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Monday, December 29, 2008


5 family functions, 1 friend function, and 1 cousin move and it's finally over!! The holidays that is. I HEART Christmas, but this season has seemed to have kicked my ass. Not sure if it has anything to do with the fact that I'm in the middle of my 2nd trimester or not, but Oh.My.God. By the end of Function #2 on Christmas Day, I was B.E.A.T. Then we had 1 more to go, and 2 more the next day!! Now I am dreading taking down all of the beautiful decorations it took us 2 days to put up!! Thankfully, I am off work the rest of the week (after tomorrow) so we can stretch it out a bit.

We did manage to move all of the Christmas boxes out of the baby's closet and into the close downstairs. Then move all the crap from the downstairs closet into the "blue room" closet. We gave the queen sized bed from the blue room to my cousin, then moved the furniture (that was previously my great-grandma's that I refinished) from baby's room to blue room... So now we only have 1 guest room and Peanut's room is empty and ready to be furnished! Speaking of furnishing, I think we are going to try and register this Friday or Saturday - Babies.R.Us. (or We.B.Babies as Dean calls it) and Wal.Mart. I really like Tar.get but have heard and read so many horror stories on their "new" return policy (even if you have a registry) no thanks. Wal.Mart returns anything, receipt or not, and there's always one close by! AAAHH. This means more decisions to be made before Friday. I think we have the basics picked out:'!!

  • Baby.Trend - Snap.N.Go. Stroller.Frame
  • Chicco.Car.Seat (Brand might change, as this one doesn't have the cut out to allow to sit carrier in grocery cart. It has to go into the cart itself - thus less groceries will fit!)
  • Chicco.Caddy.Hook.On.Chair - leaves a smaller footprint in the kitchen and it's portable!
  • Babi.Italia.Pinehurst.Single.Dropside.Crib (Tea.Stain) - I need the drop because when the mattress goes all the way down, I don't think my shorty arms can reach! And we don't want one that converts all the way to a full.size.bed. because we want the kiddo to be able to pick out his/her own "cool kid" furniture!
  • Glass.bottles - still TBD on the brand...I heard some good things about Dr.Brown's last week...

And that's it!!! EEK! That really isn't too many things to have picked out before we turn into Scanning.Machines!!! Anyone have a good recommendation on a stroller - non-travel system?

And last, but not least....there's a new item above the baby tickers....The Baby Artall Game!!

Enter your guess for the baby’s gender, weight, length, and birthday. The winner will get a prize!!

To participate, click the banner above or the URL is:

or go to and enter BabyArtall1 as the game name in the space indicated on the home page.

We look forward to seeing all of your guesses!!!

Mamma and Daddy Artall

3 nice things to say...:

Martha said...

That is a super busy holiday schedule, plus building a baby, whew, no wonder you are tired.
Good luck registering for baby stuff. It's ancient history, but we loved our Combi brand portable stroller. A light weight stroller is used Alot.

On My Mind 24/7 said...

I'm also registering at those same places! We are getting the Chi.cco Cort.ina travel system, but you can buy the stroller by itself. I had to find one that was tall enough for DH and I! Use all those baby registery checklists to help you remember what to get. One thing that wasn't on the lists was baby/kids size hangers, I'm definately going to remember to register for those! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Wow....all that on top of being prego...UGH!! Way to go gurl!!! hehe

I registered with and Target both times. I didn't have a hard time with anything, but we also didn't have to return anything so maybe that was our blessing :)

Is there a time frame on the game? I want to wait till I see more bellie (or not) to make my guess...remember I've carried one of each..hehe :)

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