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Thursday, April 9, 2009

38 Week Appt

Back from the 38 week appointment. Dr. S was working the hospital today so we didn't really have an appointment time. I called in around 8:30 to find out when would be a good time to come in and Dr. S would just walk over from the hospital. She said 9:30 would be good. EEK - I hadn't even showered yet! So a quick shower and off we went.

The nurse paged Dr. S that we were there and to come on over. In the meantime, did her usual.

Weight: -1 lb
BP: 120/80
Baby HB: 144

Then Dr. S called saying she had 2 patients she needed to deal with and couldn't make it over right now. She didn't say if these patients were in labor or what so we had no clue how long it would be before she came back. I really wasn't up for waiting there all day long...and Dean had meetings to get to. So the nurse suggested we grab breakfast in the deli downstairs while we wait. I had 1 bite of a breakfast taco, Dean had 3 bites of an egg sandwich when we got the call to come back.

Belly: 39 cm
Cervix: very soft
Dilation: 2 cm

She said the baby could come at any time now and "see you next week unless you have a baby before then." Oh - during the exam when she was checking the cervix she pushed extra hard and then said "want to stir things up a bit?" HUH? Like if she poked him in the head he would come sooner? UH NO was my answer. I'm not QUITE ready yet. The more baking time Peanut gets, the better I will feel.

WHOOP! (SI and MN - these are 2 less cm that I have to be drugged in the hospital to get, so even though you say, "That's all? Don't you have to go to 10?" This is quite a lot!!!) There are lots of women who don't dilate at all before being admitted in the hospital. And just for you's a pic of 2 cm dilated!! :0)

So HA! Look at me - I'm ahead of the class!

On another note, our financial dude is coming over today. Dean and I both have some money lingering in our TRS accounts (Teacher Retirement Savings) from when we used to work for the state - me for a school district and him for a college (as a janitor when he was IN college - HA!). We are trying to get that moved into our other 401K's or Roths or whatever. We are also going to talk to him about setting up a college fund for Peanut.

Other than that, I need to make my easter basket handle - for the easter basket cake - for Sunday today so it will have time to harden. I already made a little bunny and some flowers. Pics will be posted when the final product is ready!

Hope you all have a great day!

3 nice things to say...:

Beautiful Mess said...

2 CM is GOOOD! My OB "moved things along" when I was preggo with nae and dear God in heaven did it hurt! I suggest you say "no thanks, I'm good" It hurt at the time, it didn't continue to hurt or anything. Plus, I'm a HUGE baby. I don't like pain. Have a wonderful day. Can't wait to see pics of the Easter cake!

LaRay said...

Woo Hoo! That means you can get that epidural the minute you walk in the hospital!!

Martha said...

How exciting! I am so glad all is well with you and Peanut!!

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