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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Can't Think of a Title

  • We finished our annual Bake-a-Thon this weekend. We made 11 types of cookies, candy and fudge to give to my team at work (too bad Dean works from home - they are missing out since I've left that place!) and for the neighbors. We started about 1 PM on Saturday and finished around 10PM. That's quick - last year it was from 9AM to 11 PM!!
  • Sunday I hand decorated all of the sugar cut out cookies. It was my first (outside of class) to experiment with royal icing again. They came out so cute. Too bad this is also the first time we forgot to take pictures of them!!!
  • We found out my great aunt (Grandma's sister-in-law) who is in her late 70's has ovarian cancer. She lives on a farm by herself in north Louisiana, but has been staying with her daughter in Lafayette while going to the doctor for some other things. She is in the hospital, but for a blood clot in her leg when this news was broke. Apparently it's beyond curable and she is refusing any type of treatment. She just wants out of that place and to go back home to her place. Home care nurses will watch over her and her son who is currently out of work will be moving up there to stay with her. It makes me so sad. To think of how big our family reunions used to be with great grandpa and his 9 kids, their spouses, their kids, their kids' kids, etc. Her husband was my Grandma's oldes brother. He died in 2002 I think. Now there is only Grandma and 2 sisters and this sister-in-law remaining. I am glad though that instead of putting herself through treatment that ultimately will not help her, she's going home to "live out the rest of my life as best as I can."
  • My laptop crashed yesterday at work before lunch. I am talking fatal system error including the blue screen of death. I cleaned up my cube, filed all the papers I have been avoiding, put birthdays in my 2009 planner, cleaned out my purse, read a techy magazine....Finally they showed back up with it around 9:30 this morning. They had to wipe it clean and do an XP reimage. UGH. This means all my applications were wiped out and I have to reinstall them. Quite annoying, but at least I'm back up and running and they saved my files!
  • I made 2 Tinkerbells out of royal icing last night for my first paid cake order, to be delivered on Friday to a lady at work. It's her daughter's 7th birthday and she wants Tinkerbell. She bought just a Tink head pan but it's kinda boring and just covered with stars - the star tip that is. So I asked if I could do something else and she said sure. I will reveal the results soon!!
  • Busy this weekend again - 2 parties. Friday is a Graduation from Nurse.Anethetist.School/30th Birthday and Saturday is Andrew's 1st birthday (my ex-evacuee baby!!!) I also have to start working on my cousin's graduation cake for next weekend!!

2 nice things to say...:

Martha said...

That is so cool you have a cake order, can't wait to see it. I wish I was closer to take part in these Bake-A-Thons!
I am so sorry about your Great Aunt. Thinking of you, M

nancy said...

You make me realize how much I suck at motherly things like baking. :)

I'm so sorry for your great aunt. ~hugs~

And I secretly like when my WORK computer crashes. It allows me to get rid of so much email!

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