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Monday, June 30, 2008

Kim Poppins!

So I'm almost back to 100%. The congestion has gone away and I only have a small lingering cough remaining - thank goodness! Thanks for all the get well wishes!

We went with some friends to an outdoor concert at a local park on Friday night. Most everyone brought their dogs (there's a dog park next door) and we grilled hot dogs (not to be confused with our pets!) and a good time was had by all. The band was an old dude country band, but it was still fun and the weather turned out perfect.

I'll have to post an updated Maddie pic. She got her hair did on Friday and they even gave her cutie little bows. Which I love and she hates. I only had to put them back in once over the weekend but by this morning...GONE! We had a mini photo shoot with her yesterday morning. I am trying to get a good pic of her (she is so NOT photogenic) because I have this bi-fold frame that on one side, you put a pic, and on the other is a paw print made into this clay like stuff. Well, I have had the frame for like a year and half in the closet - too lazy to mix up the clay or whatever. (And you need to do it shortly after the doggy is groomed so the print is a good one without the fur in between the pads of her feet.) Finally I decide to do it only to discover...yes, they forgot to put the clay stuff in the box!! Now I have no clue where I bought this thing from...Was it Hobby.Lobby, Mich.ael's or UGH. I think I will try to find just the stuff you can get at a craft store that is sometimes used for kid hand prints? Hopefully that will work.

A couple weeks ago, my friend gave me a bag of Amish Friendship Bread starter. It comes with some instructions and a little story. Has anyone ever got this before? Basically, you "mush the bag" for 10 days, adding some ingredients to it once. Then you split it into 4 bags and make the remaining into this DELICIOUS homemade bread. Not like dinner bread, but more like dessert bread. It is SO GOOD!!! The story goes that unless you keep a bag of starter for yourself after you make your bread, then you can't make it again until someone else gives you a starter bag again and only the Amish know what the exact ingredients are in a starter bag. I gave several bags away to neighbors and my boss at work. Of course I had to keep one for myself because I wanted to be able to give it to my mom and sister. They came over for dinner last night and we had it for dessert and I gave them their bags. You can add whatever optional things to it that you want to make it customizable for you. The first time I didn't have any vanilla pudding, so I used chocolate instead and added chocolate chips (I LOVE CHOCOLATE!) and it was good, then this time I added bananas and chocolate chips (Did I mention that I love chocolate?) and it was excellent! So now I have another bag to prepare in about 7 more days....if I keep a bag every time, I'll be baking bread every 10 days for the entire summer!!!

Saturday we had 2 birthday functions to go to. The first was go cart racing. Not just go carts, but go cart RACING - like at the end of your "heat" you got a printout of everyone's standings, including lap times, best laps, and overall ranking. Those carts go 45 mph!! It was awesome! It was about $15 (if you had 6 or more peeps) and each race was 10 minutes. That doesn't seem like a long time, but when you're going that fast (probably maxed around 30) and around turn after turn after turn (not an oval track by any means) and the carts don't have power steering...WHEW! It was forever! My forearms are still sore today! The 2nd party was a surprise at this dive in League.City with a karaoke lady that was hysterical! But more hysterical was the birthday girl BLASTED with 2 of her birthday presents - she's wearing capri pants, but that didn't stop her from putting on her new "designer" zebra striped rubber boots (she has horses) while carrying her diamond studded goblet full of Shiner which had "BE-OTCH" emblazoned in diamonds!!! She had a damned good birthday!

My big golf umbrella broke yesterday during a thunderstorm as I was leaving the grocery store. I felt like Mary Poppins. Seriously - I thought I was going to be carried away in the winds by the umbrella. It started raining just about the time I was checking out - of course - so I was pushing the cart with the umbrella open. Almost to the truck and the wind picks up to like 50 mph. There is no way I can open the back door of the TrailBlazer, so I opt for the back driver's side door. Because I am smart like that and the wind is behind me so my butt is holding open the door and I put the umbrella over the door so it is also being "held up" by the wind pushing it. I only have 3 bags (love those "green" bags from HEB) and after I get 2 in the truck...the wind gusts up between the umbrella and the door and breaks the handle of the umbrella. Let me clarify - breaks the THICK WOODEN handle of the umbrella INTO MY HAND!!! So now I have splinters all in my hand and I am fighting the broken umbrella that is trying to launch into the air! So I let go of the cart and now it's totally pouring and the wind takes off with my cart! So I get the umbrella from behind the door and am fighting it HARD! And am getting more soaked by the minute. I run to the cart and get my bag out. Of course I am Anal Annie when it comes to strapping my purse into the cart with the kid seat belts to avoid a purse snatcher from snatching my purse...and lo and behold, guess what won't come UNDONE!!! (Good thing there wasn't a real kid in there yet!) AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! I finally get the damned thing unhooked and the cart takes off again. I can't do anything about it at this point. My apologies to the owner of the Ford.Explorer it ran into. The wind is still going crazy and I can't hold onto the jacked up umbrella anymore. It leaps from my hands into the sky and across the parking lot!!! It was terrible! My dad says he is sure that the security guys in HEB were getting a real laugh at my ass on the parking lot cameras!

As for the fertility front, I am well into 1500mg of Met a day now. I am done with this rest cycle and am going for a follow up with Dr. H on Thursday. If I recall, he wanted do a cycle of Met in conjunction with Meno.pur this time.

Sorry for the long windedness....It just seemed like forever since I posted!

Grateful for:

  • the diarrhea side effects from the Met have stopped
  • I am almost over this infection
  • I got all of the umbrella splinters out of my hand!
  • Tomorrow is Bunko!
  • Wednesday is Astros game with friends!
  • Thursday I get to see Dr. H
  • Friday is July 4th parade and fireworks funded by the South.Belt.Cookoff money
  • Saturday is Neighborhood Block Party!

4 nice things to say...:

Martha said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better. Your weekend sounds like fun and your Puppy Is Very Photogenic! I just want to reach out and kiss her when I see her picture. The umbrella struggle sounds hilarious, glad you didn't get blown away. The Friendship bread sounds YUMMY and I love chocolate. (I'll have to send you some See's Chocolate from California, it's to Die For!!) Have fun at Bunko and Best Wishes for your MD appointment.

vamplita said...

Hey Kim,

Wasn't the weather a bear the other evening?? If it was raining and the wind was howling at HEB half as hard as it was here on this side of town, it's no small wonder that your umbrella escaped. At least my bougainvilla is getting some much-needed water, as are the azaleas. :)

Happy 4th if I don't "see" you before then!

nikki said...

Chocolate chips and banana are the best combo!

Glad to hear you are feeling better.

s.e. said...

I haven't thought about friendship bread in years. It always used to gross me out because some of it is really, really old. And then you eat it. Anyway...I am really glad you didn't blow away!

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