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Friday, February 15, 2008

Great Food and Great Wine

So for Valentine's Day, we went to our usual spot - Crappitto's - for some awesome Italian food. Josh, my step-son, was our waiter. He was super and comp'd us way too much. Our bill was only half of what it should have been. Thanks! We stuffed ourselves as usual, as the pic shows below. We were running late - had to take Grandma her homemade Valentine before dinner and the batteries were dead in the camera - so this is post food and wine...

Speaking of wine... We are now makers of wine at home. We bought a winemaking kit from a Houston wine and beer making store called DeFalco's. We are making a Cabernet-Malbec-Carménère combination.

Below is the wine in its current state - Primary Fermenter. It stays in this bucket for 2 weeks allowing the yeast to ferment through the air lock. It reminds me of coffee percolating because it bubbles - bloop - bloop all the time.

After the 2 weeks in this bucket, it will be siphoned into a glass carboy where it will further ferment for 6 months. At that time, we will bottle it and let it rest in the gorgeous wine rack hubby built. Hopefully we'll have time to make a 2nd batch to give as Christmas presents!!

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