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Friday, October 23, 2009

Damn You!

Damn you gall.stones!

UGH - I had a gall.bladder attack this morning around 2:30AM. When I got up in my sleepiness, I took 2 T.ums instead of 2 Ty.lenol. This didn't help my pain any (obviously) so I was squirmy wormy/in the fetal position until 4:30...coincidentally Miles' nursing time before work. I would have skipped it to squirm some more, but then I remembered I didn't take Ty.lenol after all, just heartburn medication, DUMB.ASS.... UGH - get up, take better med, feed Miles, both of us cuddle and fall asleep in the "nursing.papasan.chair" (that I just can't let go of). I don't know how I fell asleep like that because my shit was still killing me. I put him back to bed, emailed my work peeps, and resumed the fetal position.

By the time I woke up at 7:30, the pain had subsided. I got up, pumped, showered and made it to work by 9:15. It is actually fall-like weather here in the Lone.Star.State - 53 degrees and GORGEOUS blue skies - not a cloud in the sky (at least that I can see from my 2nd-story-cubicle-window-blocked-by-the-world's-largest-crepe-myrtle-and-5-story-parking-garage.) I so don't want to be sitting here... I could be playing with BooBoo or organizing a cabinet or something (don't ask)...

Anyway, back to the gall.stone saga. I have known I have had them since 2006 when my old PCP ordered an u/s. Flash to 2007, new PCP, (didn't like old one in the least bit) and she said I should have it taken care of before getting PG. Really lady...I am going to be 30 this (that) year. I don't have time for surgery, recovery time, etc, etc. I wanted a baby before I was in menopause! So I opted to put that aside and work on TTC, knowing that if I had an attack while PG, there would be nothing they could do about it.

So now I have had my 2nd attack since Miles was born. BLECH. You don't need your gall.bladder, or at least can live without it. So mine is being removed in 2010!

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3 nice things to say...:

Suraita said...

Hope you are feeling better soon and that your removal goes well!


misty w. said... crack me up! gall stones-not funny...but YOU are!

PJ said...

Ugh! That sounds awful. Feel better!

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