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Monday, March 17, 2008

And the 2WW continues...

So this is only 5DPIUI and I am already dreading this blasted 2WW thing! How does anyone survive it? I have been goog.ling various ideas other women have during this time. Most try to do ANYTHING but think about the 2WW and the looming POAS urges! Some re-organize their cabinets, write letters they've been putting off, go shopping....and still others give in to temptation and buy HPT's in bulk! I only have 1 leftover from past testing days and I think I can hear it calling to me from under the sink!!! LOL

I think it's still too early for me to have any PG symptoms per se, and I don't want to jinx myself in the least bit.... But I do feel like I have one - this weird ass metallic taste in my mouth. Today, I first thought it was maybe some bad lettuce from my salad at lunch, but even after drinking throughout the day, it still has not gone away. That makes me hopeful since Dr. Google says it is sometimes known to happen to PG women.
We don't have any St. Paddy's Day plans specifically...hopefully hubby can grab some green beer somewhere just for posterity's sake. And maybe I'll indulge myself in an O'Doul's!
Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

2 nice things to say...:

PJ said...

So for me, the 2ww is like... I'm all excited because I did my homework. So I should get an "A" right?

Not so much. But maybe someday?

Anyway, just keep busy is my advice. :)

s.e. said...

You can do it. I have purchased material and plan to start baby quilts during my future 2ww. One pink, one blue. I bought fun chennile and satin. I'm not wonderful at sewing but I thought it would be nice to have something positive to focus on. My only concern is that as I stress about multiples I should be making 3 or 4! Think happy thoughts.

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