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**As of November 9, 2009, please find me at my new home below.**

Some posts are pw protected, so for the super secret decoder pen....ahem... code, please email me at kimbosue2 AT hotmail DOT com.

This blog will remain open. The link is still tied to lots of IF blogs, groups, and websites. I hope someone can read through my journey and find hope and strength and know that there is a light at the end of the IF tunnel. Prayer is the key! I love all my IF girlies I met along the way, and I hope to keep your friendships going forward during this next chapter of Mommyhood. I hope to see you there!

Friday, November 6, 2009


Did I mention that during all of that crap going on this month, I also have to look for a new sitter? BLECH, UGH, EWWWW is all I have to say about that.

Twins update: Cord is still not supplying oxygen to Baby B while his heart is expanding. Can't do this much longer because the lack of oxygen causes brain damage. The steriod shots given to them to help their lungs develop will be effective as of today so docs feel better if they have to take them now. Another ultrasound to determine delivery later today. Prayer is POWERFUL! Keep em' coming!

I am already behind on my mondo schedule/list thing from yesterday. Didn't get the buttercream made because we went to Grin.go's with our friend for dinner. By then it was booboo's bath, boob, and bed time.... On another note, Meltdown.margaritas with banana.pucker are the bomb!

(Why is there a fruit fly getting all up in my face? I don't have any rotten fruit or dead flowers laying around here. GO.AWAY!)

Geez, this post is all over the place....

For all you moms out there, I have a question about milk and solids. Mr. Miles has been eating 3 meals a day now for a while...well in order to ask the question, let me show you his eating schedule first:

4:30AM: nurse
Breakfast: cereal mixed with fruit followed by bottle (nurse on weekends)
lunch: square meal (meat, veggie, fruit) followed by bottle (nurse on weekends)
Afternoon: bottle (nurse on weekends)
Dinner: square meal followed by nurse
Bedtime: nurse

Now, I know you can't tell how much volume he is getting at the nursing sessions because the milk pumps don't have a meter like the gas pumps do...But he nurses for 20-30 minutes total. Given his intake of food (8-10 oz), how much milk should he be taking after meals? Dean had him home yesterday and could only get him to take 1-2 oz every time. Is this too little? But without me being there with the milk pumps, how is he going to get his milk intake if that isn't enough? I tried Dr.Google for the answer and only got how many times to nurse a day. That is fine for the weekends, but what about the other time when he's at the sitter's?

BAH something else to worry about...

I realized I hadn't posted any pics of the cuteness lately.... this is Miles in his first time in a shopping cart, sitting up like a big boy - in Lowe's of course - the big boy store!

And here he is muching on some toes after trick or treating at Mean Aunt Betty's...

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Thursday, November 5, 2009


**So I was so proud of myself for typing up this entire post one handed on the minute iPhone keyboard WHILE pumping...Then for some reason, it dropped my wireless connection in the building and closed the mail app! UGH didn't even save as draft!

Let's try it again...

(The first paragraph was about multitasking while pumping but I think that's already covered...)

We are going to be so, so busy the entire month of November! Just thinking about all of it makes me nervous and anxious and want to make a giant LIST! Here's the skinny so far:

