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Monday, November 10, 2008

The Quad Screen Results are back...

And everything is negative! WOOHOO!

Dean just told me "he's going to be a healthy boy."

So he's thinking blue!

And I'm thinking pink!

8 nice things to say...:

Beautiful Mess said...

WWWAAAAHHHOOOOOO!!!! What great news! Congrats! Enjoy the rest of your day,

Martha said...

That is such Wonderful News! Hmm, please post some belly profile pics and Peanut's most recent HR and I will give it my best guess. Also, a picture from behind. I think you might be right, you seem to be carrying kind of "Bootylicious" which Usually means a girl. Best, Martha

Kymberli said...

I'm going to lean with Dean and guess blue! Congrats on a healthy bean!

anna said...

Congrats on the test results!!
I am guessing pink!!

Good luck and best wishes,


On My Mind 24/7 said...

Hooray for great test results! Boy or girl, healthy is what matters!

Anonymous said...

What great news Kim!!!

KimboSue said...

Ms. Martha -
That's a negative on the belly pics and a negative on the behind pics! My belly still doesn't look "pregnant", just extra fat. It hasn't "popped" yet. Also, the booty is the same, maybe a little wider, but that's it. I'll definitely post some Me pics when I look "better." The hb last week was 170.

SCRAM said...

Humm. Raegann had a super fast heartbeat the whole time. Andrews was usully in the 140-150 range. I'm leaning for a girl.. but boys are soo sweet. I love having one of each. They each have something special. GL!

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