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Thursday, November 20, 2008

2nd Trimester and Other Good Stuff

So the 2nd trimester has me with no more nausea (YEAH), but tons and tons of heartburn. I had it pre-pregnancy anyways, but during pregnancy it comes at all hours - day and night. I have a bottle of TUMS beside the bed for nighttime hits and some in my purse for during work/not at home! But I have to say that I will do anything but complain about it. Just knowing the REASON for my heartburn makes me smile with delight.

On the nursery front, we have selected our bedding. I ordered a swatch last week and got it in the mail yesterday. All the colors match the VERY YELLOW walls perfectly! I was nervous the yellows in the pattern would clash with our VERY YELLOW paint color - paint color that was selected pre-baby, pre-house-being-built, even pre-move-in! WHEW!

Now that our hurricane tenants have moved out, we'll be moving the furniture (was my great-grandma's that I refinished in a beige under cream crackle) from Peanut's room into what we call "The Blue Room." Walls are blue with an awesome beach scene painting we bought at an auction on our WeddingMoon in Jamaica! The blues match perfectly there too - also a pre-house-was-built selection!!! The bed in the Blue Room is going to my cousin who graduates from college in December and moving out 2 days after Christmas! So YEAH for him and YEAH we don't have to store a bed somewhere!

Once Peanut's room is clear, we'll have a better feel for what furniture can go where. I think we've picked out the crib. I have to have a dropside because I'm a shorty and by the time the mattress goes down to the last setting, my short arms won't be able to reach to put Peanut down! I don't think we're getting the armoire or the dresser/changing table that goes with this crib though because:

A. Who needs an armoire when you have a giant closet that is fully capable of hanging baby clothes and putting clothes in cutie baskets on shelves?

B. The dresser/changing table is so DAMN expensive and it doesn't haven't very much drawer space. There is like 3 drawers in the middle and then on the outer sides there are 2 doors that have one shelf in them...I guess for baskets or whatever, but it isn't very roomy. We're hoping to find a bigger dresser somewhere - a furniture store? - that matches the stain to the crib.

Speaking of crib, we are getting one that only converts into a toddler bed. I know, I know...convertible cribs "last a lifetime" and convert all the way to a full bed are all the rage right now. But I don't want Peanut to feel tied to that bed for the rest of his/her life. I mean come on! Once you're like 4 or 5, you want to pick out your own "big kid" furniture, right? At least I did when I was little and I want our little one to have the same opportunity. Then maybe I can have the bunk beds with the desk underneath that I always wanted....ok, maybe I won't be able to FIT at the desk or the bed or that it will even be MINE, but it will at least be in MY house!! That is....if Peanut picks that one.... I am sure a boy of Dean's will end up picking the race car bed or a girl of mine will pick....uh...not sure since my childhood room was "everything blue." I guess normal girls would pick a princess bed?? Anyway, we want to let the kid pick whatever they want once they get out of the toddler bed.

Wow this post ended up being longer than planned, but oh well. Now everyone is filled in on our nursery plans.

Almost time for the pot luck - MMMMM! I can taste the turkey and turtle.pumpkin.pie already! Have a good weekend and be safe. We'll be enjoying ourselves in San Antonio!!!

Happy Birthday Deano!!

4 nice things to say...:

Martha said...

It all looks beautiful, it's going to be great. I'm with you re.beds that last to teenaged years, kids definitely like to switch things up. We have loft beds for the boys with their desk underneath, it's great, saves floor space. Have fun in S.A., Happy B.D. to your Deanarino!!

Nicole from Houston said...

The bedding is so cute...and on sale! Thats just a bonus!

RAE said...

It all looks like it's going to look great!!!!

You are right about them wanting to pick out their own furniture...My neice (7) just picked out a Canopy bed for her room. My son (5) has suggested the race car thing you spoke
I have no idea what my daughter (6) wants.. .. hmmm I don't think she cares for the canopy stuff...

It's all getting to the exciting part!!

Oh and the heartburn...I never had it pre-pregnancy so it was a whole new experience during pregnancy!!

nancy said...

I don't like the cribs that turn into bed anywho - even a toddler bed, it's too high for a toddler. I never used our cribs past the crib stage.

Nice picks you've made!

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