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Monday, April 27, 2009

Miles Updates

2 Posts in less than 30 minutes...with a baby no less. But he is taking a nap and I am using my shower time to catch you guys up on Baby Miles Land!

  • Colo.strum was not enough for our little man. Over 2 days, we ended up giving him 3 of those 2 oz. bottles of formula the nursery gives you. He was hungry, hungry! I felt bad that I didn't have enough to feed the little booger, but it was just because Mom's milk hadn't come in yet.

  • Speaking of milk, it did finally come in Tuesday afternoon. Boy was Miles happy about that! I didn't even realize it was in (I don't get that let-down, tingly feeling I read about in 100 books) so imagine my surprise when he finally pulled off the booby and he had milk all over his face! He has been munching ever since! And btw, Mom LOVES Lano.lin!! He was getting a bad latch on righty because it is significantly larger than lefty so I think it was hard for him to get his mouth situated right. I finally corrected that problem, but by that time righty was TORE UP. Lano.lin to the rescue. That stuff is awesome!

  • When Miles was 5 days old - he rolled from his back to his tummy! While on his tummy, he pushed up and held his head up! Then proceeded to roll BACK onto his back! ON DAY 5!!! Can you believe it? I think we have ourselves a little overachiever! He has been holding his head up every time we put him on his tummy too!

  • Miles' billirubin level was 8.5 at the hospital. While this isn't high or even in the low risk category, it is at the high end of the normal range. (shouldn't this still be considered normal then?? whatever) so we had to visit the pediatrician on Wednesday. When Dr. W saw his results and checked him out he couldn't figure out why we needed to come in. Miles didn't have jaundice on his skin, just a little in the whites of his eyes. But Dr. W said that when babies are jaundiced, the jaundice starts at their eyes, works its way down the body, and ends in the eyes again. Since the level was so low and it was just in his eyes, he said this meant he was on the tail end of it - so no worries. Everything else checked out just perfect - like my son!! ;0) I also got congested a few days before going to the hospital. It has not gone away yet and I asked Dr. W what I could do about it that wouldn't affect Miles, and he said "suck it up" (Seriously - he did!) because any kind of decongestant would help dry me up, but it would also dry up the milk supply. Miles would not like Mommy if that happened. Anyone know of a baby friendly, milk friendly solution to congestion - bring it on!

  • We had our first mini outing on Friday. We needed to pick up the prize for the baby guessing game (see below - Steph C if you are reading and want to be surprised, don't look at the last pic!) and Mommy needed some nursing bras. I had a couple of nursing tank tops, but those puppies weren't cutting it. The weight was a little much for that flimsy material!!! We went to Barnes.n.Noble and Mother.hood.

  • Baby Miles' umbilical cord fell off Saturday night during a Daddy Diapee change. I was glad to see it go because it got in the way of the diaper, but I am also sad. That was the last piece tying Miles to Mom. :0( I still have it, though I'm not sure what to do with it. Our neighbors came over last night and she is Hispanic. She kept her kids' cords. That's kind of creepy because its basically dead tissue from inside her body, right? Her mom told her to bury it. Apparently that's a Mexican tradition? Kind of like planting a tree when a baby is born, but instead you plant the cord??? WEIRD. What did you guys do with yours?
  • Miles and Maddie are becoming fast friends. She is also quite the Mommy Doggy to him. Plus the paw print onesie is perfect!!

    Look Ma! No more cord!
    And here's the prize for the baby guessing game. A CD by his namesake. And what a perfect album Daddy had picked (before we got to the store) Miles Smiles!!

    And before you ask....had Peanut been a girl the name would have been Marley Ladine. Marley because we liked it (before the movie was released ;0) ) and Ladine was Dean's mom's middle name. The prize for that would have been the Marley & Me movie...

    7 nice things to say...:

    Beautiful Mess said...

    Congrats to the winner. Miles is just so precious! Maddie is a great Mommy Doggie. They are going to be the best of friends!

    Martha said...

    We didn't keep the cord, I know some folks bury it. Miles is such a great name and love the prize for the guessing game.
    Your son is Super Man, holy cow, I can't believe how strong he is!!
    Yeah for your milk supply coming in!

    Mel said...

    Aww, congratulations! HE is so beautiful. I bet you are just loving every minute of him. I did NOT keep the cord, it was so gross to me, but I know some people are sentimental about it. A lot of people keep the PLACENTA and freeze or bury it. Now THAT is super disgusting!
    I didn't get the "let-down" reflex until 3 or 4 weeks, btw. I thought I was just missing it or something, but it got stronger at about a month and honestly continued to get stronger until recently. IT is SO weird, too! It will happen at the most bizarre times on it's own.
    Sounds like little man is doing great, you should be so proud indeed.

    On My Mind 24/7 said...

    Wow-holding his head up already? That's awesome! Maddy is going to be a great big sis for Miles! Wait till he starts grabbing her fur! It sounds like you are getting the hang of breatfeeding. Maybe you can help me out in a few weeks! I can't get over how adorable Miles is! And a cute belly button too!

    nikki said...

    Oh my gosh is he a stinking cutie! Congrats!

    Anonymous said...

    Look what happens when I miss a week? You have a baby!!!!!! Congrats to you...Miles is beautiful!!!! Rest as much as you can and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

    TxGambit said...

    He is so cute. Big Congrats!

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