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Friday, August 28, 2009

Q&A Answers

I didn’t really get too many hits on this Q&A thing. So either everybody out there knows everything about me or you think I’m boring and don’t want to know...

Regardless, here’s the answers to the questions I got…

Stacey Queen asked: how do you guys make your own wine? Where did you learn that?

Dean actually started doing this BK (Before Kim). It’s really quite easy. We buy grape concentrate from a local wine/beer making shop.We also bought our supplies from there as well, like the 6 gallon glass jar, bucket, mixing spoons, siphon…. In the concentrate box comes the juice, any additional ingredients it needs i.e. yeast, etc. and INSTRUCTIONS! You follow the steps accordingly. Usually, but not always, it goes something like this (very layman’s terms here):

  1. Sanitize everything
  2. Pour 6 gallons of water into bucket
  3. Add juice and other ingredients and stir
  4. Add percolator to top of bucket (not really called that, but that’s what I call it) it allows air to escape from the bucket while the yeast is fermenting. It makes a bubble, bubble sound you can hear throughout the house.
  5. Wait X number of days for this phase. Maybe add more stuff
  6. Transfer to 6 gallon glass jar
  7. Put on dark shelf and wait X number of days for it to get ready
  8. Siphon from glass jar into bottles
  9. Cork bottles, heat bottle tops/covers onto bottles and add labels. I order ours here. They are much better quality than we could print at home.
  10. ENJOY!

Martha asked:
What is you and Deano's favorite song?

I think there are a bunch of them. But since he is a musician, he usually only pays attention to the tune itself: notes, tone, rhythmn, beat. I like the words. But we both equally suck at names of artists and songs. “Our” song is Tim McGraw’s Watch the Wind Blow By. It would have been the song we danced to at our wedding had we remembered the damn CD and taken it to Jamaica…DOH

Where did you all get married?
Engaged on top of Pike’s Peak, married on the sunny shores of Montego Bay, Jamaica

What do you like about where ya'll live?

Pearland, Texas. It’s a burb of Houston. Growing like wild fire. Seems like there is a new store opening every week! We are in a new neighborhood with houses still being built. COME ON CUL DE SAC - we have one lot still empty. Lots of great neighbors, kids programs, decent schools. Super close to everything Houston and family...

What would you change?

About myself – my weight
About my husband – not a thing
About my life – wish I would have met Deano sooner so maybe I could squeeze out another baby. :-) Pun INTENDED

nancy asked:.

would you eat human meat? Think of craziest circumstance like you are in a country they grow human meat for consumption, so everyone does it. Would you try a bite?

First of all..EWWWWW. Why would you come up with something like this you weirdo? Just kidding. If it was “grown” for human consumption, that would freak me out. I mean, could you imagine being friends with someone and then later realizing they were “from the farm” and you ate them? NO. That is why I couldn’t be in FFA and raise a pig or chicken or rabbit. They eventually end up on someone’s plate and no thank you I could not have eaten Ally McSqueal (cousin’s pig from FFA) And that only makes it worse when you name it….

coke or pepsi?

Coke. I drank Pepsi growing up at my grandparent’s house. For some reason we only drank Coke with Coke floats, but Pepsi is what we had for soda. BLECH. I can’t stand the taste anymore although it does make me miss Grandpa…

last CD you bought/listened to?

See above answer to Martha’s question about favorite song. IF we bought CD’s who would we buy? We could walk into the store and ask the sales guy, “hey who plays this song – dun, dun, dun, dun-dun-dun, dah, daaah” (Dean) or me, “What song has these words ‘Mom caught me smoking and she says NO WAY’.” YEAH. We listen to Pandora or the radio or the music channels on U-verse. But we have lots of CD’s from yesteryear. His – mainly jazz, mine – mostly stuff too embarrassing to list here…

pizza toppings?

Cheese, pepperoni and extra sauce. Please and thank you.

What shoe would you buy if you could buy ANYTHING?

Does it mean I’m not girly if I am not THAT into shoes? I mean really….in order to answer this question I am going to have to Google something and that means I really don’t want to buy it, just looking for a cute answer…HOWEVER, since Rodeo is coming up and we’ll be at the fairgrounds doing our volunteer duties, it will get me in my cowgirl spirit. And that always makes me long for my days of Ropers and Rocky Mountain jeans. My Ropers left via garage sale many moons ago. But I could really dig me some of these beauties….Perhaps an early birthday present from my love...

