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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bitterness about rabbits

I met the girlfriend of a friend of my husband's over the weekend. Actually, they came to our casa for fajitas and beer (Tea for me, thank you). She is 34 and has 3 kids - 16, 14, and 9 and has actually been pregnant 5 times total. I found that interesting that for someone who is only 34, she has already had so many pregnancies. I was trying to explain to her that now that I really understand what it takes to CREATE a baby, I am amazed at how 16 year old girls get knocked up in the backseat of a car. I mean, for crying out loud... the friggin' stars have to damn-near be aligned for it all to work! The timing of ovulation and then BMS just at the right moment...etc, etc, etc.

Now, she knows our story, so what was her reply you ask?

"It's not at all about the timing when you're having s*x like rabbits - day after day after day. Do it that way and you're guaranteed to get pregnant!"

THIS I did not like. THIS I felt like asking her to leave. THIS pissed me off. For someone who's never had to "try" to get pregnant, she cannot possibly tell me that all I have to do is hump hubby's brains out every day and BINGO - I'm pregnant. SHUT. THE. HELL. UP!

On another note, I found out yet another person I know is pregnant - my sister's sister-in-law. Yes, the lady who has been married for something like 8 years and NEVER been on an kind of birth control, the year we are "this" close - TA-DAH - pregnant, due in October. GRRRR. The "luck" of some people...

And finally for a more hopeful end to this delightful post...

Grateful for:

  • Doctors that are helping my friend avoid the risk of more ovarian cancer by removing her remaining 1/2 of an ovary today.
  • Doctors that are allowing her to keep her uterus in hopes to one day birth her own children.
  • The fact that I have the opportunity to be in this 2WW at all.

1 nice things to say...:

vamplita said...

Ooo, what a catty (read insensitive) thing for her to say to you. I think you handled it pretty well, all things considered. After all, I haven't heard about you through tonight's news. :oD

(Yes, I live in the Houston area too.)

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