  • Today: buy fondant for Dad's theme-yet-to-be-selected birthday cake (I am so O.V.E.R. making my own MMF when I need so much) CHECK; make buttercream icing for the cake.
  • Tomorrow: D is playing in the Katy.Taylor HS football game half time show playing some serious high notes with some other old band professionals and the band (his friend is the band director); then we are packing up early from that game and going to see LaRay's (who never updates her blog!) son's HS team play (Since we are going to be way out in the boonies and only 5 miles away already).
  • Saturday: D is judging some HS UIL band competition in the morning; Me baking cake, possibly finish decorating it; Saturday night Pub Crawl with friends for T's birthday.
  • Sunday: Finish cake if not done already; D going to game; Me dropping off Miles with Grammy and going to baby shower (tentative because it is for girl mentioned in post below).
  • Monday: Cook dinner for family coming over for Dad's birthday
  • Tuesday: Initial consult with surgeon to discuss gall.bladder.removal.; Dean has band practice
  • Wednesday: Plant tour (natural gas company I work for)
  • Thursday: Lunch with some old HS friends reaquainted from FB
  • Friday - Monday: First airplane trip with Miles to Maine to visit D's daughter and Miles' niece! (HA - isn't it weird that he is 6 months old and has an 11 (12-to-be while we are there) year old niece! Oh the joys of 2nd marriages!)
  • Tuesday: D band practice
  • Wednesday: My colposcopy (pap came back abnormal for 2nd year in a row)
  • 11/22: D's birthday; Birthday party for D's 3rd cousin?? on his side (that we just found and kept in contact with as of 2 years ago) at 3PM (other side of town); Thanksgiving dinner @ Grandma's facility with the fam 4PM (complete opposite side of town)
  • 11/26: Thanksgiving with D's fam
  • 11/30: Grandma's birthday


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Please Pray

For all you prayer warriors out there...

Please pray for my friend Katrinia. She has hepatitis and currently pregnant with identical twin boys. They are at 26 weeks gestation. Previously doctors had thought they had twin-to-twin blood transfusion going on (one twin was taking the other twin's blood) because one was much smaller than the other. But after thorough testing, it was determined that Baby B's cord was on the outside edge of her placenta, thus giving him less nourishment.

Baby B is now getting less and less oxygen because of the cord issue. She was admitted to the hospital yesterday on NPO. They are having a final ultrasound at noon to make a decision to take the twins today via C-section. Please pray for the doctors' and parents' decision if the babies (especially Baby B) will be safer and healthier outside mommy's womb.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Good, The Bad...

The Good:

Miles is almost crawling! I was told that I had not updated this knowledge to the internets yet. He is getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth (The Humpty.Dance as I refer to it). When he does get moving, he goes backwards! His arms push instead of pull and he ends up 5 feet away from whatever thing he was trying to get! Sometimes his knees do go forward, but when the arms don't move - FACEPLANT!

The Bad:

Dean and the sitter yesterday:
D: "Are you going to continue to keep Miles?"
S: "I don't think so. But I can if you can't find anyone else..."

HUH? She has a doctor appointment next week with whoever she is seeing for her high BP to find out the status since she's been on the BP meds. So she "probably" will not be watching him anymore, but we still don't have a specific DATE! BAH!. The search for a new one begins.... I guess when we do find someone, we'll just tell current lady when her last day is. That is, if she doesn't quit on us before then!

Side note of the bad: Yesterday she also says she "forgot" she was to take her mom to a doctor appointment tomorrow (Thurs) so now Dean is going to keep him while working...again. Gotta love those workin' from home jobs sometimes! Love you Deano! You are such a great Daddy!

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Kimbosue's Blog is MOOOOOVING!

**As of November 9, 2009, please find me at my new home below.**

I mentioned in the past about wanting to move to Word.Press. No hard feelings to Blog.ger, but since I am not sure who IRL is reading this, I don't want to openly hurt anyone's feelings. That being said, I will have some posts and pages that are password protected - this could be because of the content of the posts, and it could also be because I am posting pics of my little man. (Recently a couple of fellow bloggers found their pictures on various websites and even commercially reproduced in another country!) So Miles is going to be protected if I can help it. I want to still participate in ICLW so when that time comes around, those posts will not require a password. (This was one of the main reasons I didn't go totally private).

So for the super secret decoder pen....ahem... code, please email me at kimbosue2 AT hotmail DOT com.

This blog will remain open. The link is still tied to lots of IF blogs, groups, and websites. I hope someone can read through my journey and find hope and strength and know that there is a light at the end of the IF tunnel. Prayer is the key! I love all my IF girlies I met along the way, and I hope to keep your friendships going forward during this next chapter of Mommyhood.

Just for a quick reference... There are pages at the top of the new site: Just Me, My Family (pw protected), Weekly Pics (pw protected), Bucket List, Password?

