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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cake Class SUCKS

  • This last cake of Course 3 is kicking my ass. Seriously, who knew CAKE DECORATING would be so blasted intense and time consuming? Seriously, this week we are making a small "wedding" cake with pillars seperating the 2 tiers. Ok, but that's not the kicker. The kicker is that we have to have 38 f-ing fondant roses on it, plus 40-ish leaves. Oh and the really shitty part? Each layer of the rose takes at least 24 hours to dry before the next one can be put on. So I started this crap on Saturday and the class isn't even until tonight! Saturday - rose centers -dry; Sunday - 1st petal layer - dry; Monday - 2nd layer -dry; Tuesday - NOTHING - I am too tired and was busy creating a secret surprise (will be posted at a later date - probably next week) and didn't have time for the damn 3rd layer. Wednesday - Thank God for my friend who was one step ahead of me and had made 30 extra (really?) leaves that she didn't need. So I picked them up and only had to "vein" them. Then I had to make a 10" wide by 3" deep cake for the bottom layer (had to borrow a pan), and a 4" wide by 3" deep cake for the top (had to borrow a pan). Am I done yet? HELL NO. Then I had to make a batch of buttercream to ice the cakes and store the rest to glue the roses on. Then I had to make yet another batch of fondant (because it had to be white and the roses were yellow - and did I mention the yellow was so crappy that, that is the reason I didn't want to make the 3rd layer? You have to put Crisco on your hands when first making it due to the marshmellow, and apparently I got too much IN the fondant and it was greasy - BAD). Then I had to roll out said fondant and lay it, smooth it, and cut it to fit the cakes. Then figure out how to transport said cakes to class and work (Yes, James tomorrow is Cake Day) since I don't have a 2 foot tall cake carrier. UGH. I finally got to bed at 11:30 only to have to wake up at 5:30. I am SO VERY TIRED. We are thinking of asking if Course 4 is this intense (even though its the only class we wanted to take) and if so, we're bailing. I mean really? We've been in cake class since the SUMMER! I have a life and a baby to plan for!
  • As I typed that last sentence, I searched Ebay and found the Course 4 book (which isn't sold with the Course 4 kit) for only $2.99 with $3.73 in shipping. What a deal - no all nighters days in a row and for way cheaper than the cost of the class ($30). Is it a deal or what? I emailed my friend to see if she's in.
  • Because of before mentioned bed time, I was dragging ass this morning. I had to get a "Creamice Mocha" from the Seattle's.Best coffee shop downstairs. Yes, it has chocolate; yes, it has espresso; yes, I know these are bad for pregnant people. But I couldn't keep my eyelids open!
  • I really hope we get out of class early tonight so I can go to bed at a decent hour.
  • We're on a committee at the Pasadena.Rodeo. For our volunteer efforts, we get a badge to get us in free every night. The rodeo started last Friday. Have we been yet? NO! WHY? CAKE CLASS! We are finally going to make it out there to see our friends and such on Saturday - the last day of the rodeo. Nice. Guess my volunteer hours were just that - volunteer with no payback. Oh well, I guess Pasadena's Youth will reap all my benefits this year. And next year they will suffer because I doubt I will have time since I'll have a 6 month old by then - ACK! Did I just say that? That is C-R-A-Z-Y to think about!
  • Speaking of the peanut...I've been looking at bedding online. Since we're not finding out the gender, it makes things interesting. Since we've had all of the rooms painted since we built the house (and the painting we bought in Jamaica on our weddingmoon matches the "Blue Room" so well) then the baby's room will be the "Yellow Room" which also severly limits the number of "gender neutral" bedding sets available.) I've found a couple, but not too many. I hope I don't find one that I truly fall in love with that has zero yellow in it because I REALLY don't want to have to repaint that room!
  • Our first OB appointment is today. I am nervous and excited. I hope we get another u/s pic. 2 in 1 week - WHOOHOO!

Man, that was a lot of bitching about cake/icing/fondant. Who knew a little hobby could be so terrible?

5 nice things to say...:

Martha said...

I don't think I worked as hard in college as you and your buddy are in this cake class. You poor baby, I hope you get lots of rest really soon. A little chocolate and caffiene isn't going to hurt Peanut. Pottery Barn Kids has some cute bedding. Good Luck with your OB. The rodeo sounds like fun, I hope you get some time to enjoy!

AJsMom said...

1) Isn't this cake thing supposed to be fun? Who needs that kind of stress?
2) We painted AJ's room yellow and went with the farm animals stuff. Aren't animals gender-neutral enough?

nikki said...

And this is why I never took a cake class.......

As for bedding- all you really need are sheets and a bumper bad. You will never really use the comforter/blanket that come with the set. Unless you hang it on the wall.

Caffeine- Dude, I have a can of pop a day. All within moderation. Don't go overboard and drink plenty of water and all will be good.

On My Mind 24/7 said...

Oh my gosh your first appt! You have to tell me all about it, I know mine will be coming soon!

Sorry your cake class is becoming stressful, it sounded like you were enjoying it before. Just think-you'll be able to make the coolest cakes in the neighborhood for all of peanut's birthdays!

Sassy said...

That cake class is insane. Buying the book sounds like a great idea.

For the baby bedding, maybe you could pick up a plain white set and buy some that are gender appropriate after the baby arrives. You could even pick them out now, if you can't find any that are gender neutral.

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