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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day....the best one!

I guess life with a newborn leaves time for blogging only once a week. I can't believe its been a whole week since the last post! Miles sure does keep Mommy busy...eating, eating, eating, diapers, diapers, diapers! Speaking of diapers, Mr. Miles surely does NOT like to sit in a peepee diaper. Sometimes he starts crying before the Pam.pers.stripe changes color! We are going through a ton of diapers because of this. Where most kids could sit in a wet one, then poo in it so you're only changing one....we're changing 2! We went through an entire box of 84 in just 5 days!

My sister's fever finally broke Sunday morning after 4 days. Hopefully this is an indication that the flu is on its way out. The test results still are not back to confirm the type of flu it is. The clinic she went to didn't have an on site lab, so they had to send it out. Apparently it takes 7-10 days to get the results back...gotta love the urgency during this so called "pan.demic."

Last Wednesday we went out to dinner with friends and Miles' future wife, Elliana. She was born 1 day before Miles in the same hospital. Everyone kept asking if they were twins or how far apart they were. When we said they were 1 day apart, they thought I had been in labor for 48 hours!! The waiter cut off their faces....but here's a pic of all of us - the in-laws - HA!

Friday we picked out our newborn photos. I can't wait to get them in. They are precious! We also went to Grammy's graduation on Friday night. I was a little nervous about going since he was just 3 weeks old that day. Plus the flu.panic was still rampant and there would be a lot of people there so I was nervous about all the germs people would be spreading. But things were pretty calm. Daddy kept Miles in the B.jorn and he did great...until he peed and then it was time to get that diaper off. He got changed, but then was acting really hungry. He wasn't due to eat again for another 45 minutes or so, but given this is the 3 weeks mark he may be going through a growth spurt so I couldn't exactly tell him no. I had to feed him in the truck - in the dark. That was interesting to say the least. Then of course, he pooed so I had to change that before going back in. We made it back as Grammy was walking off the stage. I didn't get to hear her name, but at least got to see her walk. She was very proud and we were very proud of her! (I have the Mom badge here for real....can you see the pacifier clipped on my shirt and hanging down at my elbow?!)

We are going on a family "camping" trip again this year for Memorial Day, only this time because of the baby we are renting a lake house versus tenting it. We bought Miles' first life jacket last week too. It fits infants 0-30 pounds. I tried it on him yesterday and it fits pretty well considering he is very much at the low end of that weight range. But he is definitely growing. Just look at his 3 week picture with Mr. Monkey!

Sunday was Mother's first ever. It was so great. I really never thought this day would come when I could celebrate Mother's Day as a mother, and not just with my mother. My parents, Dean and Miles made it very special for me. We had lunch at my parent's house - Dad and Dean made everything so me and Mom wouldn't have to. My parents gave me a necklace with a mother's pendant - of a mother hugging a child. I tried to fight back the tears...then Dean and Miles gave me a Mother's.Ring, but I am calling it my Family.Ring. It has Miles', Dean's and my birthstones in it. So sweet! The tears creaped up here again! Dean said he asked the saleslady how many stones you could fit on it, then told her the months he needed. She asked "how many kids do you plan on having?" She thought the 3 stones were for 3 kids! However, she did say you could fit quite a few more on the band. EEK! That's a little soon for me to be thinking of another baby this soon. I want to love and enjoy every moment with this one. But isn't it funny that as soon as you have a baby the first question everyone asks is "when's the next one?"

Our 1st Mother's Day

What a better day for Miles to meet his Great Grandmother than Mother's Day! It was a good day for Grandma. It was obvious she knew what we were talking about when we told her this was her first great grandson. Then when Dad told her that his middle name was after Grandpa's middle name, she started crying! It was so sweet! I hope all you Mothers out there had a blessed day - those with babies and those with fur babies!

6 nice things to say...:

Martha said...

Happy Mother's Day! You look marvelous and Great Pics!!

Beautiful Mess said...

Great pictures! I love the one of Miles by the monkey. He looks unamused. Glad you had a wonderful Mother's day.

Eve said...

A long-awaited but marvelous Mother's Day! How wonderful for you!

Delenn said...

Oh, it sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day! I love the pictures!

Stacey Queen said...

Sounds like you had a great mothers day! You will have fun on your camping trip...we just got back from our first vaca with the baby. Lots of packing you will have to do for him...but it will be fun.

Mel said...

Great photos. ;)

We were told that around 7-8 weeks, with adequate weight stabilization, you can allow the baby to sleep through the night. I was afraid to let her sleep longer than 6 at first, so I woke her up then for about a week and then I finally felt confident letting her go 8 hours. She doesn't often go that long on her own to be honest with you, though. 6 has become the norm and it is perfectly fine with me. My breasts seem to be quite painful if I go longer anyways!

I got Wonder Weeks through!

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