  • I just got off the phone with Grampy. And guess what?...............Miles is going for his first official overnight tomorrow! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I am totally freaked. Not that Grammy and Grampy won't known what to do - I mean they did raise 2 totally normal (well mostly) daughters of their own without any issues. That is what Dean told me, "Hello - they are his grandparents!" I know, I know. But he is going to be away from us for so long! The most he is away from me is 9 hours while I'm at work. This will be like 14!! And at night! What if he has a bad dream? I know it will be fine and we are only a phone call away....but I am still way nervous.

  • While Miles is spending some QT with Grammy and Grampy, we're going on a date! It's not that we don't go out with him - because we do - ALL THE TIME. But without him, I will be able to eat my dinner at a normal pace and not have to shovel it all in before he wakes up or try not to drop something on his head while eating (Chinese restaurant the other day - he was so tired he only wanted Mommy and our food had just arrived! Tried not to drop sweet and sour sauce on his purdy little head!) Maybe we'll even catch a movie or a band!

  • We'll be picking him on our way to SI's Mom's BDay party. I am making a cow cake for the party. Already made the little figurine out of fondant/gumpaste. He is a cutie! Well, I guess it's a she since she has udders! HEEHEE. I am also making a bday cake for a guy on my team at work for Monday. Not sure what I'm doing there yet. I have really been wanting just a "normal" cake - non-decorated, Bailey's Irish Cream with chocolate frosting, but I can't find a decent recipe anywhere....Plus it's not MY birthday, right? Anyone got one laying around?

  • I am FINALLY getting my hair done next week. I am need of some desperate help. Haven't had my highlights done since...oh I was about 6 months pregnant! I have worn it pulled up in a clip since coming back to work because when its down, those roots are a'SCREAMIN! I have decided to back to plain ol' brown and be without the highlights for a while. Hubby likes them, but they are high maintenance. And obviously if I only have time for an appointment every 6 months, they are not for me anymore!

  • Speaking of me and maintenance....I am also getting a pedi for the first time since coming back to work. Yes, you read that correctly. My son is 15 weeks old today and I came back to work when he was 9 weeks. Do the math....6 weeks without a the S.U.M.M.E.R. I am so embarrassed to don a pair of flip flops!! Doing that in the morning....

  • So between beauty maintenance, baking, date night, and bday party, looks like my weekend is DONE!

Sorry for all the ramblings, but at least it looks good in a nice outline kind of way! :0)

Have a good weekend!

**Oh and I promise updated weekly Miles pics and more cutie Miles pics and cake pics (run on sentence anyone?) next week!**

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

This is where my hands are most days....

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

  • I read this in an email from Baby.Center today: If you're feeding your baby formula, you can expect to pay between $1,300 and $4,000 for a year's supply. YAY more money for wine!
  • I think Miles might be teething. I can't feel anything on his gums, but he is a drooling machine! The sitter is having to change his clothes because they are SOAKED! And his fist is constantly in his mouth.

  • His other new trick is whenever he is laying on his back, his legs are straight up in the air. I think this is the next step to having his feet in his mouth!

  • Last night we put him to bed in his crib upstairs. We have done this a few other times and they have gone smoothly. Last night he was SO restless. I had the monitor turned way up so I could hear him (his room is far enough away that without the right volume on the monitor, I wouldn't hear him at all) and all I could hear was his body moving against the sheets. I looked at the monitor and he was flopping his head from side to side and moving his arms and legs all over the place. Of course this kept us awake because of the monitor amplifying what is normally a quiet sound. Finally about 2:30 Dean went up and put him on his tummy and give him his sucker (Dean HATES the word "paci"). He naps very well on his tummy but he did the same thing this way. 3:00 we moved him back to the pack n play in our room and he was golden. So an hour and half later....I had to get up to feed him before work. UGH am I dragging this morning.

  • Tonight, Deano is playing in the Galveston.Beach.Band again. It is very Americana, even playing in a gazebo with buntings hanging from it. The band director is 85 years old, as are some of the players. His dad started the band in 1934. They play every Tuesday night during the summer. Check out the link. My favorite from the article: "Benches provided. Mosquito spray recommended. Admission is free."
    • And you know I can't leave without a pic of the little guy! He is smiles 24 x 7!!!