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Crafty McCrafter #2

I found this really cute idea on Photogrl's I signed up.

And's your turn!

Here's how it works....The first 5 people to respond to this post will get something made by me, especially for you.

This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:

  1. I make no guarantees that you will like what I make but I hope you will.
  2. What I create will be just for you.
  3. They say I have a year to get it to you. But I promise it will NOT take that long!
  4. You have no clue what it's going to be. It’s a surprise to both of us at this point.

The catch? You must re-post this on your blog and offer the same to the first 5 people who do the same on your blog.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Milk = Milk?

Who da thunk it....I have been having some milk supply issues lately. As in, not enough for Porky Miles. He is taking about 6 oz at a time from the sitter (you know since el boobies don't have a gauge on them, it's hard for me to know). But when I am pumping at work, I'm still only getting 4 oz -that's total - from both. It's been bugging me so I have been drinking like 3 super-mondo-using-the-cup-from-the-hospital 48 oz'ers every day, but still no change really.

Well this morning LaRay said she had a gallon of milk in the fridge that is going to expire this weekend and to help myself if I wanted any. So in addition to 48 oz of water before the 8AM pumping, I had about 8 oz of whole milk. Now, I don't know of the "whole" was the key ingredient or what, but this morning I got 6.25 oz! (And yes, the .25 is noteworthy!) I was so impressed with myself. So imagine my dismay to only get a measly 2.5 at lunch. BOO Is milk the magic to more milk?

Anyone else notice that when you actually DRINK milk, it makes MORE milk? Or was this just a fluke, leftovers from what Miles didn't take at this morning's feeding???

Speaking of Mr. Perfect - here is his 18 week picture! Can you believe he is almost 5 months old?

Another question, anyone else taking Fenugreek for milk production? Have heard stories both ways on this. Also I think I read it takes 6 weeks to take effect, so that won't help my problem, you know...TODAY.

Dean's band started back up yesterday. They practice every Tuesday and host about 2 concerts a semester. It's a community band out of this college. His old college buddy is the band director there and the band is made up of current students, former students, former professionals, current music teachers, and old farts who do it for fun. (Dean that wasn't for you. You are in the "former professional" category....**) Beins' that my Bunco group meets first Tuesday of the month, I have now had to drop out to take care of mah baybee on Tuesdays... Kinda sad...I'll miss those Drunko nights...., I mean Bunco nights. I am still on the sub list though - for that group and 2 others (all in my neighborhood) so hopefully I'll get the call soon so I can see my girls.

This pic cracks me up. #1 - the saying is priceless and #2 - the look on his face makes me think "Whatchoo talkin' bout Willis?" heehee

Well that's all I can think of for now. Working on a couple posts/projects: crafty mccrafty, modeling chocolate, and of course that Q&A...

Here's another pic of Miles in his jumperoo. LOVES that froggie! It totally mesmerizes him. When we face him to another "station," he turns back to this one every time!

**Our dear friend SI, has a "signature" on her gmail account. Past president this, current director of that, etc. It cracks Dean up so he thought he would compose one for his personal email account as well. Looks like his trumps hers big time....check it out. You didn't know I was married to a celebrity, did you? :-P

Bachelor of Music
University of North Texas
*Esteemed Member Of UNT one o'clock band

Past-President Bowling Club
Sam Houston High School

Phi Mu Alpha member

Previous Owner-Dean's Piano Service

ITIL Foundation Certification

Former Trumpet Player for:

Four Tops
Glen Campbel
Jerry Lewis
Carol Channing
Ray Price
Jimmy Dorsey
Jimmy Carter
Ringling Bros
Debbie Reynolds
The O'Jays
Steve Allen
***Two #1 hits on top 10 pop charts;;198
Marty Robbins

Television Appearances
Channel 13 Houston
Noon Show in Oklahoma City
Numerous Commercials TV and Radio



NTSU one o'clock Lab '79 (band nominated for Grammy 4 times)

Las Vegas Appearances:

Imperial Palace

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Topsy Turvy

* I have been a very bad blogger lately. You would think with my new "fancy" iphone that I would be blogging more since I don't necessarily have to have a pc to do it now, huh? Must be pure laziness....or it could be that I am having a fantastic time with my little boo-boo so I don't want to take time away from him to blog! HA!

