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Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Winery Weekend

We had a fabulous time on our "It's-Leap-Year-So-We-Have-An-Extra-Day-So-Why-Not-Take-It-Off-And-Go-Out-Of-Town-Trip!" We backed out of the driveway and turned left! We ended up driving down 290. We found an out of the way winery in Giddings called Lehm Berg Winery run by a sweet old German couple. We tasted and ended up with a case!

We actually picked up some brochures from that place and found a Texas Wine Country Trail map so we knew where all the wineries were! We next found Driftwood Winery. It was an awesome place on a cliff with the vineyard below. We bought a case here also. :-)

Just a short drive down the road, we stumbled upon Mandola Winery. We did a tasting and bought another case! And a glass...While sipping the glass, we decided to have dinner at their restaurant, but decided to square up on lodging for the evening. Having no idea where to go, we asked the tasting room girl for some assistance. She googled and found some local B&B's. We stayed at the Prow'd House. It was gorgeous and the hosts were fantastic. They were so open to us given the last minute reservations and then were generous enough to let us stay again on Saturday night.

On Saturday we shopped in the cute shops in Wimberley and purchased the bib in the slideshow. It says "2AM, Party in my crib, BYOB." It was handmade by the senior citizens group and it was too cute to pass up. I had it in mind for my friend's baby, but then Dean says, "Can we keep it for us?" I didn't know what to say. That was a huge step for us and the first official item we've bought for our baby-to-be. I have to admit I even teared up when he said it.

Saturday afternoon, we drove to Johnson City to visit Texas Hills Vineyard. We tasted, bought a glass, and yet another case! This was the best wine of the weekend, by far!

So we ended up with 4 cases to take home and fill up the wine rack! But as the picture shows, we still need many, many more bottles to fill up the rack. It still looks empty :(

I also started the Clomid on Saturday. So far, no side effects - WHEW. I have my follow-up appointment scheduled for 3/09 - a Sunday? This seems weird to me and also because from everything I've read, the follow-up after clomid is usally Day 10. I'll be on Day 13. Keep praying until then!

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Kymberli said...

I hope you'll be spared from the side effects of Clomid! I'm wishing you all the best with this cycle.

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