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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Miles of Miles' Smiles

Miles is already growing so fast. He has changed so much just in the past 18 days. Can you believe he is 18 days old already? WOW. Just looking at his Week 1 vs Week 2 pictures - there's a link to them both over there -----------------> He is already getting so big! His eyes are so big and blue and he is smiling at me every day. Whether or not he knows he is smiling at Mommy is another thing, but he is definitely smiling! Smiles for Miles!

Week 2
Mommy still has yet to figure out how to not get peed on with the first diaper of the day. We made fun of those wee.wee.tee.pees we saw at the store, but I am beginning to think that may be the way to go! I was surprised a few times - peed in my mouth, remember? But this morning I opened up the diapee and let it get exposed to air (advice from neighbor with a son) and then put a wipe over the peepee (advice from someone else) while I cleaned up his bum. Just then I saw his pj's growing a shade darker blue than they had previously been. He peed with the wipe on! And of course, it isn't absorbent enough to take on a fountain of pee!! So then we had to change clothes and get another new diaper - I already had the new one under the bum!! Any tips from moms of boys is appreciated.... I know SH said to put the diaper on the peepee while changing, but I guess I am not understanding how this works if you still have to clean the bum??? Maybe I need a personal demonstration...

Here are the letters I made for Miles' room. Sorry the pic is of them on the floor...Daddy has yet to hang them up. SP - I found the letters your friend used at Hobby.Lobby and used scrapbook paper to cover them. It was super easy! I tried to pick paper with colors pulled from the paper used on the L so they tie together. You may have to click on the pic to make it bigger to see the patterns, but there are stars, polka dots, stripes, gingham/plaid, and the orange is a washy look. It ties well with the bedding. Hopefully Daddy will hang them today so I can get rid of that last empty wall.

We took our newborn pics at Laura.Odom.Photography on Friday. They turned out great. We still have to pick out the ones we want. How we will decide, I have no idea. We also picked up our maternity pics. They were ready the day before we went to the hospital so obviously we didn't have time to get them....I'll see if Dean can scan them today so I can show you a few of them...

We have 2 major events for Miles this week - his first restaurant trip with friends (and his future wife who was born the day before him) and his first graduation ceremony! Cross your fingers he stays quiet for this. His Grammy is graduating with a teaching certificate on Friday.

5 nice things to say...:

Beautiful Mess said...

I love the picture where he's laying on his tummy. So sweet! Zilla got us a bunch of times, especially when the air got him. We just got really good at getting him changed as fast as we could. We would also open up the diaper to let air in and then lay it back down over his front until we made sure he was done. Sounds like Miles just likes peeing on you guys ;o) It doesn't last forever, if that helps at all lol.

Martha said...

He is so beautiful and so lucky to already have a bride!!
You put a clean diaper over his pee pee and another under his bum after tush cleaning. One is a shield so to speak. Congrats to his Grammy on her Teacher's Certificate. You sound so happy and I am so happy for you and Dean!

Ashley said...

Love the letters and Miles cute face!!

AJsMom said...

Open the diaper, but don't remove it. Give the air a couple of seconds to circulate, then lay the old opened diaper back on top. You'll just have to wait the few seconds it takes him to finish peeing before you remove the entire diaper and replace with a clean one.

Stacey Queen said...

I love his name letters. You did a great job. I bet they look wonderful on his wall. :)

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