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Monday, August 11, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday...

So the stuff from Friday cleared up by it looks like it could have actually been implantation bleeding!!! I was so relieved to see it go away! Only 2 more days to go. I can't believe I made it through the weekend without POAS! I am so proud of me!

We bottled the wine on Saturday. Now I have to come up with a cutie name and label for it. The grapes that we bought came with labels to use, but they are super gay - it only has the type of wine written on them - Cabernet-Malbec-Carmenere - but the picture? It's a friggin' armadillo. COME ON! I realize we live in Texas, but REALLY? Could there be an uglier animal? I also added more corks to the wine room ceiling....have I told you that is the most recent wine cork project? I have made everything possible with them already, so now they are going on the ceiling of the wine room. I will post pics of that soon. Oh - and hot glue from the gun = nasty blister on my finger!

Yesterday we took the boat out to Lake.Houston with some friends. It was their baby's first time on a boat and in a lake. She just turned 1 last month. She had a really good time and so did we.

I rode the vanpool to work today, but had to call D to come bring my medicine to me before we left. I have done so good this round with not missing or forgetting to take any of it. And I'm surprised because it seems like I am taking so much right now all day long:

AM: prog.esterone, estra.diol, met.formin, vitamin
noon: estra.diol, met
PM: prog.esterone, estra.diol, met.formin

Grateful for:

  • 2 more days to test!
  • that we made it to the test this time!
  • that we'll make it beyond the test!

9 nice things to say...:

nikki said...

Hoping it was implantation bleeding!!! Keeping my fingers crossed. 2 days! 2 days!!!!

s.e. said...

I love your gratitudes today! The test will be soon but I know it still feels so far away. Thinking of you...

Martha said...

Great news that the spotting stopped. Thanks for the update and can't wait to see how your wine and cork ceiling turn out, but really, really am excited for Wednesday and your nice high Positive Beta HCG. I'm proud of you for not POAS, I was ready to do it for you, just kidding.

Beautiful Mess said...

*new to your blog*. I read your post about your bleeding and my heart when out to you when you were talking about the bleeding and the crying. How scary, but what a relief to find out it may be implantation bleeding! I'm sending you lots and lots of good juju! Have a great day and take care.

Tricia said...

Ohhh You made your own wine!!!! That is awesome.

I am so crossing my fingers that it was implantation bleeding. Please, please!!!!!!!!

On My Mind 24/7 said...

So glad the spotting stopped! Hooray! I can hardly wait till you find out!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you the best of luck. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

Christina said...

Hoping to read great news tomorrow. Hang in there. You are doing great!!!!!

s.e. said...

Still waiting anxiously with you. How I wish we will all be celebrating tomorrow!

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