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Friday, February 22, 2008

Grandma Update #2...

6:00PM Friday - I stopped by the hospital to visit Grandma after work. Uncle T was there too. She was still in a sleep state, kind of slumped over, but would still answer my questions, how are you, are you treating the nurses well, etc. Meanwhile the doc came in. T had a long list of questions to ask him since neither Dad nor Aunt B had seen him lately. Here's a rundown:

  1. Combination of Alzheimer's and Arterial Dementia is causing her sleepy state.
  2. CT finally read (from Wednesday) looks clear, although not very decisive about the results. As previously stated, she had not inspirated at the right time.
  3. Started a small antibiotic to clear up any pneumonia that he couldn't see.
  4. Had not heard results of 2nd chest x-ray - me: what chest x-ray? There was never one ordered and Aunt B has been here all x-ray. doc: ok I'll check on that. Nurse actually came in later and said he ordered the x-ray for in the morning.
  5. We requested that he put in orders to have someone feed her the pureed food. Apparently had we not have family there, she wouldn't have eaten because "there aren't orders to feed her." BULLSHIT.
  6. She does not have Parkinson's as initially thought.
  7. Suggested a feeding tube. When did we get to this point? Doc says that he thinks she is not getting enough nutrition into her system - thus the sodium blah blah (can't recall the name at the moment) because she was dehydrated. Said if we continue "pleasure feeding" her, we have to know there is a risk that she could get aspirational pneumonia. HUH? WHAT? He described this as having food go down the wrong pipe - into the lungs - and the food and bacteria from the food can cause pneumonia. Said for the family to discuss the tube over the weekend. Discussed in the room after doc left and Dad and Aunt B showed up - no.
  8. Stated we can get his updates on her via the nurses - yeah right.

Then came the 3 letters I hate most in this world : D-N-R Doc said he put in the DNR orders as requested so that there are no drastic measures taken given something should happen. I know it's as she setup in her will years ago when she was able to think and make decisions for herself, but it still breaks my heart to hear the words - and like Grandpa - see the words in action, or rather lack of action.

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