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Monday, February 11, 2008


We worked our tooshies off Saturday on the outdoor kitchen/bbq. We worked all day and into the night - even had to set up a light!! We finally called it quits around 8PM. The temp was too cool and the humidity too high...the rocks Dean was putting on kept sliding down the wall. He was fighting a losing battle. We had hoped to get all of the tile and rock laid Saturday and then spend Sunday grouting it all in. Sunday morning was spent laying the rest of the rock and grouting took a lot longer than expected. Especially for husband since he had to get in between all those river rocks!
I used a new kind of of grout on the tile that has an epoxy built into it that is stain and mold resistant. Which is good since it is outside and uncovered (for now). That's pretty much what we did all weekend. Laura and I did have lunch on Sunday with our old friend Rose, whom we hadn't seen in quite a while. It was good to see her. Then for dinner, we visited J and Steph and his brother and wife. Oh and little Drew too!!

Here are the pics after Phase 1 of the Outdoor Kitchen:

The BBQ pit is in the middle with a side burner on the left.

Dean did the rock

I did the tile

This backside has been grouted. It will be acid washed also to clean it up more.

From the side

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