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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sick in the Summer...

Who gets sick in the summertime? Aren't colds and viruses supposed to occur during the winter? Not for me because I got myself a doozy of a viral upper respiratory infection! It started as an itchy throat last Thursday. On Friday I went to the nurse at work and she gave me some cough syrup and cough drops and said to pick up Del.sym at the drugstore. This is the best cough syrup you can get without a prescription. I got some of that on the way home. It was yummy and got rid of my cough. However...

Turns out that we had beautiful weather all weekend so we took the boat out to the San.Bernard River on Saturday and cruised on down almost to the Gulf..past the Intercoastal.Waterway anyways. I still had a sniffly nose at that point, but it was so pretty, we couldn't NOT go! We had called around and asked if several people wanted to come out with us but no one was available. We decided to take the boat back home (versus storage) and take it out again on Sunday, hopefully this time with people! Sure enough, we got a winner! (Winner, Winner, Lobster Dinner!) M&M and their friend K came with us. This time we took it to Lake.Houston. It was so very nice, but at the end of the day, I couldn't even breathe through my nose and my tummy was upset. Why? because I had been sniffing and snorting so much, all my snot ended up in my stomach! BLECH!!

So Monday morning, I really couldn't breathe and I sounded like a toad frog when I talked. I called into work and made a doctor appointment hoping to get back to the office by the afternoon. Well, my new doctor (I got a new one last year that was closer to my new house) said it was a viral upper respiratory infection and that if she gives me antibiotics, I will just build up immunity to it and they won't work. So basically she gave me a nose spray and said to go home and wait it out. Let the virus run its course. WEIRD! I had one of these in November and she did the same thing. It is so odd to me for me to be sick like this and not even taking anything for it. I was home Monday and Tuesday....But I guess that's what she has the real MD and I only have Google MD!! My sinuses are a little better, but I now have a cough (I called her yesterday, apparently that's the "next step" for Mr. Virus) and still sound like a frog...but I'm back at work today. I could only handle so much daytime TV and Lifetime!!!

Nancy left me quite a lengthy comment on the previous post, so I thought I could address some of her questions here to clear things up on my TTC Trek.

I am currently taking Met (just started 1500 mg this week) because the last IUI cycle, I had tons of follicles, but none of them were big enough. This is typical of PCOS, however I have not been diagnosed with that as of yet. My FSH is fine. The time before, we had lots of follies, good sizes, but the IUI didn't work then either. He wasn't sure why, because I did ovulate. Now that I read your comment (and based on previous Google MD experience) I think it may have been also due to my ibuprofen usage. It is the only thing that can get rid of my cramps and headaches , but I have read that it can conflict with IF treatments...anyone else heard this? My first IUI, doc "saw" the eggie being released and said we had perfect timing for O, then the prog was only .9 and he said this is the first time he's ever "seen" O and then the prog contradicts it. All of my cycles have been monitored.

6 nice things to say...:

Martha said...

I hope you feel better soon, summer colds are the worst! The boat outing sounds great, I would be "your people" in a heartbeat!!
Research has shown that drugs like Ibuprofen can cause the ovaries to not release the mature follicles at ovulation. Here's a reference link and your doc will have more info too

I hope this is helpful, please let me know if you have questions, thanks.

nikki said...

I hate staying home sick. I feel so useless!

Hope you feel better soon!

Kymberli said...

Ugh - summer colds are the worst! I hope that you're feeling better soon!

As for the ibuprofen, I've always been instructed to avoid ibuprofen and asprin and stick to Tylenol while cycling.

nancy said...

Glad you are feeling better.

And yup - when my RE found out about all the ibu i was taking - he banned me from taking it at all during my cycles!

s.e. said...

Oh honey. Yuck. My husband always says my frog voice sounds like a bar bitch. But at least he thinks it's kinda sexy.

Anyway, I had a doctor when I started this whole mess tell me to stay off all drugs, over-the-counter or prescriptions while trying to get pregnant. It has been so hard to give up my ibruprofen but I have really tried over the years. I did buy a heating pad to use before the 2WW's.

Tanya said...

UGH, I have a head cold too. I'm feeling fortunate though because it doesn't seem to be getting any worse (I have a tendency to end up on inhalers whenever I get a cold). Hope you feel better soon.

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