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      Thursday, July 23, 2009

      The Center Ring

      Forgot I needed to recap our circus visit from Tuesday.... The "pre-show" was cool, although the website said doors open at 5:30, we sweated outside the gates until 6:00 - why - nobody knows. We got to walk around and see the elephants, horses, tigers, puppies, pot belly piggys, and porcupine (yes - he even had a little act!) up close and personal. On the otherside of the arena were the clowns, jugglers, etc. You could try on circus outfits, get autographs, and watch little clown acts.

      We ended up leaving at intermission - 9:00! - because it was just too much for Mr. Miles. It was way loud for his baby ears and he started getting startled anytime a loud noise would happen - and with clowns falling down and throwing things - you can imagine there was a noise for all of it! The minute we got outside he wasn't figedety at all! I won't bore you with all the pics (Thanks S, stole some from your page)....but here's a few.

      During the pre-show the elephants were throwing tires around like balls!

      The crazy clown BFF's...

      All of the clown bunch!

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      Wednesday, July 22, 2009

      Me...ABC Style

      Good thing I checked my personal email while here working at my desk....I totally forgot it was ICLW already!!

      So for those of you who haven't been here before, here's a little rundown on Kimbo's life...ABC style.

      A - Annovulatory - random cycles and no ovulation - that's me
      B - Boy - what I secretly hoped we were having when we decided to not find out the gender
      C - Chocolate - the 3rd love of my life
      D - Deano - the awesome and understanding DH
      E - Excited - how I feel every day when I pick up Miles from the sitter's
      F - Four IUI's - what it took for us to get pregnant
      G - Grandpa - who I miss so, so much. I am so sad he wasn't able to meet his great-grandson
      H - Home - my favorite place to be these days
      I - Injectibles - Meno.pur, Folli.stim, Ovi.drel
      J - Jealous - of my friends who get pregnant so easily
      K - Kimbosue - a childhood nickname that has stuck with me 31 years later
      L - Low Motility - DH's slow swimmers
      M - Male factor - that's DH due to a varicocele
      N - Nervous - that I won't know how to be a good mom
      O - Oral meds - clo.mid, pro.gesterone, pro.metrium
      P - Poor morphology - DH's swimmers are bad!
      Q - Quiet - what my house will never be again
      R - Red - the hair color I wish I had
      S - Son - my first born, my one and only (probably ever) Miles Monroe, born 4/17/2009
      T - Tomatillo sauce - my fav sauce on enchiladas
      U - Unagi - my favorite sushi!
      V - Vagina - what was looked at, poked at, prodded at WAAAY too many times over the past year
      W - Wine, red, red, red - my total fav. And did you know we make our own?
      X - Xrays - teeth only. Think I'm the only one that hasn't broken any bones E.V.E.R.
      Y - You - Thanks for stopping by and you try coming up with this list next's hard!
      Z - Zebra - the Little.People animal my friend S always calls Giraffe when playing with her son! (OK, not really about me, but what else starts with Z? And really, I love telling this story about her all the time!)

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      Tuesday, July 21, 2009

      Circus Supplemental

      The day has finally arrived....

      The day I knew would come...

      The day I had to send formula with Miles to the sitter. :0(

      When I picked him up yesterday she told me she had ran out of milk. I have only been pumping 4-5 oz at a time and she said he's been taking that plus like 1 more oz out of another bag. The timing couldn't have been more perfect though, on Miles' part. She usually feeds him around 4:15 or so, but yesterday he was either having another growth spurt or was just extra tired from his long weekend and slept from 3:00 until I picked him up at 5:20. So that was a blessing, otherwise she would have been dealing with a screaming, starving baby.

      It still makes me sad though, to know that I can't keep up with his needs anymore. But it also makes me happy to know that he is growing and is one step closer to starting solid foods. The books I've read say you can start 4-6 months. I want to wait until his 4 month checkup with the pediatrician on 8/17 to see what he thinks.

      Any other BF'ing moms supplementing too? What are your thoughts?

