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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Weedy Rash

So on Sunday, randomly, I pulled some weeds from the flower garden in
the backyard. I only went back there to see the new trellis we bought
a few weekends ago from a cool wright iron store. The bouganvilla is
really liking it. Well, next to that is a plant I transplanted from
my Great Aunt Viaud's (pronounced Vee-Oh) 2 summers ago, called 4
o'clocks. Now I have no idea if this is the real name of this plant,
but the flowers open at 4 AM and 4 PM. ANYWAY....we have an empty lot
(STILL) behind our house so all these crazy weedy, viney things like
to take over the flower and veggie garden and were all intertwined in
the 4 o'clocks. I can't have them killing this plant because it means
too much to me. After pulling the weeds, I now have this weedy rash on
the backs of both hands. Red raised bumps. Doesn't itch, but ugly
typhoid looking hands aren't something cool Moms sport these days....

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