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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Peanut Card

  • I got my doctor recommended flu shot @ work yesterday. However, according to some boards I have been reading, lots of people claim it isn't safe for the pregnancy. I would think that it would be, especially since its a preventative measure. Thoughts?

  • The evening sickness is seeming to fade. THANKFULLY. However, the weird food combos are still in abundance. Sunday,we went to Denny's around 11. Dean ordered a carafe of OJ before I could tell him I wasn't feeling the breakfast menu. So I had OJ with the appetizer chicken tenders with buffalo sauce and ranch! Then the weirdness overtook me and I gave in to a Dr Pepper.

  • After work I went to visit Grandma and took her a card. She was confused why she had to wait 6 months to see her great-grandbaby! Then I had to register for Course 4 ( I know, I broke down, but it's the last one!) And that was a cluster since the cashier chick was new and didn't know what to do. But a bonus - I saw my friend Holly in class taking Course 1. Apparently I am an "inspiration" to her - she has the cake fever now! Hi Holly! So I didn't get home until after 7.

  • Dinner consisted of a bowl of cocoa puffs and a cup of diced peaches. Hey - I wasn't very hungry and Doc said I could eat whatever I wanted right now, as long as I was eating!

  • Dean may have to travel to the Netherlands next week for work. Oh goodie, he'll be super jet-lagged for my birthday. I can hardly wait. :(

  • Below is the card I sent out to family and a few friends, announcing or rather confirming the pregnancy. Enjoy!

    • 5 nice things to say...:

      nikki said...

      Love the card, it is very sweet! Wow, breakfast food sounds so good right now.

      We will see next week at my doc appointment if I have gained anything. I feel huge!

      Martha said...

      Your doc knows you the best, so good for you for getting the flu shot. Nothing worse than a preggo w/the flu. I'm glad your evening sickness is improving, your weird food combos are funny. I'm so proud of you for taking class 4, High 5!! Love, love, love the pregnancy announcement. Thanks for the update, ((HUGS))

      nancy said...

      The flu shot is RECOMMENDED for pregnant women. It not only covers you, but also the baby. But you aren't supposed to take it until 2nd tri. Whomever thinks it's not safe don't have the facts!

      And OJ is perfectly fine to drink any meal!

      On My Mind 24/7 said...

      Very cute card! Glad the evening sickness is fading. That seems to be what I am experiencing-only sick in the evenings.

      Sassy said...

      The card is gorgeous.

      Re: The flu shot; listen to your doctor, do your own research and ignore the alarmists.

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