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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Yesterday the sitter took her girls and Miles to Barnes.and.Noble for book reading. They haven't been in quite a while. She said it was eating time for Miles so when the girls settled down, she gave him his bottle. As soon as the lady started reading the book and showing the pictures, he pulled off the bottle and turned around to see the book and listen! She has never read to him so she didn't know that he likes books. And she said you know he's interested when he stops eating because he never stops eating! When we read him a book at bedtime, he totally takes in all of the picture on both pages of the book. He doesn't just stare at one spot, but gazes over the entire thing. I think he'll be a reader like Mommy - and definitely a smart little cookie!

I stole this from Nikki cuz it's damn funny....

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4 nice things to say...:

LaRay said...

Ah, glad he loves books. He will definitely be a reader then!

Beautiful Mess said...

Awww Miles is gonna love books! that's great!

LOL love that video!

nikki said...

Soph loves her books too!

Anonymous said...

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