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Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Few Random Questions

I stole this from Nancy...

1. How should the roll of toilet paper go on the roll? Overhang or underhang?

2. When changing your sheets, how should the top sheet be put on? With design down, "face to face" to the bottom sheet? Or design side up, "face to face" to the bedspread?

3. How do you store sweaters in your closet? Hangers or folded?

4. Do you wipe forwards or backwards?

5. What color socks do you wear with black tennis shoes?

6. If wearing a white shirt, what color bra should you use?

7. Is it ever okay to wear pantyhose with open toed shoes?

8. Is it ever okay to wear socks with sandals? (Birkenstock, crocs, etc.)

9. Is it okay to shout out to your husband/boyfriend "spank me daddy!" while having sex? (okay, that one was just to be funny. I hope no one would answer yes.)

10. Is asking 10 questions still considered "a few"?

My Answers

1. Overhang
2. Design up
3. Hangers
4. Backwards
5. I don’t own black tennis shoes. Well some Converse I guess and I wear white.
6. white or cream
7. if is cold out and you get the seamless ones
8. negative
9. no, especially since he is so close to MY DADDY’S age!
10. I don’t think so

4 nice things to say...:

nancy said...

I whole heartedly disagree on the sheets! :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

1. I try to do overhang, but no one else bothers....ugh
2. Design up (against bedspread)
3. Folded ... hardly wear them in Houston!
4. I guess it depends on what I've just done!!!
5. White always
6. White or Cream
7. I never wear pantyhose since living in Houston....but no, it's kinda tacky if they aren't seamless.
8. I guess not, but I do anyway!!
9. OK..I don't have that issue so I can say I've said it before...LOL (as I turn beet red from embarrassment now)
10. NO ;)

Martha said...

I like the nice part of the sheets to say Howdy to each other, facing Moi! Or should I say "Us" with or without spanking! What's a matter with that?
You funny.

Martha said...

I answered this meme on my blog and also nominated you for the "I Love Your Blog" Award!

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