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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Yesterday was a GOOD Day!

For 5 reasons...

Reason #1. Grandma got out of the hospital and is back at her Alzheimer's facility. No pneumonia!

Reason #2. I had my follow-up appointment with the RE yesterday. He confirmed (through methods we'll leave to the imagination) that the cyst is gone. YEAH! Also, I am to stop taking BCP immediately. Hopefully, he says, this will also make AF stop the flowin'. Also, husband's swimmer analysis results are in...

Count: 11.6 MILLION Motility: 25% Morphology: 4%

Side note: When I got home, I posted this SA report on the fridge, you know like some of you do with your kids' report cards? I was just so proud of him and his great counts thanks to his Proxeed supplements!! :) :) :)

Doc says the morphology is kind of low, but with the increased count and with the "wash" they do beforehand - his numbers are FABULOUS!!! On Thursday, I am scheduled to go back for some lab work and then on Saturday...We start our first Clomid cycle! This will be taken on Days 5-9 of the cycle. Then we'll go for more labs and confirm if I'm ovulating and then...........**DRUM ROLL PLEASE** We go for our insemenination!! YAHOO!! Also, since my insurance does not have fertility coverage, we had to pay for the Clomid cycle and the insemination-to-be yesterday. I was headed to check out and doc said to ask for Anna when I got there. HUH?

Me: "OK - can I speak to Anna? "

Checkout lady: "Oh have a seat right there maa'm. She'll be right with you."

Anna's office door sign reads "Financial Aid Office" EEKS! Luckily, if we paid for all of it then, we would get a 20% discount, whereas had we opted for the payment plan - no discount. So, we're all paid up!

Reason #3. Our Short Term Incentive Plan (STIP)/Bonus numbers were announced at work. This is the first company I have worked for that have paid bonuses so I am WAY excited no matter what the $$ amount is that is paid out. But let's just say...if we have to go the IVF method, we'll have all the money we need!

Reason #4. Our homemade wine made it to Day 14 and has now been transferred into its new home. She is resting quietly in the wine rack, which will be her home for the next 6 months. Notice the Man Tool of choice for the vigorous stirring required? Yes, that would be RYOBI!
Reason #5. The outdoor kitchen is complete!

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AJsMom said...

You know if you get pregnant you won't be able to drink any of your wine.... :(

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