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Monday, December 8, 2008

U/S update

OB follow up to 20 week u/s:

  • Dr. S was unavailable - tied up in OR for a C-section, so we saw another associate in the group.
  • All measurements are on schedule!
  • 1st belly measurement was taken - 20 (cm? she didn't say - Martha?) +/- 3. This is my "Gestational Age" so that is on schedule as well.
  • No protein in my urine
  • Next appointment is Jan. 7th with the GD test 2 weeks after that.

Grow, Peanut, Grow!!

(ok maybe not THAT MANY of you, just one!)

5 nice things to say...:

Martha said...

Great update, love the picture!
The u/s measures abdominal measurements in addition to femur (thigh bone length) and other parameters to confirm gestational age, growth. Sounds Peanut Picture Perfect!

PJ said...


Yes, GROW PEANUT! We're rooting for ya!

nikki said...

Peanut sounds perfect!!

The glucose test is fun! Tastes like that old 80's soda pop Crush.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the great results to all your tests!!! Peanut sounds like s/he's right on schedule!! :D

nikki - that glucose test is ONLY fun if you are not diabetic!!! Trust me! lol Tastes great, I agree, but boy if you can't take the out!! Head spin here we come! LOL

Beautiful Mess said...

Grow, Peanut GROW! Glad the results are all great news!
Enjoy your day.

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