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Friday, November 7, 2008

People Can Be SOO RUDE!!

Was craving McD's hot mustard I wen to the drive thru....and then....

So I am so frustrated by what just happened in the drive thru at McD's that I had to diagram it for a better story!

As you can see, there is a random construction trailer taking up most of McD's parking lot. Therefore the actual entrance is to the right of that building and the other driveway is the EXIT. When I came around the corner of that building, there were already cars in line for the drive thru. The arrow points to the LAST CAR at the time of my pulling up (obviously at the wrong angle, but hey! I came in the right driveway. THEY did not.

So when said last car gets up to the make the turn to the order menu, I nudge my nose into the line behind it. The B.I.T.C.H next in line scoots her nose up and won't let me in. Lucky for me, her windows are down. I toot a little friendly toot on the horn and she ignores me. I roll down my window and here's the conversation:

Me: Hey, it's my turn. I was here next.
BITCH: I don't think so honey. (NOTE: I H.A.T.E when chicks call me honey)
Me: Yes, I was. That lady (pointing to car in front her) was the last car when I pulled up.
BITCH: I don't think so maam (NOTE: I H.A.T.E when chicks my age call me maam) I was here first all the way around the building.
Me: (shrugs) and looks at next car. They politely wave me in.

I could see the last car in line. This means there were NO OTHER CARS in line! And REALLY does it matter THAT F'ING MUCH what "place" you are in the damn MCDONALD'S LINE!!!

Let the people that at least followed the TRAFFIC RULES come in every other car or something. GEEZ. This is also what I get for going to the "high class" i.e. in a ritzy part of town, McD's. For those of you in Houston, it's on Post Oak near the Galleria. This should indicate to you the caliber of B.I.T.C.H. I am talking about....

Anyway, hope you like the drawing. Happy F'ing Friday.

5 nice things to say...:

nikki said...

I have no patience for ignorance. Seriously.

(I love McDonald's sweet & sour sauce. It's almost disturbing.)

Martha said...

I despise Rude people and How Dare Anyone Cut OFF our KimboSue from her cravings!!! I believe in Karma and know this loser woman will a) get her car keyed very soon from another pissed off person and b)become frigid.
Okay, okay, maybe I'm getting a little worked up here.
Take care, "HONEY", tee hee, love, love, love the diagram.

On My Mind 24/7 said...

I completely understand. Instead of a rich city, I live in one of the worst-people are always rude, most all are uneducated, umemployed, and super ghetto, etc. It is very discouraging. But then there are a few diamonds in the rough, and you remember those. Like the time I waved a lady in front of me in line for the drive thru at Tim Horton's. I got up to the window, and she had paid for my order too! Wow! People actually still do good deeds!

PJ said...

How frustrating! Want me to follow her and beat her up or something? :)

Anonymous said...

How annoying!!!! People really pick the littlest things to be so adamant about!!! So while the countries morals go up in flames THIS bitch at least has her definite place in line at McDonald's!!! ROFL

BTW...I know exactly which part of Post Oak you speak of!!! UGH!! Almost as bad as River Oaks!!

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