I can't believe I forgot to tell you some BRU drama from our shopping experience the other day. I had a bag of crap stuff gifts that I needed to exchange for other much larger purchases such as the stroller in above linky. Seems like BRU has taken on EVIL.TARGET's satan return policy. Weird, since I returned a whole boatload of crap stuff gifts after the shower in Februrary and was given store credit for them. According to customer service manager (ooooh) BRU is now working under TRU policies. Funny, I always thought them one in the same anyways? But apparently not, and apparently policy has changed since February. Anyway, I had some duplicate things and other things I didn't need that I merely wanted to get store credit for. Apparently the answer is a big, fat N.O. Not without a receipt or a purhcase on your registry in the past 90 days. WTF? That doesn't even make any sense? So all I need to do is buy something from my registry and then you will take this stuff back? (was thinking this, didn't actually give away my evil plan.) But what? And really I am supposed to get receipts for crap that people gave me 4 months ago that I am just now realizing I won't be needing/using? That is impossible?! Some of the things I don't even remember who gave them to me? UGH. So now I have a bag of crap stuff gifts that will be going to the next baby-mamma-to-be that I know - HI KIM AND/OR STEPH!!! heehee

I mean really, who needs 6 color-changing-temperature-telling-ducks? which is how many I would have if the policy hadn't suddenly "changed." BAH!

And how could I have forgotten to post a pic of my topsy.turvy/whimsical.cake? I signed up to take a whimsical.cake.class with my friend Kim. If you remember, she is the one I took all those Wilton.classes with last year...she has turned it into a business, while I am still doing it for friends, family, and co-workers. ANYWHO...she ended up not getting to go because she is 7 months pregnant and had some bleeding that morning. Doc said to stay home and take it easy. So there I was...the lone person taking this class "for fun." SERIOUSLY! Someone asked the class who was taking it for fun and I was the only one to raise my hand! Everyone else was talking about their customers! EEK - talk about nervous pervous! So here is my 1st topsy.turvy cake. It is supposed to look like its going to fall over....that is the point. However, I am glad I snapped this pic in class, because by the time I was home, my topsy.turvy was....well, topsy.turvy for real. The edge of the bottom tier fell off, thus causing a slight cave in on the next layer and so forth... oh well, it still ate well!

I am now a "professional" cake maker I suppose. I should be, hell that class cost $150! It was totally not what I designed. She had us sketch out what we wanted before starting, even colored with map pencils! The middle layer color was airbrushed on - just so we could play with the air brush machine. Me? NOT.A.FAN. Could be because I sat on the back row and the machine was behind me. 12 people all used different colors so my boogers....yeah, they were rainbow.

Speaking of cakes, I am excited to be hosting a diapers.&.beer shower for my friend Kim next month. I am going to be making a practice cake beforehand. I mean, hosting a shower for a professional baker, the cake has got to be, right? So I plan on making a baby.rump.cake like the linky one. So work peeps - it's coming soon!

Also I have been reading about No.Fail.Sugar.Cookies which is the bomb sugar cookie recipe because the cookies don't shrink or swell so they are actually the shape of the cutter. I also want to use rolled.butter.cream to cover them. It's like fondant, but buttercream and you can cut it out using the same cutter and just glue it to the cookie, then make the accents with royal.icing. A friend from work is having foot surgery this week so I am going to work on making him a cookie bouquet of these as a "Get Well Soon" present....

Miles had his first taste of rice.cereal last night. We added a bit to a bottle of BM. He gobbled it up and had no issues. Thank.the.Lord! This little guy just takes every change we throw at him with a grain of salt. He is SO.PERFECT! Haven't I said that before? :)

Here's a pic of Daddy entertaining him while waiting in the doctor's office last week.

And here's his 17 week pic...18 is on the home... sorry for the crap quality. He was ready for bed time so I had to use the phone to take it since I didn't have time to locate the camera.

And finally....this is Miles helping Mommy with the laundry yesterday!

P.S. I am planning on finally answering that Q&A post this week - PROMISE!

