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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Please Pray

For all you prayer warriors out there...

Please pray for my friend Katrinia. She has hepatitis and currently pregnant with identical twin boys. They are at 26 weeks gestation. Previously doctors had thought they had twin-to-twin blood transfusion going on (one twin was taking the other twin's blood) because one was much smaller than the other. But after thorough testing, it was determined that Baby B's cord was on the outside edge of her placenta, thus giving him less nourishment.

Baby B is now getting less and less oxygen because of the cord issue. She was admitted to the hospital yesterday on NPO. They are having a final ultrasound at noon to make a decision to take the twins today via C-section. Please pray for the doctors' and parents' decision if the babies (especially Baby B) will be safer and healthier outside mommy's womb.

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