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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Friendship Award & BH!

The always sweet Martha has given me another award! The Friends Award is self explanatory and the rule is to pay it forward to 8 bloggy friends!

So please consider yourselves my dear bloggy friends. I treasure what each of you has to say and it warms my heart to know you are out there thinking of me! So here you are in no particular order....

Beautiful Mess
On My Mind 24/7

Also, on the baby front....I think I am finally having some Braxton Hicks contractions. I had thought that it was just Peanut pushing up and out on my belly, but I looked at What to Expect again this morning, as well as a couple of websites, and I think they are BH! So that is kind of exciting I think - one more step, right?

On another note, I started feeling a sore throat coming on last night after dinner. I gargled some salt water, but all throughout the night, I could barely swallow! My throat feels like my tonsils are swollen or something. Dean looked with a flashlight and said they don't look red nor have white patches on them...UGH - I called the doctor and she said I could take Tyle.nol cold-n-sinus and gargle salt water. I have been gargling today and drinking lots of fluids, so we'll see how we fair tonight. If this doesn't get it, I will pick up some cold medicine tomorrow. I definitely don't want to be icky-sicky when Peanut arrives!

4 nice things to say...:

Martha said...

Thank you for playing along! Great list of nominees!!
Braxton Hicks, cool.

Delenn said...

Oh thanks for the nod!

Yeah, I always seemed to get a cold just about the time to give birth...I hope it goes away fast!

Soon! Soon! Looking forward to meeting Peanut!

BrandiH2007 said...

Thank you so much Kimbo! I can't believe you are already 39 weeks!!! Thos are Definitely BH that you are having. I've been having then for quite some time now and that's exactly how I started out explaining them.

You know I heard getting flu like symptoms could be a sign of impending labor too! Hope your little monkey is here soon!

Anonymous said...

Steph says.....Maybe it is just allergies. Lots of crap in the air in P-land these days. Hope you feel better.

Don't forget, it is time for that 39 week picture Miss! Better yet, is taking a daily picture asking too much?

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