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

My son

My son, who sleeps through anything!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

4 month checkup

Good news at the pediatrician's office yesterday...

Height: 25" - 50%
Weight: 14 lbs 8.5 oz - 50%
Head: 16.5 "

He received 2 vaccinations and an oral medicine for Rotavirus. Doc said he is growing well, has a big strong neck, and is very impressed with his sleeping through the night! (Insert BRAGGING here)

Again the shots made him a little whiny and sleepy. This is Miles and we were barely 2 blocks from the office...

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Thursday, August 13, 2009


My friend (un)complicate me, via another friend Calliope, posted a Q&A post on her blog. This is a great way to get to know me (if you care to) and if you don't, then it's just some random stuff about me that will surely blow your mind... HA

I can't post questions/answers that I asked (un)complicate me, as I was rude and didn't participate...only stole her idea! Ask anything you want....almost...cuz DH gets an email of this bloggy's posts - yes, he is too lazy to go the URL and/or read it in his reader - THAT I SET UP for him. (Hi Deano)

So there's the not-much-thought-put-into-it-post-of-the-day. But there will be much thought into the answers of all your wonderful questions!!!!!

But hey! At least I leave with Lots of Love from Miles!

Week 16

I kept meaning to put this on him when we went to watch Daddy play, but forgot....I am sure he will have outgrown it by the time the college community band picks back up during fall semester. Oh well - it is still super cutie!

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


  • Today seems like a bullet kind of day...

  • Lots of stuff happening in the Land O' Miles. This weekend we upgraded to Size 2 diapers! His little booty is getting too big for the 1's. At last weigh in (rough estimate on the bathroom scale) was 15 lbs. He is wearing some 6-9 month clothes already. Slow down little man!

  • And since we needed diapers in abundance, what better excuse than to visit Ye Olde BRU?! Not to mention I had a 15% off coupon for strollers and we need to get a new one for when Miles grows out of the car seat since we only have a Snap N Go stroller frame. (Note to self to take pic in new stroller since we already took the initial walk in it yesterday - DOH!) We went with the Graco.MetroLite. It is super light, folds easy, has parent cupholders, kid tray, large shade, and the seat reclines to 3 positions. NOTE it's the 1st baby gear item we have that is actually boy color - not yellow or green - YAY!

  • Miles is a rootin' and a scootin' these days. He's not crawling yet, but he is moving all over the place - like an upside down turtle - he "swims" and rocks on his belly. We put him under his play gym on Saturday - I went to go change clothes - and when I got back I asked Dean why he turned him around - his head was under the mirror/kickpad that plays music and his feet were under the toys hanging down. He was like, "Uh, I didn't!" He did a total 180 just by pushing with his feet and arms!

  • So since he's been moving so much, at night he's been face planted into the bumper, usually in the corner. This kind of concerns me, but kind of not. The bumper is not shoved down by the mattress, so it has room underneath it for air flow. Also, I have read that if your child is moving around that much that they will be able to move if their airway is blocked. Healthy bodies will wake themselves up if there is a lack of oxygen. And remember he LOVES to sleep on his face -like flat on his face. But there is still that whole suffoctation thing in the back of my mind....SO...I took out the bumper Sunday night.

  • Monday morning I go up for his morning feeding and what do I find (Dang I need to take a pic of this too!) but 2 chubby baby thighs sticking out the crib! One was almost up to his hip and the other was half way through, kicking on the diaper stacker that's on the crib! UGH - now all I can envision is itty bitty dislocated shoulders and broken legs! Luckily he was just as happy as could be lying there kicking his feet around. But LORD it made me nervous so today I have been researching breathable.bumpers and what other bumper lovin' moms think.

  • I was all set to buy a breathable.bumper from wally world on the way home, but have now decided to not spend that money and instead use my ultra cutie bumper from the bedding set in a new, make Mommy feel better, not have to spend more money, kind of way. I am going to weave it in and out of the slats (like breathable.bumpers). This will prevent fat thighs and chubby arms from poking out - or under - and also secure it better than just the ties on the top and bottom of the cushion so it doesn't fall on his widdle head. Now if he learns how to untie knots, then I'm in trouble, but until then...

