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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

27 Weeks

All went well at the 27 week appointment. Well....all except for the timeliness of the doctor. Our appt was at 9:50 and Dr. S didn't come in until 11:40! Almost 2 hours behind schedule. She was upset with her scheduling person for having set so many patients for the morning, including new patient appointments, which for her take an hour to complete!

Belly measuring on target
Heartbeat was a steady 146

And can I just say how much I LOVE Dr. S! I think I've said before how some people in my neighborhood don't like her because she is straight forward and to the point. But that's exactly WHY we like her. Why wouldn't you want a doctor, who is in control of your health and well being, to be open and honest with you?

Dean went to this appointment. He hasn't been to the past 2. He needed to hear the heartbeat again. So while she's looking over my chart, she asks what the gender is. I say, "Surprise!" And Dean says, "Well it'll be a boy or a girl we hope." She says, "No kidding? I never would have known!" I was cracking up. Then we talked a little about pain management and I said "We want an epidural." She says, "Well technically HE can't have one since he won't be in labor." Then went on to talk about possible side affects and/or what could go wrong with one. I said we have 2 CRNA friends (Shout out to T&D!) who have put our minds at ease in regards to what could happen. She says, "Ok then, but it's MY JOB to tell you about it!" I also asked if we needed to prepare a Birth know since all the books and what not tell you to. She says, "There is no need for that. Also what you read about having to be 5 cm to get an epi? Nonsense. We just roll with it and play it by ear. If you need something at only 3 cm, then here comes the Demerol or whatever. If you want to wait to get something, that's fine too. It's all about your pain tolerance."

LOVE IT! I was stressing about what do when and where and how and she was just like whatever you need at the time. Also, we have decided that only Dean will be in the room with me and that he will be cutting the cord. But remember I said he was squeamish? When we were talking about it (during the 2 hour wait this morning) he was like....uh, only if you really want me to. It was obvious he didn't want to at all. I'm like I need you there with your eyes open and standing up - not passed out, eyes closed, laying on the floor (Like AJ's mom did today. I am sure she has yet to post about it though!!!) to help me and take pictures and cut the cord! I think he's in, but he's not looking forward to it. Me thinks it gives him the heebie jeebies!

27 week photo coming soon...

8 nice things to say...:

Martha said...

Sounds like a wonderful appt except for the Wait, ugh. Are you going to childbirth prep classes? Also, let me know some dates for your online shower please, thanks.

nikki said...

My hubby was squeamish about the cord cutting too, but he managed without fainting.

Ashley said...

Yay!! I really think its a boy!! Im so excited for you!! It seems like yesterday you were trying to get pregnant! God is Good!!

BrandiH2007 said...

Glad to hear everything is going so well. I hate having to wait at the Dr. office! May Dean would be less squeamish if he knows what to expect. Maybe you could have him watch a birth video or two.

Anonymous said...

Hey gurlie!

Are you having labor induced?? With Petocin?

You guys will deal with it when the time comes. I had the whole pain management thing laid out ... I was even going to attempt NO epidural!!!

4.5 hours into it I couldn't tell you what was suppose to be next in my "plan" nor could I deal with the amount of pain I was in at JUST 4 CM (that was Aloria)

The second time around...I knew what to expect and didn't bother with that crazy effort of no meds....yeah, I learned!!! LOL

Dr. S sounds great just like Dr. H that I had...tell it like it is!!!

Please share pics of Dean laid out on the floor!!! hehe

KimboSue said...

Yes, we're taking chilbirth, Infant CPR, breastfeeding. Hopefully that birthing video will help and not scare him!

James said...

I would be glad to volunteer my services to cut the cord. Since AJ was delivered by emergency c-section I didn't have the opportunity to cut the cord. :(

However, it must not be that important cuz, I have a great looking little boy in spite of it.

KimboSue said...

Uh yeah...You can ask Dean if that's ok with him this weekend. I am sure he wouldn't mind giving up his task, but I'm not sure how he would feel about you seeing my "Business."

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