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Friday, August 29, 2008


So today I am 6 weeks and 2 days. I still can't even believe it. Other than the sore b00bies and taking medicine 3 times a day, I really can't tell a difference between now and 6 weeks ago.

Oh except for 1 thing...I am not having morning sickness per se, but I am having this weird aversion to scraping food off of plates after dinner? In our house, the rule is typically if you cook, then the other one does the dishes. Dean has cooked dinner several nights this week, but every time I go to scrape the food off into the disposal, I start dry heaving like I'm gonna puke! I don't know if its me subconsciously thinking that the food going in a down forward motion is "like" me puking or what. But I can NOT do it. So now Dean has to cook and scrape - just so I can do the dishes!

We're going to Dean's 35th high school reunion on 9/13. Unfortunately, I won't be showing hardly at all in order to show off to his old friends and ex-wife that his young, hot wife is having a baby! I totally forgot that he and the ex were high school sweethearts and they graduated the same year. Maybe she'll come, maybe she won't. We ran into her and her new husband (Dean's ex-friend and also a musician) at a bar a few months ago. We were there to see his old (I mean like in his 80's) high school band director play in a jazz band there. They walked in, sat down, glanced around the room to see who was there (the musicians in the area all know each other) and the minute they laid eyes on us - SWOOOSH out the door. We still have no idea why. But someone we were there with got up and ran after them. They were so quick in leaving, that they were already out of the parking lot by the time he got out there. Weird. Anyway, I could go without any drama at a reunion , especially where everyone is over 50! Not to mention the stress on the little peanut!

4 nice things to say...:

BrandiH2007 said...

You know I have to say thinking about scraping the food is turning my stomack. But my stomach seems to turn after I eat anyway most the time.

Martha said...

I hope you have fun at the Reunion. Looking Hot and Rocking It (Which you totally do) is the best "Up Yours" to the Insecure Ex Wife for sure. Good luck with your tummy too.

nikki said...

14 weeks and I still dry heave over everything. I really want it to end soon!

Yay for 6 weeks!!!

vamplita said...

Glad to hear Peanut's faring well. Is it wrong of me to be glad that Gustav's not really in our neighborhood??

Sure hope your place in Livingston makes it through without much damage, and I'm also keeping my fingers crossed that my parents in Lufkin escape damage.

Take care and Happy Labor Day - the kind of labor day that doesn't involve delivering babies, thankyouverymuch!


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