  • On a totally un-Milesy related note....I finally got that hair do I talked about the other day. I got it chopped and colored - to cover up the badly exposed roots from the outgrown highlights. Here's a pic from when the lady straightened it - why do they always want to straighten my hair? I'm like what.evah. It's going to take you 30 more minutes to do that, but whatever floats your boat miss.

    And I couldn't leave you without a picture of what makes me smile everyday....

    Isn't it funny that the gas key hole on the wall looks like his earring? HEEHEE

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jumperoo to College...

Smiley Miley had a good day yesterday. He played well with his friend Avery, however they were playing so much that he didn't get a good morning nap! When Daddy picked him up around 1:00, he slept until 4:30! That little girl tuckered him out!

When I got home yesterday, Daddy put together Miles' new jumperoo. It has so many fun things to do on it, and we don't even have batteries in it yet. I can't wait to see his face when things make sounds! He may still be a little small for it yet, as his feetsies barely reach and his head is about level with most of the toys, instead of above it. He was fascinated by the mirror!

Who doesn't want to nibble on these baby thighs? Full of ooey, gooey goodness I tell ya!

Something else exciting happened yesterday.... Miles has joined the financial world! He now has a 529 college fund (Mommy is custodian) and a UTMA (Uniform Transfers to Minors Act) account. This account Miles is the owner (with Daddy as custodian) - under his own social and everything! Both accounts we can contribute to as regularly as we like. We opted to deposit $50 to each every month, but can increase or add other moneies as we desire. Our hopes are to tell our families that going forward, instead of presents for Mom and Dad, give money to the Miles College Fund! Also future birthday or Christmas money will go to these accounts as well.

The 529 is totally tax free if used for college. Taxed HEAVILY if withdrawn and not used for college. We did find out that if Miles opts not to go to college, we can change the beneficiary to whoever (me, Grammy, Aunt M) and apply to college for them. The UTMA account is more like a savings account, but invested in funds. He can use this money for whatever and becomes the primary owner at age 18. Investor guy said most people let their kids use it for other expenses while in college - books, food, etc. - while others buy cars with it.

I am so glad we have this worked out now and not scrambling to get money together for college when he's in high school.

**Is it bad that I want to create a PayPal button and put in on the blog for donations to these accounts? :0)

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mobile blogging

Just checking out mobile blogging.

This is Drew, the evacuee baby!

iPhone Awesomeness & Truck Suckiness

I can't believe I haven't blogged about my new super-duper-awesome-better-than-chocolate & wine-iphone! I have had it for a couple weeks now and LUUUUV it! Dean and I have been on seperate cell providers ever since we have been together. We finally used our pea brains and decided it would be cheaper to get on ATT on a family plan, share minutes, and talk to each other for free! And what better to do so with, than with an iphone. Holy moly this thing rocks!

I would always make fun of iphone owners calling them fancy phones and why do you need a fancy phone and its just a phone and such. But DUDE you don't need any other gadget other than this. It has a phone (duh), texting, calendar, contacts (like with addresses and such), and LOADS of applications you can get from the Like crazy things I am obsessed with like: mahjong, grocery lists, ebay, craigslist, woot, wine journal, weather, waterslide, tip calculator...the list goes on, and on, and on!

Oh and I forgot the coupon app! Seriously - it uses GPS to get your location, then finds all the coupons for stores near you. You pull up the coupon on the phone and it says "Show to cashier." They supposedly can scan the UPC FROM.THE.PHONE! WHAT! Could this be any greener? No paper coupons? Super duper awesomeness! I tried it last week at Michael's. The scanner wouldn't read it, but she keyed in the number from the phone - what's up 50% off of my new fondant letter cutter outers -seen in action here.

**Updated to add: Coupon app is called mobiQpons!***

Miles is having a playdate with our neighbor Avery today. The sitter needed the day off so Avery's Grandma has offered to keep Miles today - just for a few hours. Daddy will get him after lunch. I hope he has fun! She likes to give him stuff like bottles and blankets. Such the helper!

