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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


It's time to ketchup or catsup or catch up...

  • Here's a pic of Miles' first cereal bottle. He gobbled it right up! We attempted spoon feeding him some on Sunday afternoon. We got a video of it, but forgot to take any regular pics! DOH. Will have to see if hubby can get that video clip for me...

  • We are all over the place in clothes these days. Some 0-3, some 3-6, some 6, some 6-9. Guess it just depends on the maker. I made him a t-shirt with an iron on that I got from Hob.Lob eons ago - like before he was born. It is a UPC code with "priceless" underneath. Its a 6 month t-shirt but we put it on him on Sunday and it barely goes over his fat head and is almost too small for his belly!

  • Miles is laughing hyterically now. It melts my heart! I can give him kisses all over his body and he giggles at every nibble. Daddy can do the "boo" game and he squals every time and sometimes even tickling him everywhere does it. It's so awesome to hear and it brings a tear...(there's a country song in there somewhere...)

  • Miles LOVES to stand up! Either in your lap or on the floor. And lately, you can stand him up holding onto the ottoman/coffee table and LET.GO and he stands there like a big boy! No wobbles! WHAT? Mom saw me do it on Sunday and was like, you're gonna have a 9 month old walker if you keep up that training...Training? I am not pushing the issue. I am just helping him in a position that he loves to be in. I think he likes to be "taller" so he can see more around him! It only has me a little worried because I have read that some babies never crawl and go straight to walking! When we were at JCP one time for his pics, there was a 10 month old there walking around. It looked so strange because he was so small - like a little mini person standing there!

  • For the first time since May, we got to take the boat out! It's been having some electrical issues...the wires in that thing are daisy chained together so if one thing goes out, more than likely it will make something else go out, etc, etc. You get the picture. So first it was the gas gauge (hello, might need this when we're 10 miles down river), then the radio (Ok I can live without it cuz we can use iTunes), then the engine...ok this is enough. Anyway, Deano and his friend took it out weekend before last to tinker with it and think it's finally ready. We took it out to this river. It's a nice place to relax. And house look and people watch...I have a feeling there's some waterfront property in our future... It was just me and my boys. Miles took a nap and we took some deli sandwhiches and BEAVER.NUGGETS from's!!! YUM-O! And look...Dean is already teaching Miles how to drive. I think he was more interested in how that throttle worked though...GO FASTER DADDY!

  • Here's Mr. Miles weekly pic - Week 19. Holy CRAP - this means I will have a 5 month old on Friday. WHAT? This photo session was quite amusing as he kept grabbing the monkey and pulling him over on top of him!
Don't you just want to squeeze and hug and kiss and love him? I do. ALL.DAY.LONG.

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3 nice things to say...:

Martha said...

When can I babysit??? OMGOSH, he's Precious!!! I love his smile!!

Beautiful Mess said...

Look at that big smile! I love it!

Glad you all enjoyed your boat. He'll be walking AND driving the boat soon. EEK!

Stacey Queen said...

Woah...5 months already. Goes by quickly. He may be a walker first...thats ok, what ever he prefers. Love the pics, his smile is precious!

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