      Tonight we are going to the circus! YAY! We are going with S&J, Drew, and Fun Aunt S.I.!! It will definitely be Miles' first circus and I think Drew's too. You can go an hour and half before the show starts and get to walk on the floor of the arena meeting clowns, riding elephants. Should be lots of crazy fun!

      I'll leave you with some pics from the weekend.

      Week 13

      Birthday Party/Girl #2

      Birthday Party/Girl #1 (sitter's daughter)

      I love to sleep on my face!
      Grammy giving her 1st bath!

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      Monday, July 20, 2009

      Everyday is a New Day

      So this is how this glorious Monday started….

      -While riding in the van, start digging through purse to find badge.
      -Can’t find badge, must have left it at home
      -Walk to security desk to get badge. 1 person in line, wait for 5 minutes while security dude finishes with her.
      -5 minutes later – finally have temp badge
      -Walk to badge in. Try 4 times, not working badge.
      -Walk back to security desk. Now there are 2 people in line.
      -Wait 10 minutes – 5 minutes for each person.
      -While waiting, security guy says “I’ll be right with you” like he hasn’t seen me before.
      -Finally my turn again…hand bad badge to security dude. Security: “You’re turning in this badge?” Me: “No, it doesn’t work.” Security: “OK can I have your ID badge?” Me: (blank look on face) Security: (pulls out HIS ID badge)“You know, the one with your picture on it?” Me: “I left it at home. Remember, you just gave me this temp badge like 10 minutes ago?” Security: “Ok miss, I can get you a temp badge since you left yours at home.” Proceeds to reissue SAME NON-WORKING badge….Security: “Oh this one doesn’t seem to be working, it’s not in the system.” Me: (trying not to roll eyes or sigh aloud)
      -Finally get to my desk 20 minutes after I got here with working temp badge.
      -Completely empty out my purse…..and find my badge!

      **BIG SIGH**

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      Friday, July 17, 2009

      3 Month Photos

      JCPenney sure does a good job with my little Smiley Miley!

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      Thursday, July 16, 2009

      Blogger Bullshit & OnStar?

      I am so flippin', flappin', flabbergasted!!! I CANNOT fix my blog code!!! I cannot get a picture to display as the header! Then I uploaded a new template and lost some of my "gadgets" particularly my blog list and my braces bunch list. UGH. I have copied all of the HTML for my other gadgets in the event they are erased too....

      Just trying to spruce things up a bit. Found a FAB template on but it won't upload? I follow the instructions and put it in a HTML box, but when I click save it just hangs there forever and a day (have tried 4 times) and then I just have to cancel.

      So in the meantime I have no header image, no title and no cutey background!!!

      I am still tempted to go to wordpress for password protected anyways and I heard they have some really cute templates, but if all I am doing is importing my current HTML into their app, won't I have this same jacked up dilemma???

      Wordpress people - tell me how much you love/hate it? I know you can't tinker with the code over there (not that it matters since this is obviously not my forte - WHAT I work in IT????)

      On a completely other note, I had to call OnStar for the first time yesterday. I had picked up Maddie from the groomer and then went to get Miles. The truck was still hot from sitting in the parking lot all day, so I left her in it with the AC on. Went to get Miles and asked him if wanted to go see his puppy in the car... Sitter's girls were like, "Puppy? Puppy? Where's the puppy?" so we all went outside. On the way I say OUTLOUD - "I hope Maddie didn't lock the doors." She loves to stand on the arm rests to look outside (she's short) and always rolls down windows or turns on the seat heaters (why they put these in cars sold in the South is BEYOND me). Oh but this time....she locked the doors. (JINXED myself by saying it I guess!) So Maddie is in the truck, my keys are in the ignition, and my cell phone is in my purse - also in the truck....

      Good thing I convinced Dean to put the OnStar stickers on the window - they have the phone number to call on them! Borrowed sitter's phone and within 5 minutes, it was open!!!

      Next time remember to leave a window rolled down....

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      Wednesday, July 15, 2009

      Wordless Wednesday

      Fuzzy picture or not, it's damn cute!

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