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Friday, December 12, 2008

Recent Pics and an Update

This is Dean and I at Grandma's 82nd birthday 2 weeks ago. She's not as talkative as she once was, but when she does, she's still quick as a whip!! Love you Grandma!

Our House - Christmas 2008....I need to take another. The lights inside aren't on and you can't see either of the 2 trees!

The finished Tinkerbell (one of them) and the cake....well this pic was last night. This morning, both this Tink and my backup Tink broke to pieces. I had to rush to Wal-Mart to find SOMETHING Tink to go on the cake...
And here's the replacement....So sad. I wanted my icing Tinks to work. Oh well. I guess I need to practice more. She's going on the circle cake. But a that little lady bug and Tink's wings flutter!!

And last, but definitely not least.....I have finally fallen into the Land of Belly Pics. This is me, 21 weeks, 1 day,sporting my Christmas watch no less!! And a way too tight tank top. Good thing you can't see what I was seeing because the girls were all kinds of pouring out of there! I am hoping to keep wearing this shirt for the pics so you can really see the belly and how much smaller the shirt gets!!!

So before this morning's Tink Disaster, we had an awesome experience. After hitting snooze twice already, I was laying there and felt a little bump in my tummy. Then the bumps started back to back - like Peanut is in a marching band!! I told Dean I could feel him kicking and squirming around and then he felt it too! It was so awesome. The first time I felt it, was the first time he felt it! I couldn't believe how much she was moving around in there. Also, lots of people refer to the feeling as flutters or butterflies or gas bubbles. It reminded me of a muscle twitch - you know, like you get in your leg, arm, eyelid, etc. but it was on the inside! So awesome! I had to snooze it again so we could feel it longer. YEAH!

5 nice things to say...:

Martha said...

Great post, that is so wonderful you both felt your little one, a marching band, indeed.
I love the belly pix, actually all the pictures are wonderful. It touches me how important family is to you. What a beautiful home.
That is a shame about Tink, good thinking on the substitute Tink. Ah, well, this kind of stuff happens even on The Ace of Cakes and Food Network, you are now a professional.
Thanks bunches.

PJ said...

How exciting that you're feeling the baby now!!! Soooo cute belly!

Go Kim!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you and Dean!!! I'm glad you both got to feel the marching band!!!
I agree ... muscle twitches...but wait till you get a foot or elbow stuck in your rib cage!!! a whole nother experience!!!!! ROFL

I loved the icing Tink's ... that was so cute...I hate they broke!! Good eye on the replacement least now she has a toy..that's what my kids like too!! :)

s.e. said...

You are looking so cute! And I love picturing the two of you feeling your little peanut this morning! How incredibly sweet that you both were able to experience it together.

vamplita said...

Awww, how cute! Hope y'all got to enjoy the snow on the 10th. :)

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