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Monday, January 19, 2009

Always Wash Your Hands

So last week was the Wellness Fair at work put on by our Health Center aka Nurse's Clinic. All kinds of vendors were there promoting this or that - our insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, adoption, Lowe's, Sun & Ski Sports, The Green Team (my boss and I worked this booth as Green Team members), etc.

There was one booth (and for the life of me I can't remember who it was. L - do you?) That had several types of hand cleaner and lotions and a blue light. The idea was that you really aren't getting your hands as clean as you think you are when you are washing them or using the antibacterial stuff on them. No one wanted to test it out - too nervous I suppose - so I did. She gave me this lotiony stuff and I rubbed it all over. Then I stuck my hands under the light and it looked nasty. You could tell everywhere I had put the lotion - even some fingerprints on the back of my hand, caked under my nails, and just spotty on my palms. I am guessing that's what it looks like when you half-ass wash your hands. She said to see the full effect, go wash the lotion off and come back under the light again. Well I forgot that part, but it still freaked me out a little.

No, I'm not going to turn into a 5 gallon totin' Hand Sanitizer freak when Peanut is here, but still. Gives you something to think about. And then after that experience, I get sent this today in an email... WTH?!

Not for the squeamish - Dean: don't open it!


7 nice things to say...:

LaRay said...

OK - that is just NASTY!! Not only wash your hands well but also don't eat undercooked pork. Ruined my breaksfast for the morning!!!

Oh, I think it was our medical insurance that had that booth on the handwashing.

AJsMom said...

I may never eat pork again...

Ashley said...

OMG- How gross!! All my friends make fun of me for always acting like a "germ freak"!! Well here is my proof!!

deano said...

That is why I always cook pork until no pink is there. I have heard of this from people I know in Puerto Rico, but it was intestinal but came from the same source I think.


Beautiful Mess said...

ACK! A worm in her brain?! Creepy! Clearly, washing your hands after using the bathroom is effective! Thanks for sharing that! Loved your Friday funnies, btw :o)
Enjoy your day,

Martha said...

I read this book, A Woman with a Worm in Her Head, incredible stuff.

HeidiM said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog!

I couldn't bring myself to watch the video but now I'll spend a few more seconds while washing my hands.

Hope your pregnancy is a very happy and healthy one!!

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