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Saturday, March 22, 2008


Well, it being 10dpiui and all, plus the shotty response from the RE's office, I decided today was the day to POAS. I bought 2 boxes of 2 - Fact Plus and CVS - and did one of each. As you can see from the picture, the results were not happy results. Now, I the pressure is off me to be confused or think that "maybe" there is leftover HCG from the trigger or that there is a faint line to obsess over getting darker for the next 4 days. Now the pressure is on AF to rear her ugly head....again. And given that the past few months there have been a couple times she didn't EVER show up...This could be a long, long wait.

Bad news - we went out to Big Texas last night for a friend's birthday and I had plain old Coke. Plain old Coke at a country bar!!! Too bad, I could have at least partaken in the fun!

Good news - I will be able to partake in the Easter EGGstravaganza fun tomorrow!

Well, its off to put on my Workin' Weekend clothes, dig in, and pull some weeds!

4 nice things to say...:

PJ said...

I'm sorry to hear that. It sucks, just plain and simple.

Hopefully AF will show soon and you can get started on your next cycle.

Take care and enjoy your Eggstravaganza!

Anonymous said...

Ah crap. I hope you get some answers to the progesterone/ovulation confusion.

sara said...

Hey sorry that this month didn't work...I'm hoping it does very soon! Never give up hope...we just got done with our first IVF and I'm trying to keep my head up myself!

Stephanie Clark said...

I love you Kimmie girl! I talked to your Mom on Sundy... ;-(

I'm home alone this weekend... wanna come play????????

Stephanie C.

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