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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day Weekend = Fun Times

**I know most of you only come here to see pics of Mr. Cuteness, so please forgive me for not dumping the camera for the past.....oh week or so. Hopefully you will continue reading anyway. And make do with a pic of me and Hubster!**

Weekend Recap:
Friday was my day off so Miles and I met my sister, her 2 BFF's and one of their kids for lunch. It was the first time I'd seen both of them in quite some time. One was at my baby shower, but the other I hadn't seen in probably 10 years - post jail, post marriage, post baby. WOW times have changed. Anywho, the other lives in OK and is have fertility issues as well. Her OB recomended "the best" RE in her area. Neither her or her husband have been diagnosed with anything other than a little motility issues and she doesn't ovulate (but can on Clomi.d). They did IVF last November and got about 13 eggs that fertlized. 7 made it to blastocytes. The transferred 3 (none took) and frozed the rest. In February, they thawed the remaining, but only 1 made the thaw. They transferred that one and it didn't take either. Her doc said there's only like a 15% chance of having a previously frozen embie take. Does this seem right to you? Also, he is not recommending or even suggesting IUI for them. He said, "well it might take 3 tries and by then you're back to the cost of IVF so just do IVF again." They do have some financial strains, but why wouldn't you at least let them try to do it? Because in my opinion, the first try COULD take and that would save you 10K..... She won't push the issue with him at all. They just roll with whatever the doctor says, well because he's the doctor. I tried suggesting my RE (LOVE.HIM) but she says the cost of travel (driving or flying) from OKC to Houston for all the many appointments would eat away at their available fundage anyway. She wants kids so bad and is an awesome aunt, but it just tears me up that they won't push it any more.

Saturday we ran some errands, cleaned the house, had some seafood and went antiquing. Bought a pretty wrought iron XXX for our bouganvilla to climb on. Then we went to Haak.Winery. It's the closest winery to our house. We have been there a couple times before. They have some cool events and you can chill on the patio with a glass (or bottle!) of wine while listening to a band play. This particular day (of course) there was nothing going on, but we wanted to visit and get more wine! We did a wine tasting, bought a glass and took the winery tour. After the tour, we bought another glass and sat on the patio. It was a really pretty day. Oh and did I mention we came home with a CASE?

Note: Reason why there was no entertainment is that Alivin.High.School was having its 35 year reunion on the back patio...And you can see little man's foot sticking in bottom left of picture. He was zonked after shopping and drinking! I was nap time.

Sunday, we took the boat out to Lake.Houston with our niece (HA -she's 45!) and her husband. It was their first time on our boat, or should we call her Mrs. Thought-she-was-fixed-but-still-having-motor-issues-which-might-or-might-not-be-electrical. UGH. We still had a good time though. Just sometimes when we were driving fast, suddenly we were driving not so fast. We drove the boat to Cedar.Landing.Restaurant and had some good seafood (weird we had seafood both days!). While we were eating there was a thunderstorm coming across the lake. We started back slowly to try and miss it and then there was a thunderhead coming up behind us so then we had to hurry. Caught between 2 storms! Never fear, though Mrs. Finicky-Pants decided to work correctly on the trip back. I even got me a little sunshine! First time all summer!

Monday - Labor Day = ZERO LABOR FOR US...actually it was zero effort for anything actually. I stayed in my pj's all day long! We watched some good old HBO and Lifetime movies! Very restful. Like so restful I was praying I had one more outfit left to wear to work on Tuesday becasue we didn't even do laundry all weekend!

Now suddenly its Thursday. We're going to do our civic, ok not civic, but volunteer duties tonight and help out at the sign shop at the rodeo grounds. Our committe makes all the signs for the rodeo. Like ALL.OF.THEM - entrance, exit, cowboys here, beer tokens, sponsor signs, etc. For example, we made all of the ones shown in the background of this picture which I stole from the PLSR website.

Miles started turkey this week! It's kind of weird because its grainy but looks, smells and tastes like turkey with gravy! He is warming up to it. It's his first food other than cereal. I know some of you are GEEKING because "you're supposed to start babies on vegetables first" but not according to our American.Association.Of.Pediatrics book. There is lots more protein in meat than veggies and the recommended order is meat, veggies, fruit. Meat, however is the one category of baby food that I don't think I want to cook myself. But thanks to the great Allison with step by step instructions and pics! we are going to attempt veggies and fruit on our own. Next week - CHICKEN!

*I have taken photos of this, I promise. Again...on the camera.

Yesterday, my dear friend Steph's grandma passed away. She had been fighting for quite some time. I am sad for her because tomorrow she, Drew, and her mom were flying to Ohio to visit her as she has been in and out of several hospitals. Now, they will be attending her funeral. This makes me very sad. But it also reminds me of something my mom says about everytime God takes an angel home, he has to put another one on Earth in her place. Yesterday my friend Erin gave birth to a 6 lb 8 oz angel named Sydney. And even though they don't know each other, I know they will each hold a special place in my heart for having both graced us on that blessed day, 09/09/09.

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2 nice things to say...:

Martha said...

Blessings to Steph's Grandma and your friend's baby.
Re.your friend's TTC, I hope they seek a second opinion to improve their chances for a healthy babe.

Stacey Queen said...

I was so sorry to hear baout Stephs grandma. What dock did you guys use for Lake Houston? Next time let me know when your over here, we have lake access for free!! WOO HOO for the Turkey...we havent had much of that Coy didn't like it, so we are still on fruits and veggies.

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