**This info has been added as text to the top of the blog as a reminder when I move next week.**

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


  1. Why does it feel like all of my internal organs are revolting on me? I am already having to remove 1 of the beasts....
  2. Why does my left ovary hurt? And hurt more when I stand?
  3. Why am I getting flashbacks of round ligament pain?
  4. Why am I even thinking about round ligament pain?
  5. Why did the ER nurse say "That doesn't matter" when I told her I hadn't had a cycle since July 2008... because I am BFing? Don't all medical books say as much? Isn't that a "benefit" of breastfeeding?
  6. Why can I not give away Miles' clothes that are too small for him?
  7. Why can I not give away the gear that he has outgrown?
  8. Why do I stare longingly at pregnant bellies?
  9. Why do I weigh more now than I did before I got pregnant?**
  10. Why am I eating so many calories? For the milk production...**
  11. Why can't I lose weight while BF'ing? Probably isn't recommended...**

**updated to add

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Monday, November 2, 2009


Another exciting weekend in the household...

Friday was my day off and we did some household chores and ran some errands. That evening we drove to Sweeny, TX to see my boss's son's HS football team play (even though the son isn't playing due to a torn ACL). It was the closest remaining district game to where we live (in relation to where SHE lives in the sticks...) so we went. Kinda chilly willy, but Milesy was all camo'd up and ready for some footbaaaaalll...

About the time we were getting ready to leave, I started getting that not-so-fun-feeling-again. By the time we got home, I was in serious pain. It took all I had to nurse Miles before bedtime. I had taken a couple Tyle.nol and they weren't kicking it. I told Dean I was going to bed because sometimes I can get comfortable enough to fall asleep and the pain goes away throughout the night. This time....not so much. About 12:45 I got up (Dean was trying to finish a movie and still up in the living room) and I told him it was WAY bad this time. I was crying and just UGH. He took my temp and I didn't have any fever, but he felt it and said it felt kinda hard and swollen. "Gotta go," he says. So I changed out of my Christ.mas light flannel pj pants (I am in the spirit ALREADY!) and packed up Miles. Luckily, he stayed asleep in the car seat all snuggled up with a blankey. Off to the ER we go...

There is an ER 2 minutes from us and I was the only patient so that cut down the time in half. 3 hours later* I had a urine test, blood work, and an ultrasound (Didn't expect one of those so soon) of my right kidney, pancreas, liver and gall bladder. Doc says there is 1 giant stone in there. When it moves in front of the bile duct, that's when the pain happens. 2 times in 2 thinks 2009 is the year of the removal now. She suggested to have it removed so now I'm hunting for surgeon. A friend from HS (on FB) recommended one that she works with, but he's out of network for BCBS insurance. Anyone else in the Houston area have a general surgeron or laproscopic guy/gal they recommend?

*3 hours Miles slept quiet as a mouse in his car seat, oblivious to what was going on with Mommy.....UNTIL.........the discharge nurse. She comes in all loud and with the loudest voice I have ever heard screams "HOW OLD IS THE LITTLE ONE?" (yes, all caps for emphasis) "6 months. and he's been sleeping the entire time." "OH. THAT'S GREAT THAT HE HAS BEEN ASLEEP LIKE THAT IN HIS CAR......." "WWWAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH" "..........SEAT." Really? 4:15 in the morning and he's awake thanks to that biatch. Oh well, I nursed him when I got home and he went right back down. She had given me a script for Vico.din, but after 5 hours (2 at home, 3 there) the pain was subsiding so I just went right to bed myself.

Slept late on Halloween due to above drama. Made the rounds (more about that crap later) to see the fam and visit Mom's church's fall festival (pics tomorrow - bad Mommy for not downloading them!) of Miles' 1st apple bobbing....or grabbing as it may be. Trick or Treated with his buddy Drew and passed out candy to some neighborhood kiddos...

Here's his first punkin'...

And his first costume....Miles the racecar driver... More pics tomorrow including Maddie the Ballerina!!! :)

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