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Monday, September 1, 2008

It's Official...

I have "Evening" Sickness.

The past 2 nights I've tossed my cookies. UGH. Sunday night was before dinner. Dean was grilling some steaks so I was getting the drinks ready and opened the fridge to get out the tea. We had a salad with Saturday night's dinner and the bowl was in the fridge with the leftovers in it. I got one whiff of the salad (it's only lettuce mind you) and there I go - off to talk to the Porcelain God. I was OK afterwards and was able to actually finish dinner. Last night I made 2 cakes - 1 for a co-worker's birthday today and another for my final cake in my cake class tonight. The cakes were baked before dinner. We had dinner and my stomach was a little shaky from all the smells going on - a chocolate cake, a strawberry cake, and Dean made homemade beef and veggie soup that had been on all day. WHEW! Talk about overwhelming aromas! So after dinner I have to make icing and ice the cakes. Meanwhile he has to move some stuff out of the fridge to make room for the soup pot. This included the lasagna from Saturday night and some beef brisket. He cleaned out the pans and left them in the sink, meanwhile I am washing some cake stuff I need and then it hits me....there goes my dinner. UGH. I hate throwing up anytime - sick or hungover - but this really sucks. It just feels terrible.

On a positive note, we're going for another u/s today!

P.S. Could the little ticker above be any more accurate today?

***Doctor Update***

The gestational sac is measuring 25.3.
The fetal pole is measuring 6W4D.
The heartbeats per min were 140! That was C-R-A-Z-Y! The fetal pole was barely visible. Doc said like 1/2 a matchstick long but you could see the heartbeat and HEAR the heartbeat!


8 nice things to say...:

Martha said...

Ah, morning, noon, and night sickness. Poor thing, hope you feel better. I used the seabands and got acupuncture treatments to deal with it. Take care and have fun saying hello to peanut at the U/S!

nikki said...

I feel ya sister. 14 weeks (or is it 15 weeks?) and still dry gagging over everything. Yay for ultra sound!

Beautiful Mess said...

Oh man, THE SMELLS!!! I almost lost it one time IN a soup kettle at a deli...oh it smelled HORRIBLE...oops. Mint always worked for me as did peanut butter...weird. Good luck at the ultrasound today! Enjoy the view!

vamplita said...

I second that info regarding the smell of mint... that was one of the few smells that could stop just about any bouts with nausea I happened to get.

KimboSue said...

Good thing I have some mint growing in the garden. I may have to go grab myself a handful and keep it in my purse to sniff!

Martha said...

Wow, that is wonderful that you could see and hear the heartbeat, how precious and exciting! Thank you for the update, sounds like everything's perfection! ((Hugs)) and was thinking of you and your hurricane box during this latest go around with storms.

s.e. said...

A heartbeat and evening sickness. You are definitely now pregnant. I do hope it all continues on the right track and that you don't feel too crappy!

PJ said...

That's great news!

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