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Thursday, March 27, 2008

To Do List

I just got the b/w results from yesterday's 2WW Grand Finale. 89.8
Estro.gen: 98
Pregnant: BFN
I knew I wasn't pg based on the prog. test from last week and Dr. H saying I didn't ovulate. Oh, well that plus the 3 negative HPT's I took over the next few days. We did get some of Dr. H's time yesterday to chat. Even though the nurse said "oh I only have you down for b/w today. I'm not sure you can talk to him." WTH? I had a clustered up ovulate/not ovulate/saw it on the screen episode with IUI #1 and you don't know if I can talk to him because I don't have an "appointment" even though I am IN THE OFFICE??? yeah, whatever. I was talking to him no matter what she said anyways. so there Mrs. High and Mighty NURSE!

Anyways, he basically said that I didn't ovulate based on the progesterone levels. I questioned what we saw on the u/s and he said that sometimes it can appear that you ovulate even when you don't. He was glad we were still going through with the pg test yesterday because he has seen some RARE cases where the prog. is really low and the girl was actually BFP.

Dr. H cracks me up every time we have a "chat" because we do it in his Training Room. I am assuming it is called training because that is where he trains people how to give injections. Other than that, its just a bunch of posters and diagrams and replicas of reproductive organs laying around. Of course, DH and I had to play with them.... And after the chat, he writes down a "To Do List" for us....LITERALLY. He writes TO DO LIST at the top of the paper!

To Do List

  • Take estro.gen and for 7 days. (today is day 6)
  • Period should start after stopping e and p
  • Call on CD3 for b/w
  • D - continue taking Proxeed twice a day (D had self determined to only take once a day since he "knew" IUI #1 would take. how sweet of him.)
  • Treatment plan - Clo.mid 100mg (was on only 50mg), more Meno.pur injections (only had 1 two days before IUI last time) throughout clomid to better assist follicle growth.

Grateful for:

  • Our 2nd chance at a miracle

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