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Monday, May 18, 2009

1 Month Old Already?

***WOW - time really flies I guess. I actually typed this up Thursday thinking I was getting a jump start on it - just needed to take the weekly pic and post it. Apparently I got a little busy with Miles this weekend and am just now getting to uploading the pics and posting! I promise more this week, but right now we are on our way out the door to meet Aunt Laura for lunch!***

Holy Moly! Can you believe Mr. Miles is 1 month old already? 4 weeks ago this precious little guy made his debut into this world. I cannot even believe it. AND he is already growing up so fast and getting so big! He'll be walking before you know it!

Miles' development thus far:
rolling over to stomach a few more times
can hold his head up for several minutes - while on tummy or while holding him
starting to make real baby noises like cooing and other sounds other than crying
we had to move the seat belts up a notch in the car seat already! He's getting too tall!
Dean attempted to measure him the other day and he was 23 1/4!

We have had 3 shower free mornings - WOOHOO!

He is still eating really well - every 3 hours during the day and every 4 at night. I really feel like a milk machine lately. After he eats for 30 minutes and I play and/or change him for a while, then I pump for 2o minutes, 2 hours later - repeat. Between squeezing in a shower, food or laundry in those small 2 hour windows, my day is done!

He still really loves being outside. The minute you walk out with him, he literally melts in your arms. Like his arms and legs go limp and he totally relaxes. I am glad he loves the sun so much since we do things outside a lot.

We are taking him to Pen.ney's tomorrow for his 1 month pictures. Any ideas on what to do? I don't even know what he should wear.

Here is with Mr. Monkey at 1 month!

3 nice things to say...:

Martha said...

One Month!! Wow!! What a cutie pie and yes, they grow so quickly it's CRAZY!!
Every outfit will look cute on Miles, maybe a solid color and you will coordinate with his clothes??
Please don't ever worry about commenting and blogging, I don't think I showered or went out of the house during the first month of our sons' lives much less turned on a computer!!!

Stacey Queen said...

Time really does fly! He is getting tall you can tell with his monkey pictures.

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Sorry I've been MIA! I posted a bit on my blog about what's been going on....anywhoo! I'm sure I'll see the pictures as I get caught up on your blog! I just wanted to mention we had one of Aloria at 5 months with Angel wings and a was one and still is one of my favorites!!

For one month I'm wondering if you guys did one with him in your hands although he is probably a little to big now :)

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