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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

There's a 1st Time for Everything...

Well it's a week full of firsts even before the "first" I was referring to yesterday! I forgot we took Baby Miles out in the Baby.Bjorn for the first time on Monday. Well...when I saw "we," I mean Daddy. He was so proud. He's been waiting for so long to use it. We took the profile shot so we could compare what he looked like "carrying" Miles compared to Mommy! LOL He looks so tiny with his short little legs and you can barely even see his head poking out!

The family en route down the block to get the mail - the big outing of the day. It's the best we could do to get all 3 heads in the picture - at least parts of all of them!

Last night was my first time to take Miles out by myself - Dad had band practice. I was a little nervous at balancing my purse, the diaper bag, getting the car seat out of the truck without banging his head, etc. It wasn't nearly as tragic as I dreamed of. He had eaten before we left so he had a full belly. The restaurant is only about a mile from the house and he fell asleep on the way. He stayed asleep the entire time so we had no drama with crying babies or dirty diapers! We met SH and Andrew out for dinner at Mimi's.Cafe and of course had to take a photo to commemorate it!Speaking of firsts...thanks for all the baby boy diaper changing tips because for the first time this morning...we had a shower free diaper changing! I carefully studied the peepee to see if I was about to get sprinkled on and covered it up just in time! Thanks for the tips!
And another adorable pic of Maddie and Miles. Funny, they both turned their heads right when I was taking the pic, but it looks like they are both looking at something across the room!
Happy Tuesday!

2 nice things to say...:

Martha said...

Congrats on your first trip out, Miles!! Super beautiful little boy!! Love the picture of you three together.

PJ said...

awwwww so so sweet!!!

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