Actually the sitter being off couldn't have been on a better day. Our Trailblazer decided on Sunday to only blow air out of the a/c vents on our FEET. Really...when you get into a 125 degree vehicle and its 100 degrees outside, your FEET are the last body part you need cooled off immediately! It did this about a month or so ago, but the next day was working again. This time, not so much. By the time I got home from the vanpool lot and getting Miles on Monday, I was drenched! But damn my feet were freezing! Dean dropped it off yesterday at the dealership and they shuttled him home. (Rental car not available unless they keep it for more than 2 days - UGH) Not sure if you remember or not, but our other vehicle....not so suited for baby nor for mom, dad plus baby. It's a 350Z - that's a 2 seater car, no back seat.

About a month or so ago, we had an air bag switch installed (apparently only vehicles made after 2005 (Zoe is '04) have the auto switch to turn it on or off based on body weight). Its the same switch and company used by police departments. They have to turn the passenger air bags off to prevent them from deploying and busting up all their computer equipment in the seat. I digress....we had it installed for times such as these - emergencies only. So the dealership shuttled him home and he picked up Miles in the Z. I was WAY nervous, but thankfully she lives in our neighborhood so there were no major roads involved.

So thankfully the sitter is off today so we don't have to put him in it again -he just got walked across the street. The truck was supposed to be ready this afternoon. But Dean just got an email from his old work phone (Voice over IP) with a message from the dealership that the truck is ready.....left at 4:55 PM YESTERDAY. UGH - we could have avoided that whole scenario! How annoying. We left them current numbers so I guess they just didn't look at the paperwork and only looked up the account in the computer to come up with a number he hasn't used in 2 years! Also thankfully the part to be replaced was covered by our warranty so we only had a $100 deductible! SWEET!

Now it's time for some internet opinions, but first some background.....

  • The Z is paid off.
  • The Z only has 2 seats.
  • The Z is not really baby friendly - only for emergencies.
  • I ride a vanpool to work so only drive to a parking lot 1 mile from home.
  • Dean drops off Miles in the truck, then drops the truck off in the vanpool lot and takes the Z home.
  • I drive truck to pick Miles up (I pass sitter's house on way home).

Other than the car switcheroo Dean plays every day, there are really no negatives to the current situation....besides during the rare occasion that the truck is in the shop and/or unavailable - like if Daddy takes it to pull the boat.

  • Do you think we need to buy a 3rd vehicle?
  • Or would you trade in the Z - EVEN.THOUGH.IT'S.PAID.FOR.AND.MOMMY.HEARTS.HER- and get another baby friendly-mobile?

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Missing Miles Gives Mom a Headache

So the moo-cow birthday cake was a hit! It is the cutest cake I have made so far, and definitely the funnest! I got inspriation from several cakes on cakecentral. Everyone loved it and thought I should do it full time. HA! (The sign reads: Cowabunga! It's your birthday!)

I ran out of powdered sugar doing the moo-cow-cake, so the one today was just a "regular" cake - cinnamon sugar-pecan pudding cake. It's served cold with whipped cream. We're having it shortly so I'll let you know how it tastes. If its good, I'll give you the recipe! (**Updated: Birthday guy left work early! We will have it tomorrow instead**)

On the way to Grammy's house, I started getting a massive headache. Probably because my brain was on overdrive thinking of everything that could go wrong while we were away. Yes, only a phone call away, but still....Needless to say, on our "date" night all we did was dinner. By the end all I wanted to do was put my head on the table! We went home, I pumped, and fell asleep on the couch. What a great date I was!

Anyway, Mr. Miles was missing mommy too because he did not sleep well at all for Grammy and Grampy! He is sleeping through the night - 7 or 8 - hours with us, but he only went down for like 1.5 hour chunks, then they rocked him, then 1.5 hours later doing it again. Finally gave him more milk around 3AM and he slept til 7. I think he just knew they wanted to hang out with him so he wanted to play more. Mom said he wasn't even fussy when he was doing all that waking up - just talking and grabbing his feet and sticking his legs in the air!

We have donated some of our baby toys to Grammy's house - some we have 2 of. I had thought he was still too short for the jumper, but Grampy's been itching to try it out so they put him in it and he had a good ol' time. Said if he stretched his toes enough he could reach the floor to bounce! My little boy is growing up TOO fast!

Bouncing Baby Boy!

I finally added new weekly pics over there -------------------------------------->

Week 14 - with new circus monkey!

Week 15

Did I mention everything is going into his mouth?

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