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Friday, August 8, 2008

4 more days...

4 more days in the dreaded 2WW. I have been doing good staying occupied with my cake class, housework, and real work. But today is my Friday off....and also the 2nd day of taking Pro.metrium. I met some girlfriends for dinner and gossip catch up time last night and didn't get home until after 9. So I couldn't take my first pill until then. I took the 2nd this morning after breakfast. After watching DVR of Young & the Restless from yesterday, I watched today's episode also. Then gave Maddie girl a bath and dried her. All keeping myself away from the you-know-what's under the bathroom sink. I then decided (at 12:30) to finally take a shower, but had to potty first. Oh and to my surprise....what did I find but (TMI) brown discharge with a little bit of red mixed in.

Enter crying breakdown on the toilet complete with shorts around the ankles. I had already started the shower to get the water hot, so I went crying into the shower and finished up as quickly as I could. I got dressed still doing it, and sat in the rocking chair in the bedroom dressed, with a towel on my head, sobbing into a pillow. A friend had stopped by to drop off something for Dean so I couldn't go out there. He finally left and Dean came in....he was freaked and didn't know what was wrong with me. I finally got it out and he said to call Dr. H. When he called, we got the "after hours message." Yes, they close at 1:30 on Fridays and it was only 1:26. Technically I know they don't, but they don't answer the phones anymore and let it roll to the answering service. The options you have to press to get through to the operator to get them to page the doc ask if this is an emergency or you are in labor...really I could do without that statement right now. So he tells her that I'm bleeding and we need to know what to do/what's going on. Her final she pregnant? O.M.G. His reply...maybe, we're not sure.

Doc called back and this time he made me talk to him. I told him what happened and what it looked like and he said that I ovulated so there is no way it could be my cycle starting and to continue the Pro.metrium until the pg test next week and to call him if the bleeding got any worse. So I was finally able to breathe a little bit easier. My eyeballs are still killing me, but at least I have dried my hair and look a little presentable.

We have decided to go on a date tonight to keep our minds off things. Thinking of a fancy restaurant in Gal.veston where we even have to dress up. I am looking forward to it.

Also looking forward to bottling our homemade wine tomorrow. If you recall we shelved it back in February so its been fermenting since then. I am so excited to try it, even if it is only a little swallow. I did, however, find some non-alcoholic wine at HEB last week. I haven't tried it yet, but I miss the taste so much. My friend S last night said, "NA wine? what the hell is the point?" I laughed. At least I get the essence of the grapes anyway...

And since I am feeling sad and haven't done it in a while....

Grateful for:

  • My very supportive husband who has the right words to say even though he doesn't think he does.
  • My Maddie girl puppy dog who can console me without words.
  • My family who has called to check on me every day since the IUI.

4 nice things to say...:

On My Mind 24/7 said...

I'm so sorry you saw some spotting already. Hang in there and be strong, a few more days and you'll know! Have a great dinner and dry up those tears! Hugs!

s.e. said...

If I have learned anything is this process, it is to wait until you have answers to fully stress, assume or plan ahead. I am hoping this will be one of the last times you must cry over this and your fears will be calmed soon. Keep up updated!

Beautiful Mess said...

*new to your blog* Enjoy your dinner. It'll be a nice time with just you two, I'm sure. Good luck with everything! Sending you lots and lots of good juju!

Martha said...

I am keeping my fingers, eyes, legs, and any other body parts I can manage to cross that this is implantation spotting. Kimbosue, I am so, so hoping for a BFP with a happy, healthy babe for you and Dean. Hanging in there with you, (((HUGS)))

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