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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Random stuff

So, um....long time, no post-y. I guess since I have not had anything fantabulous happen to me that I haven't had the urge to write. Let me see if I can think of something...

  • Evening sickness is gone, but morning sickness has taken its place. I started a new kind of prenatal earlier this week. (Actually just using up the 150 samples OB gave me.) You can chew or swallow it. Since I sometimes gag a little when swallowing (the pill, Nikki. Get your mind out of the gutter!) I decided to chew it. Well it tastes just like your regular old Fred Flintstone vitamin. I have taken them for 5 days now. All of a sudden yesterday, after chewing the vitamin and mid-teeth brushing, the vitamin wants to come back up. It could have been the combination of vitamin in my teeth mixed with cinnamon toothpaste, but whatever. I threw up in the sink! BLECH. Then decided if more came up, I didn't want to clog the sink then have to clean that up, so I finished in the toilet. (Sorry Martha for the visual again!) Suffice it to say, today.... I swallowed.

  • We went looking for baby furniture/gear last weekend. We hit BRUx2, Baby.Depot, Sears, and 2 furniture stores that don't carry things baby. We still haven't settled on a crib brand. We do know we want one with a drop siderail that is non-convertible or just converts to a toddler bed. Then when said kid is 5 or 6, he/she can pick out his/her own "cool" furniture. i.e. a racecar bed, or a princess canopy bed... Also selected was the stroller...or lack of stroller. We TOTALLY LOVE the stroller frame idea where you put the infant carrier on top and "make" a stroller. This is the one we are getting along with a car seat. This stroller has the biggest basket (actually Kol.kraft does but it doesn't fit the seats properly and/or close easily) and 2 parent drink holders along with a parent organizer. Also selected is the high chair or lack of high chair. Our friends have this one and they love it. We love it too and so did (most) of the reviews. It has zero footprint and we can put it on our glass breakfast table, bar/counters, or the big dining table. Some people travel with it or take to restaurants but I think that's a bit much.

  • Tomorrow at work, myself and 4 others are on a cake decorating team for a "cake for the cure" contest. Work is providing the cake, pink icing, white icing, and sprinkles. We have MAX 15 minutes to decorate and can bring embellishments from home. We are following this idea and (I) am making the bra at home and we are just frosting and piping the cake here. We'll put the bra right on top. Will let you know how we fair! Our team name is The Cure Supporters and the cake will say "Support the Cure!"

1 nice things to say...:

Martha said...

You are so cute, Kimbosue. You poor baby with the morning sickness, does taking the vitamins at night help? Good luck with all the baby furniture, stroller, car seat, etc decisions, it's kind of overwhelming how much "stuff" little ones require. I love, love, love the cake, Yeah for the Cure Supporters! Cuties for a Cure for sure!

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