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Friday, June 20, 2008

Much Ado About Nothing

No common theme for today's post. Just a bunch of "thought bubbles" (I read that on someone's blog somewhere...) today.

  • Since coming back from our vacation, I realized that there are still a lot of places I want to see and do. My Bucket List has several things listed such as Vegas, Hatch Chile Festival, Rome, Niagara Falls, The Outback, New York. Alaska was way super fun and I am glad I can cross it off my "list."
  • Dean and I saw Sex and the City on Monday since ALL of my girlfriends saw it on opening day - the day before we were leaving - so I couldn't go since I pack last minute... :-( But we both (yes, the husband LOVES S&C) loved the movie! It made me want to the show to come back so bad. But (not to spoil it for anyone that hasn't seen it), I think it still left room for a sequel or 3... I love the show and all the girls. I was trying to decide which one most reflects who I am, but I thought it was a combination of all of them and then I found this S&C Survey, and apparently I am Carrie! (definitely without the fashion sense though. I CANNOT stand some of the "trends" and CANNOT force myself to buy things just because they are "in.") Hopefully my husband or my friends (hint, hint) buy me the DVD set for my birthday or Christmas!!!

  • TMI Warning - Met.formin is still giving me the shits. I am almost done with Week 2 where I am taking 2 a day. I'm not sure if its supposed to be 1 twice a day or just 2 at a time, but I've been taking them 2 at a time before bed, hoping any bouts that hit me, will be while I am in the comfort of my own potty. Nothing worse than having explosive you-know-what at work, a restaurant, or a friend's house!! I have a follow up with Dr. H (man, seems like I haven't spoken his name in forever!) on July 3rd. Probably just for b/w to see where I stand after the Met.
  • A good friend of mine had lap-band surgery on Wednesday so I am spending the night with her tonight to do my responsible Nurse Nighting.ale duties. Chick Flix and Chicken Broth! MMM, MMM, GOOD!
  • Pregnant people are REALLY getting under my skin these days. Whenever I see one, I just want to poke them in the belly (No harm to the baby-to-be, of course) but still. GGRRR!! Last week L and I had lunch (she being the one with no ovaries, only a uterus) and let me tell you - we were critiquing every pg lady we saw. "Oooh how old do you think she is? Is she still in high school? I don't see a ring. She's older, wonder if she did IVF" etc, etc, etc. THEN on the way to work this morning I hear something about a "Pregnancy Pact." 17 girls KIDS in Massachusetts made a pact to all get pregnant. WTF? Most of them are under the age of 16 for God's sake. What are they thinking and how in the WORLD is this fair to me??? And a lady at work is back from having twins and another is CURRENTLY pg with twins. Another lady I know has an almost 1 year old and is "planning" her "next one." UUUUGGGGHHHH!!!

Enough ranting for one day, geez I am a whiner. Anyways, no other plans for the weekend. Hopefully if the weather stays nice, we're going to take the boat out to the river one day. Give me some sunshine!

Grateful for:

  • TGIF - FINALLY! The 1st 5 day work week in about 5 weeks!!
  • Girl time tonight
  • Yummy peanut butter-banana shakes I've husband has made for me for breakfast all week!
  • We joined a new gym in our neighborhood that is supposed to open in the beginning of July! Keep me motivated to look semi-decent in a bathing suit the rest of the summer...

7 nice things to say...:

Martha said...

"Thought bubbles", how cute! I know all the places on your Bucket list except the Hatch Chile Festival? Please tell me more! Hope the side effects of your Met.form1n subside soon (can you call the MD office to check dosing schedule?) and best of luck at your next appt. You're so nice to look after your friend post op, hope she feels better soon. You couldn't be whining on your worst day. We live in a baby obsessed world and it's totally understandable. Hope you have a good weekend and get to go boating.

Kymberli said...

Ever SATC quiz I've taken says I'm Charlotte, and that's who my mom and sisters say I'm most like. The funny thing is that I tend to feel that I'm more like Miranda and I wish I could be a lot more like Carrie.

Met is the worst. I absolutely hate the stuff.

nancy said...

I got you added (finally) to my google reader. And you said you stalked me for a bit and funny how I come here and I've totally read you too! We are both braces bunchers too, I hope you got my card :)

I'm sorry you feel like poking the bellies of the preggo folk. If you see me, you can poke me with all the anger you want, I won't only not mind, I will understand. Oh, and you can trip my kids too and make them cry. Would that help? (~wink~). Oh - and I'm not wearing my wedding ring because i'm all swollen, so don't go thinking that!

Just as long as when it comes for you to have the belly, you'll let some other IFer vent by poking you. Deal?

I was looking at your history and we both started TTC the same month/year. I was just a little ahead of you in the treatments because of the problems I encountered early. I probably would have waited the year if I didn't end up getting huge painful cysts on my 3rd cycle. I guess I started with RE on my 6th cycle due to the cysts (and my age - i'm 35) but I don't know if I'd of gone over due to my age only. I ended up with 3 uterine surgeries, 1 medicated cycle, 3 IUIs, 1 mock IUI (all the meds/trigger/montitoring, just no insemination), 1 IVF and 1 FET, only succeeding on the last one.

My "diagnosis" was LUF syndrome (my body grows follicles, but doesn't like to let them go) and that was fixed by the HCG trigger each time. But I honestly think that was really due to my extreme ibuprophen use (I have a back injury) which has been linked to LUF. But I dealt with IF back in Jan 02- Aug 03, and that was "unexplained". Due to everything we've seen in my IVF/FET, I really think I've simply always had a thin lining issue. So in reading your blog, I see you are taking Met and you have low response w/ growing follicles. The Met is for PCOS I'm assuming, so is the low response of follicles due to that? Or do you have high FSH? ON your 1st IUI, progesterone showed no ovulation, was it a monitored cycle? I don't see why they'd see no ovulation based on a prog test if they were watching your follicles grow and would have seen ovulation during insemination.

Sorry for the super long comment, but I wanted to get to know you and for me to ask you all those questions, I thought I'd let you know ME a little bit too.

I hope the met starts chilling in your system. Sounds like it's pretty rough!

nikki said...

Hey, I'm eating peanut butter and banana toast right now!

s.e. said...

You are much kinder than me. I do want to at least hurt the mommies. I won't but I want to.

I have to finally ask...where did you find Martha? She always has such wise motherly advice.

vamplita said...

I take Met too, and I was told to first take 1 Met tab with dinner for a couple of weeks. Then, I was to take 1 at dinner, and 1 at lunch for another couple of weeks. After that, I was to increase my dinner dose to two tabs for yet another couple of weeks. Lastly, I was told to increase my lunch dosage to two. So now, I take 2000 mg of this stuff a day, or at least I'm supposed to...PCOS-addled, forgetful brain and all.

I will say that I do much better on my Met when I take it with food, take it with food, take it with food! Did I mention to take it with food?? :)

I swear, if this stuff didn't work to a certain degree, I sincerely doubt that I would take it. But, it's helped regulate my cycles better than anything else has so far. Or at least it had, before I gotallcrazy and gotpregnantandmiscarried.

KimboSue said...

To reply to s.e....I didn't find Martha, she just found me! And please go read her - - she just started blogging last week! She is so very nice (I hope she reads this) and always has thoughtful comments for me!

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