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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Holy 18 Weeks Batman!

So today I am 18 weeks. I can't even believe it. I think I said that in the last pg post, but I still feel that way. This means only 2 more weeks until the half way point and the BIG ultrasound! I have been reading posts on some boards on babycenter and was wondering why it was called BIG. But it's apparently because it's better known as the anatomy scan where they measure Peanut's working parts, head, body, etc. to make for sure he's measuring on schedule. I can't wait! But I sure do hope she keeps her privates hidden and doesn't spread eagle (like Daddy would do) for the camera and show the goods! I want to keep it a surprise. But since I've been on babycenter so much, I already know what a boy part and a girl part look like on the u/s. So I'm going to try not to look too closely. But I am going definitely going to look! It'll have been 8 weeks since we've seen him last!

Also, according to babycenter's cool info on pregnancy progress, our little Peanut is the length of a bell pepper and weighs 7 ounces! She also has her reproductive organs and is busy flexing those strong arms and legs! I haven't felt any movement as of yet (then again, I have been gassy here lately) so it could very well be the little one.

Last night was the last class of Course 4. I am now a Wilton Graduate! Man, this was the longest cake decorating run in history! I didn't think we'd ever finished. And now that I am finished, I have to say I don't really think I got too much out of it. I mean, I did learn how to make 85 types of flowers and 5 types of icing, a few techniques, but not anything I couldn't have learned from a book. I wanted to know how to do frozen.buttercream.transfers and other crazy things. Oh well, I guess that's what the Internet is for! I delivered my final cake to my friend S's doorstep (my ex-evacuee). I talked to her the night before and she asked what I was doing - making a cake of course. And I could hear the sadness in her voice - She HEARTS cake - seriously! So I left her a surprise. I know it will not go to waste at that house, that's for sure! :)

We're having a Thanksgiving Pot Luck at work tomorrow. I'm bringing Turtle.Pumpkin.Pie and Corn.Casserole! MMM, MMM, GOOD! Just in time to get me in the Thanksgiving spirit!

This weekend is Dean's birthday. We're taking a road trip to San.Antonio and have tickets to see the Blind.Boys.of.Alabama. Apparently they are a New.Orleans style gospel/jazz band and really good. Bill.Engvall was my first pick, but hey - it's not my birthday. :) Anyway, hoping the little R&R before the holiday rush will do us both good.

Grateful for:

  • Holiday Pot Lucks before the season officially begins to get us in the mood!
  • No more cake classes
  • Bebe.Sounds monitor -haven't heard the hb yet, but it gives me faith that things are still going well down there.

5 nice things to say...:

Martha said...

Happy Birthday to Dean! I hear great things about the Blind Boys of AL, should be just wonderful. Happy 18 weeks, it is going fast.

On My Mind 24/7 said...

18 weeks-wow it seems like just yesterday you found out you were pregnant! I can't wait for our 20 week big scan! So exciting! Did you ever figure out how to get your blog to feed into the babycenter journal? I really can't remember (sorry!) how I did it, but there was a tutorial at the time otherwise I would never have figured it out! Anyways-can't wait to see your pics from the big u/s!

BrandiH2007 said...

I love the new avatar! I can't believe how far we are either. It seems like not long ago we were just finding out. At your BIG u/s tell the tech you don't want to know and they will tell you when not to look if want, I don't think I'd be able to not look though.

What a nice surprise for your friend. I'd love a friend to leave a cake on my doorstep!

Delenn said...

Blind Boys are awesome. You should enjoy it. They are amazing and get the house rocking. (Although my son who was 6 at the time was able to sleep through a part of the hopping part--it was past his bedtime)

PJ said...

I think people who don't want to know the sex are just amazing! I don't have that kind of willpower!

Man.... I signed up for babycenter during the 2 seconds that we were pregnant, and they KEEP sending me stuff although I've unsubscribed a bazillion times! I've ceased being annoyed and now just look at it as, we'll be all set the next time!

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